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Cairns Street

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Well we've been fighting for this for over 15 years. Because we want to know why they want the houses. Nobody will tell us. The only thing I know is that they just want to flatten it. That's all they want to do is flatten it. They say they are too far gone and they want to build bigger houses. and that nobody wants two bedroomed houses. But I'm on my own, Maria's on her own, a two bedroomed house is well big enough for us, and there's loads of people like us. We started on the street, doing up even the empty houses, all up and down the street. Filling in with plants and things like that. Right from the top to the bottom, and then we got these big planters out and we've got all of those growing. We grow runner beans, tomatoes, potatoes, parsley and nestercians up at the top. We have a bay tree, we got pear trees, we've got an apple tree, we've got all kinds of fruit trees in the street. We've got just about everything to feed ourselves really, if we wanted to. Well vegetable and fruit wise anyway. I'd like to see these done up and everything, back how it used to be. The shops - we were walking down Granby the other day and just saying how run down it looks - it's terrible now. It would be good to see shops building up again and the community all building back up together really. I'd like to come back down myself. I mean our community does really pull together and does things together. Not only the street market that we're doing here, but we do the Streets in Bloom. You know everybody gets out and starts planting and everybody knows each other and pulls together and tries to make the best of what we've got here, tries to make it better. That house, number 44 was lived in up until a few months back. Two years ago it was totally and utterly refurbished and sold to a Nigerian Church Group. They bought it for under £50,000. The council, through English Partnerships, who are responsible for the houses so the council can't take the blame because they don't belong to them, paid, I understand, £90,000 for it. A couple of weeks after they bought it they sent in IPS Security who gutted the house. That house was fit to live in and they gutted it. They took everything out that would make a house livable in, carpets, doors, bathroom suit, the lot. And now it's boarded up, and they don't even have the imagination to let it go for a short let. You know, we have a housing problem. To me, it's theft from the people of Liverpool, of their heritage, a beautiful street and homes for people who need them. They could be refurbished. How much are they paying IPS to look after the security here to make sure the houses are so called safe? How much of your money if you are a Liverpool tax payer is being wasted? Every way you look at it it's theft, total disregard for the people of Liverpool and a total disregard for your money for the properties,the cities heritage and for people who need homes. It stinks in every which way you look at it and no particular council is to blame as they've all been responsible for this. It's taken 18 years to bring it to this. Everything was stripped, the noise was horrific, it went on for almost three days, they chucked everything in a skip. Then tinned it up - they didn't even tin it up tidily. They couldn't even be bothered to match up the tin on the bay. They are determined to have these houses down really. So it just is extraordinary to me how they transform what is like really a great little house and wreck it. It's just unbelievable. And there are so many people who want to come back to this street. There are so many, if the council would sell it too them, they would do them up themselves, and we would have a thriving community again in this street, but it's completely up to the council whether they will sell them to the people. We came to the last one and brought a few bits along and he wanted to come specially along today so he's brought his own stuff along. I just think it's nice and I'd just like him to be a part of being round here cause i was and I thought it was a great area then and I'd just like him to be part of it all. What I would like to see is the shops back on Granby Street, the variety of shops that used to be on Granby Street. It used to be a fantastic shopping street that used to go all the way into town. It did get cut off, which I think was not the best thing to do. Now look at it, the shops are all decrepid, but there is people in the area that want shops there I would love to have a shop there. That's really what I would like to see and obviously everybody having houses that they can live in. There's a lot of people that have got moved out of the area, they would like to come back in again and that's what I would like to see happen.

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Posted by: mrjonesy on Dec 12, 2009

I was shocked to discover that the city council wants to demolish the houses around the Granby Triangle. It's a lovely area with a lot of potential. The residents around Cairns Street and the Granby triangle are fighting to hold their community together and stop the council's downgrading plans with initiatives such as holding a monthly street market where money raised is used to help beautify the street. Support them if you can.

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