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Hey, ya'll! It's me Cheryl. And I have a question. Has spring sprung where you are? If not, it's coming. I promise. But, you know what, y'all? Spring has sprung in our Mid-April Brochure. Do you love this Falling for Floral serving set that you're gonna be offering your customers? I know you do, y'all. And guess what? Remember, if your customer have purchase our Falling for Floral lunch bag look how great this compliment is, guys. So, what a great call back. Do you have to call all your customers who bought these this lunch bag? Because now, they can put this serving collection in their kitchen. So, let's talk about what we have. First of all, guys. You have your 16 piece serving collection that includes our two quart infuser pitcher. So, remember guys, everyone loves this because you could make your own flavored water and it also comes with our three and a quarter cup and our 18-cup bowl. And remember guys, they locked together for easy on-the-go. And they also come with not one, but four of our 16 ounce tumbler with the flat seal and four of our open house bowls with the open house dessert plates. All of these, guys, plus the serving spoon, guys. Now, they're gonna come in this color, but the great thing about our serving spoon is you can either use them as thongs this way or you can lock them together and then you can use 'em this way to pick things up with. So, whether you're doing it with salad or you want to use it to pick up corn on the cob or maybe chicken or something off a platter, Tupperware has the solution. Now, you know what? You can build a Better set. So, this is your Good set. 16 pieces. But, take it to a Better set. And your customers can add not one but, two of our 10 and a half cup serving bowls. And you can also have them add not one but, four of the dessert bowls, guys. And the great thing about this is, they all locked together. How cool is that? Or you can undo the dessert bowl and lock it on top this, so now you've got a chip and dip bowl. How awesome is that? You could have fresh fruit here and have some really yummy dip right inside here. And if you wanted to, you could take another one the dessert bowls, guys. Put it on the other 10 and a half cup, now you got two serving bowls and two dip bowls. And look, they snap together. How awesome is that, y'all? But, we're not done. 'Cause you've got your Good set. Now, you've got your Better set but, we're gonna take it the Best set. Okay, y'all. So, remember. You have your Good then we added the Better. But, the best is your attendance offer. That's right. For all of your guest who attended Tupperware party-- I called it 'the attendance' then-- Attend a party, spend some money, get a deal. They get not one, not two, but three of our one and a quarter cup stacking bowl. And the great thing with the stacking bowls, guys, is everything stacks and locks together. Voilà! How great is that? So, you talk about easy transportation to the park, to the picnic, camping, what ever guys. Tupperware has that solution. So, you now have your Good set, 16 pieces. Make it into a Better where they can add not one, but two of our ten and a half cup bowls, and they can also then add four of the dessert bowls and then make it into a Best set by adding a set of three of the attendance offer. But, guess what y'all? That's not all. Because you have your Good, you have your Better, you have your Best but, you know you're gonna have your customers who are gonna want four more plates, four more bowls and four more of our 16 ounce tumbler. So, they can do that guys. And you can have your Gotta Have it All set which adds four more of the bowls, four more of the tumblers and four more of the plates So, all of this, y'all. This entire Gotta Have it All - Falling for Floral set can be your customers for only 141 dollars in the US and 182 dollars in Canada. And every serving piece they need to set their table for spring, Tupperware can deliver to them, guys. Are you excited? Okay, y'all. Now, I'm gonna give you a little tip that you can share at your Tupperware parties. 'Cause I love this little wonder bowl. And this guys is your dating gift for all your host. Remember, I give my host the opportunity to earn all four. One for just holding her party, right when I walked through the front door. Second one for ten-- guest and attendance. Third one for a 100 dollars or more in paid outside orders. And a fourth one for a dating-waiting, we called it a blind-date, before I arrive at the Tupperware party. So, here's a little tip that you can share. Tell your host to take this little wonder bowl. Fill it almost to the fill line of water. Put your seal on here. Put it in the freezer the night before. And then, now you have a block of ice. And now, you're gonna make potato salad, macaroni salad. You're gonna serve a fresh fruit. You're gonna do a fresh garden salad. And you want it stays cool when you're serving it, especially outside. You take this out of the refrigerator. Then you can take it and open up either one of your bowls, guys, either side. Okay, I'm gonna show you here. Take the seal off. Take this out. Put this on the base of the bowl, and now put your salad on top of this. And what happens, guys, is they have a block of ice on the bottom of the bowl and then, it keeps everything nice and cool. And then, when the party's over or the barbecue or the picnic's over with, then you just take this out of the bowl. Because the seal is round-- in Tupperware when it's round, it's air-tight and liquid tight, and when it's square it's only air-- so, since this is round, all of the liquid stays right inside here. This bowl also fits perfectly inside your ten and a quarter cup bowl, guys. So, you could put fresh fruit on top of here. And this will keep your fruit nice and fresh, and nice and cool. And you can also take the dessert cups. And you can fill them with water, freeze this, and this fits on the bottom of our large bowl, our 18-cup bowl too, guys. So, just a little tip that you can give both your host and customer and another use of 'why they're gonna want to have this in their kitchen' 'and using this to serve from all of their spring and summer parties'. Okay, y'all. And we also have our Tear-Off for the last two weeks of the April sales month. April 13 to 26. And what do we have on the Tear-Off? We're gonna start with our Breakfast Maker, guys. This is on sale. And the great thing about your Breakfast Maker is. Did you all know you can do corn-bread in here? You can do oatmeal in here. You can do banana bread in here. You can a brownie for two in here or it could be a brownie for one and just add ice cream. You can also do french toast in here. And of course, we call it a Breakfast Maker because you do an omelet inside here, guys. So, this is on sale. Lots of great use is why everybody has to have one. We also have one of my favorite pieces of Tupperware, it's our Small Stuffable. And we're not gonna give your customer one, we're gonna give them two. So, it's the perfect size, guys, for that little bit of something that you know you wanna have the very next day. Everyone's gotta have our Small Stuffable. But look, y'all. Look what we have. It's our 67 ounce Eco water bottle with a handle. I know. Your customers are gonna love this, guys. So, whether you're taking it to the gym, whether you're taking it outside, whether you're taking it for a walk, whether you're taking it with you on a picnic, or with you taking it camping, it's a gotta have. So, you know what guys? This is more than the daily recommended ounces of water that everybody should be drinking every single day. Once again, gotta have last two week of April. But, you know what, y'all? We have more. Because on the other side of your Tear-Off we have our salt and pepper, and our butter dish. Now, this is your one pound butter dish. So Canadians, you love this. And in the US, you can put two sticks of butter on here, guys. Or you can put a block of cream cheese inside here too, guys. This set compliments your Falling for Floral set. Look how pretty. They actually match the seals. And look how nice it compliments the Falling for Floral print on your serving collection. So, we have this on sale. And one of my favorite pieces of Tupperware, and it's our seal organizer. I love these, y'all. If you came to my house, you'll see em in my cabinets. I have one with all of my large seals, I have another one with my medium seals, and I have another one with all of my small seals, guys. And you can also take this seal organizer and put this in the bathroom. Because you know what, guys? You can actually put this inside your cabinet and hold your blow dryer, hold your curling iron, and hold your flat-brush, I mean you flat-iron, guys. And you can also hold your hairspray in here and your brushes. All in one place, guys. I love this. And you know what else you can do with it y'all? If you needed, it can also hold your toilet paper behind the toilet in the bathroom. Who knew? So, you know what guys? Everybody has to have this seal organizer. But we're not done, guys. 'Cause guess what? It's back and its on sale. Your customers can got, not get just one. They can double up and get a set of two of our microwave plate covers. And you know what, y'all? This is a gotta have for anyone who's gonna re-heat in the microwave. Especially if they're re-heating something and it doesn't have one of our amazing Tupperware re-heat-able seals in the microwave. They need the plate cover, guys, on sale for the last two weeks of April. Now guys, when you're taking your Tear-Off you can add any of these to your Falling for Floral set and you can up-sell, especially, with this set right here. Because how great does this compliment your Falling for Floral set, guys? So, you got lots of reasons to be partying in the month of Mid April all the way to Mid May. And we also have, guys, continuing our Host Gift Special that we are showcasing in your Mid April brochure. So, whether you're a guest-- you're hostesses, excuse me, are taking advantage of our Heat N Serve set or they're taking it to a $1000 and 2 datings in the US, $1100 and 2 datings in Canada, and adding the Heat N Serve and the Stack Cooker set as their Host Gift Special. Those continue, guys, through your Mid April brochure. And then last, but not least. Remember, guys. When you're at your Tupperware parties and you're sharing your story, that "Why you said Yes to Tupperware?" You'll want to make sure that you're also sharing Brooke story about why she said "yes" to Tupperware, and what her and her family have enjoyed since she said yes to the Tupperware opportunity. So just remember, y'all. Until I see you next month. Remember, think big, start small. And yes, we want you to party now, but we also want you to go out and grow now. So, you all ready to go out and make it happen? Say 'Yes', say 'Sí', say 'Oui'. See y'all.

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