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Obama's speech to American school children

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The drive The drive to win The drive to learn To stay in school To do your best It's up to all of us: students, teachers, parents. You owe it to yourself. To educate yourself. Education makes success possible. So school gets started across the country Head back to the classroom. Put your foot on the gas. Grab on to your future with both hands. Ladies and gentlemen Please join me in welcoming the president of USA: Barack Obama Hello everybody! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you everybody! All right! Everybody, go ahead and have a seat How is everybody doing today? How about Tim Spicer? I am here with students at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia And we've got students tuning in from all across America from kindergarden to twelfth grade and I am just so glad that all could join us today I wanna thank way you for being such an outstanding host Give yourselves a big round of applause. I've given a lot of speeches about education, and I've talked about responsibility a lot. I've talked about teachers' responsibility for inspiring students and pushing you to learn. I've talked about your parents' responsibility for making sure you stay on track and you get your homework done don't spend every waking hour in front of the TV or with the XBox. I've talked a lot about your government's responsibility for setting high standards... and suporting teachers and principals and turning around schools that aren't working where students aren't getting the oportunities that they deserve but at the end of the day we can have the most dedicated teachers, the most suportive parents, the best schools in the world And none of it will make a difference, none of it will matter unless all of you fulfill your responsibilities unless you show up to those schools unless you pay attencion to those teachers, unless you listen your parents and grandparents and other adults and put in the hard work it takes to succeed that's what I wanna focus on today the responsibility each of you has for your education. Every single one of you has something that you are good at every single one of you has something to offer What you're learning on school today, will determine whether we, as a nation, can meet our greatest challenges in the future. You'll need the knowledge and problem solving skills you learn in science and maths to cure diseases, like cancer and aids and develope new energy technologies and protect our environment. You'll need the insights and critical thinking skills you gain in history and social studies to fight poverty and homelessness, crime and discrimination and make a nation more fair and more free. You'll need the creativity and ingenuity you develope in all your classes to build new companies that create new jobs and booster economy. We need every single one of you to develope your talent and your skills and your intellect so you can help us all, folks,on our most difficult problems. If you don't do that, if you quit on school, you're not just quitting on yourself, you're quitting on your country. I know it's not always easy to do well on school. I know a lot of you have challenges in your life right now that can make it hard to focus on your school work. I get it. I know what it's like. My father left my family when I was two years old... and I was raised by a single mum who had to work and struggled some times to pay the bills and wasn't always able to give us the things that other kids had. There were times when I missed having a father in my life There were times when I was lonely and I felt like I didn't fit in So I wasn't always as focused as I should have been on school... and I did some things that I'm not proud of and I got in more trouble than I should have. And my life could have easily taken a turn for the worse but I was lucky. I got a lot of second chances and I had the opportunity to go to college and law school and follow my dreams. My wife, our First lady Michelle Obama She has a similar story Neither of her parents had gone to college and they didn't have a lot of money, but they worked hard and she worked hard, so that she could go to the best schools in this country. But, some of you might not have those advantages maybe you don't have adults in your life, who give you the support you need. Maybe, someone in your family has lost his job and there's not enough money to go around. Maybe, you live in a neighbourhood, where you don't feel safe. Or, you have friends who are presuring you to do things you know aren't right. But, at the end of the day, the circumstances of your life: what you look like, where you come from, how much money you have, what you have going on at home. None of that is an excuse for neglecting your homework or having a bad attitude in school. Thats no excuse for talking back to your teacher, cutting class or dropping out of school. There's no excuse for not trying. Where you're right now doesn't have to determine where you'll end up. No one's writen your destiny for you, because here in America you write your own destiny, you make your own future. That's what young people like you are doing all across Amerika. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. I do that every day. Asking for help is not a sing of weakness, it is a sing of strenght Because it shows you have the courage to admit when you don't know something and that then allows you to learn something new so find an adult that you trust a parent a grandparent or a teacher a coach or a councellor and ask them to help you stay on track to meet your goals and even when you're struggling, even when you're discouraged and you feel like other people have given up on you don't ever give up on yourself because when you give up on yourself, you give up on your country The story of America isn't about people who quit when things get tough. It is about people who kept going, who tried harder, who loved their country too much to do anything less than their best. The story of students who sat where you sit two hundred and fifty years ago and went on to wage a revolution and they founded this nation. Young people, students who sat where you sit seventy-five years ago who overcame a depression and won a world war. who fought for civil rights and put a man on the moon. Students who sat where you sit twenty years ago who founded google, and twitter and facebook and changed the way we comunicate with each other. So today I want to ask all of you What's your contribution gonna be? What problems are you gonna solve? What discoveries will you make? What will the president who comes here in twenty, fifty or hundred years say about what all of you did for this country? Your families, your teachers and I are doing everything we can to make sure you have the education you need to answer these questions. I'm working hard to fix your classrooms, to give you the books the equipment and the computers you need to learn. But you've got to do your part too. So I expect all of you to get serious this year I expect you to put your best effort into everything you do I expect great things from each of you So don't let us down. Don't let your family down or your country down Most of all don't let yourselves down Make us all proud. thank you very much, everybody. God bless America!

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