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Mandrilaftalen - Vild Arm

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Let's go on. We must continue. Now we are going to give a big hug. Bjarne! Come here a moment. Hi, Bjarne. Hi - Casper. We are - We are going to touch eachother today. Oh, in that case I would have liked a little - - more time to prepare. No, no, Bjarne. Because - - we might as well start right away. I think - um - Try touching me now. I think it's going very fast, Casper. Shouldn't we have been out to dinner together first? No, don't be like that. Just try to - Come here, come here. Let me take your hand. Try to feel me now. It is not a good idea. Yes, it won't hurt you. Try touching me. Touch me. Touch - Can you feel that? I'm doing it now, but - but it will go wrong. It's great, man. No! I told you it would go wrong. Let go, Bjarne. Let go! I can't. Help, help! Help, come in. Come, take Bjarne away. I can't. Bjarne! He - he has come to a deadlock. Bjarne, let go. Let go, this is stupid. He has come to a deadlock. It has ha - happened before. Once he was stuck to Andrea Holm Jensens face for three months. This won't work. I tried the exact opposite by the way. But you know what. Get him off, this won't work. I can't sit here for a whole show with him stuck to me. Should I get some help then? Yes, get a doctor! Hello, but - Hi. It is very bad. It is Bjarne Golbæk. He has come to a deadlock. He is stuck here. But, Bjarne, let go! I tried that. It didn't work. Taxi. But maybe with fish. With fresh - kippers often. Let go, let go, Bjarne. It isn't helping. We must tempt him with something more attractive than you. Listen to me. There is nothing more attractive - - or tempting than me, well, in all of Denmark - not yet at least. I know, but I can still try to brush him with this broom. What does that help? Nothing, but it is nice. No, this won't work. But what does Bjarne like? He said, once, that what he liked the best was a cat of prunes. Wow, but I can get that. I'll find it. Hurry! That was good. Hi, but now I have found a cat of prunes. That was good. Give it here. But I had enough money for a revolver. Yes, but I don't need that. It is loaded. You may have it if he doesn't let go. Yes yes, now get this man off. Show him the cat. See here, little Bjarne Golbæk. Here is your cat of prunes. Appetite. Mmh. For you. Oh, god. He let go. Thank you. You make such nice shows, Casper. May I go sit somewhere with my only friend - - the cat 'Mother'? Please, please, go. Away. I would like to be alone now. I would like to be alone with the viewers. Go out.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 18 seconds
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
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Posted by: hunterh on Feb 1, 2011

the guys from klovn

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