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Once you've uploaded and published one of your reports to the Power BI service, it's quite a common request to be able to download that into a PowerPoint file so that you can present it in meetings or presentations to your colleagues and coworkers. And it's easy to do that from the Power BI service. Let me show you. I've got a report that's already been uploaded here. And you'll see on this file menu, I have an option to export this down to a PowerPoint presentation. So when you hit that, it will start rendering that presentation into PowerPoint. And it'll take all of the pages in that report. It'll take all of the different charts as individual elements and render them down into a PowerPoint presentation. It can take a couple of seconds sometimes. But when it's finished, you'll see—you'll get a little notification and your browser will start downloading it. So let's open it up in PowerPoint. And I will enable editing. And you'll see, like I said, each page in the report gets turned into a different slide. And you get this title slide as well. It gives you the name of the report. And there's always links back so that you can go and view that report up on the web as well if you want to. It's a static snapshot of the report, so it'll take the data that was in your report at the time that you exported it, and you'll see there's a little note on the first slide when the data was last refreshed and when it was downloaded. So it might not be—the data might have been refreshed at a different time to when you downloaded it. And then each page—like I said—we take each of the charts and elements of the page and brought them down as images in this report. The text boxes are live text boxes, so we can go and make changes to these if you want to edit things before you present them. And of course because they're all individual elements, you can move them around and resize them and delete individual bits if they're not relevant for your presentation. You'll see things like mobile reports. So this page was sized differently. They're all downloaded into the default 16 x 9 format of PowerPoint. So you might want to think about that when you're designing your reports. If you're planning to download them as PowerPoint presentations, you might want to design to fit them into that 16 x 9 layout. And you can see all of the formatting and layout options that were applied to the report in the Power BI service have been translated. So things like colors have been translated down into the charts here as well. And from any of these charts I can control click on them, and it will take me back to the web browser and log me back into Power BI to view that. So you can see it's really easy to take reports that you've already published to Power BI and download them into PowerPoint so you can present them to your colleagues and coworkers.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 46 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: csintl on Mar 7, 2017

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