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Business Enhancement Overview

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Hi, Business Leaders. Hey, ya. Thanks for joining us this afternoon, or this morning, depending on where you're at. I just wanted to start out by saying congratulations on an incredible recruiting week last week - almost 4600 recruits - and it's good to see that momentum coming back and everyone's out there sharing the Tupperware opportunity. So, great, great results, and I know we're on page 2 to have another incredible recruiting week as we close out February here. But today, we wanted to connect, and as we talked about at Leadership Conference, the increase in our minimums, and what we wanted to do is take you in much greater detail today so that you're fully equipped with everything that you need to know as we transition to these new minimums in May. And then, also, we really wanted to talk about March coming up here right around the corner and some great plans that we have to close out the quarter here in everything - in activity, in productivity, in recruiting, and certainly, manager development, which is - some exciting things happening here. So, let me first begin - I'll take you back to where we were at conference again to review what we talked about. And, again, you know, when you look at what the director minimums have been since we started, which many of you know is our breakthrough plan, no change in in 14 years, the minimums have stayed the same. And, while we've also maintained the same formula that director teams use to achieve those sales in the US and Canada, and it's basically 20 team parties, and then that aligns with the standard party minimums that we have. So, as we take a look at - and we talked about this - the buying power, meaning that those same dollars back in 2004 - when you take a look at that, you can see in the US business, in today's dollars, that minimum of 10,000 equates to about 13,333% higher than it was when we started on this journey in 2004. And, looking at Canada's inflation rates and the growth in that market, you can see it's almost 16,000 up about 27% there. Again, this buying power increased, but yet our minimums have stayed the same. And our party average, of course, over these years, has also increased significantly. And so, when we also look at - we look back to 2018 and we look at what is the average director performing at as far as team sales on a monthly basis, and you can see here, in the US, excuse me - [Coughing] I thought I could make it through five minutes, but - But you can see the average team sales for directors is 16,000 about – 16,000 in the US, and almost 20,000 in Canada each month. And so, as we take a look at this week, we did communicate the From-To here. And so, we will be moving into US. The director minimum team sales will be 12,000, and for Canada, it's 14000. And, the standard party will move from 500 to 600 in the US and 600 to 700 in Canada. Again, the same formula that has been used to achieve the team sales - the 20 team parties - stays the same. So, with that - that's kind of the overview or the recap - it's a repeat of what we talked about at conference. But now we want to get into, really, the detailed levels of everything that's changing here and then how it all works and how the transition all works. And so, with that, to talk in much more detail, I'd like to bring up Cheryl and Julie. Okay. Thank you, Jim. - So, yeah - All right, guys. - I’m going to fist bump you here. All right. Thank you. Hi, everybody! Jim's been a little under the weather - the last couple of days. - He has. So, really, a lot under the weather, - so… - It's great to see you back - today, actually. Yeah. - Yay! So, Cheryl, we're going to go - through these title achievements together… - Okay. - All right. - …as the dynamic peanut butter and jelly that we are. So, starting off, let's jump right in with Title Achievements. And, looking at where we are today, right from and what we're moving to. So, we know right now, today, US were at 500; Canada is at 600; and our personal sales minimum - will be moving to… - Are you going to drive? - I can drive. - Okay. …will be moving to - from the US, from 500 to 600; and in Canada, from 600 to 700. So, these will be the statuses used to maintain title, and, of course, to achieve new titles as we grow. So, looking at our active status today, we look at 200 in personal sales - within the rolling 4 months. - 250. - I'm sorry, 250 - thank you – within the… - 250, yes. personal sales within a rolling 4 months, and Canada is at 500. And, what we're going to move to is aligning with that new minimum, right, that new requirement. So, 600 in personal sales within 6 months in the US - And, I know you're all really excited to hear - that it's moving to 6 months as well. - Yeah. And, for Canada, it is going to be 700 in personal sales within a rolling 6 months. So, that all marries up together, - it's all about the party. Right? - It is… - It is. - Absolutely. So, now, as we're looking at our - our active status, you know, the What Happens When - so, this is all going to be effective at the start of the May sales month, which would be April 27. And, what will happen for all of our active sales force members, we are going to look at the May sales month, and that would be the 6th month to have that 600 in the US, 700 in Canada, for personal sales to remain active. So, Cheryl, why don't you give us an example of that? So, that basically guys is if anybody you have at the end of the May sales month, what Tupper is going to do is they're going to go back and they're going to look, and they're going to look at December, January, February, March, April, and May. So, at the end of May, as long as your consultants, right, or anyone in your company has that 600 met, right, then they remain in their active status. - Okay, guys? - Absolutely. And, it works the same way with Canada. So, go back and looking December through the end of May - $700. So, guys, as you're watching it now, right - you can be looking at that because it's at 6 months. So, we're going to start this at the end of May, go back and look at the end of December - So, December, January, February, March, April, May, will be the 6 months we'll look at for the US, - and 700 for Canada, same 6 months. - That’s wonderful! - And, it’ll just keep dropping a month, adding a month, just like it does today, guys. So, then, at the end of June, it would be January, February, March, April, May, June. Okay? So - and moving forward. Absolutely. So, That’d be a great way right now If you want to get a jump on it to run out a custom report. - Right? And, they could take it back and look. - Right, so you could start looking…yes… - Absolutely! - Start looking for this group. - Well, and honestly, Julie. - Yeah? Just have everybody sell 600 in May… - Well, that’s even better. - Right, and 700 in Canada… - Even better. - I love it. Yes. Get the parties rolling. - Okay. So, looking at - we have another group - our new recruits who joined us between January and April. And, some of our new consultants might not have achieved that active status yet. So, what will happen? At the end of April sales month, they will have 6 months from the recruit date to achieve the 600, or 700 in Canada, within their 6 months. So, for example - So, Cheryl, if I joined in March and I didn't get active yet… So, then, we're going to go and you're going to go have 6 months moving forward, right. So, it'll be April, May, June, July, August, September, right. If they were recruited in April, guys, they would go back and they would have that 6 months moving forward. - So, it would be till the end of October. - Correct. - So, it's just - it moves forward - they have that 6 months in order to hit their active status. And, that all starts, guys - Basically, it starts with the beginning of May. So, anyone technically that was recruited at the end of April, - Julie, would have through the end of October, right… - Correct. …so because May is their first month, and this is when it goes into effect. - Correct. - Right? So, if I was recruited in March, I fall under the old plan. - Right? - Right. - Correct. - So, anyone who is recruited in April, guys, moving forward, right - so if they don't achieve active status by the end of April, they're going to move into the new program, right, and they would have May, June, July, - August, September, and October - October… to make sure they hit that 600 in active status. - Correct. - Yeah. All right. So, what about the group that needs to regain active status? - They've already gone inactive. - Right. And, from today, we are looking at 350 in personal sales in the US, right - we have eight months to accomplish that. And, in Canada, it’s 600 in personal sales within 8 months. And, what it's moving to is, in the US, from the 350, of course, it's going to align, which makes it - so much easier to share… - Easier… to the 600 in personal sales within 6 months. Canada will also move to 700 in personal sales within 6 months. So, it makes it an easier story instead of keeping track of all these different levels and what do I need to do When - everything is geared around - 600 in 6 months… - Right. - …or 700 in 6 months for Canada. - Right. Okay, terrific. So, effective -for gaining active status what happens when -so effective in May. So, starting April 27, all of the inactive sales force members - again, this is effective at the start of May or before - if they did not maintain 250, all right, in the US, - 500 in Canada in a rolling 4 month period, what's going to happen with this group is they will have 8 months to submit 600-US, 700-Canada, and their personal retail sales. So, the 8 month period is actually based on when they went inactive. So, the date they went inactive, add 8 months to that - we know US-600, - Canada-700. - We're good to go. - Right. Okay. All right. So, moving forward, let's move to our leaders and Qualification Misses for Maintaining Title. So, today, we have our 3 misses within a calendar year, - and they're repositioned after the 4th miss. - Correct. And, we are moving to - this is so good - I know everyone is so excited about this - 4 misses within a rolling 12 month period. So, that would mean they would be repositioned after their 5th miss. - That's such a win for our leaders… - It is. It’s very great. - …and it’s gives them plenty of time to get used to these new standards that we're starting in May. So, What Happens When? When does this additional miss kick in? So, it's going to be effective with the May sales month - all managers and above with 4 misses in 2019 - would be repositioned to the level they performed at during the April - - performed at during the April 2019 sales month. So, for example, - if it's January I had a miss… - I was going to say… - if I miss January, February, March, April… - Yeah, and… …I get to April and, Cheryl, I missed again… Right. So, at the end of April, that is your 4th miss, Julie, so you would be repositioned to the level that you performed at in April, right... - Correct. - - …on your fourth miss. - Okay, so… - So, pretty much, same as what you've been used to, all the way up to today, right… - Correct. - …the fourth miss - we know April is always a focus month - to make sure we're keeping them… - keeping them, right… …keeping them active, keeping them going, keeping them moving forward as leaders. So, all that stays the same. So, when we move to the rolling 12-month period, this will actually become effective at the end of January 2020 sales month, because this will be the first time that we're going to take a snapshot, if you would, - looking back 12 months… - 12 months …to see ‘Hey, how many misses happened during this time period’. And, what we'll look for is any sales force member that would have 5 misses, okay, if they had 5 misses in that 12 months going back, then they would be stepped down. So, Cheryl, you know, fill me in on that. So, basically, at the end of January, right, rhen they'll go back - so they would be looking at February of 2019, - Okay. - right, through the end of January 2020, right, and looking at do they have 3 misses, 4 misses - if they have 5 misses, then they would be repositioned at the level that they performed at on their 5th miss. That still stays the same, y’all. - Correct. - Right. So, we've introduced an extra miss, but they still are repositioned to the level they perform at on their 5th miss. - Okay. - Okay? So, guys, as you're looking at it now – looking, you know, just be thinking at the end of January 2020 - that's when we're going to start rolling back and we will be looking at 2019. - Exactly. - So, everything they're doing this year - it does count. - Right, Julie? - Yes. - And, each month is so important. - It is. And, that's why it's such - if you think of timing with the Manager Growth Program, I'm just going to put a plug in for that - you can see the power of that program right now, right. Keeping them moving forward, hitting their levels, setting them up for success, while they're learning - about these new rolling 12 months. - Right. The rolling 12 months because it is - you know, guys, whenever there's a change, - there's also a mind shift that comes with the change. - Yeah. So, making sure we want y'all to understand, and making sure then that once you understand everything, then you also know how to position it with your people. Right? So - because they all - they're getting an extra miss. - Yay! - Yeah, it’s so good. Oh my goodness! Cartwheel time. All right. So, now, moving forward, looking at the Personal Volume Bonus, this is going to align with the new 600 level. So, if we look at our starting point, they'll start earning their bonus at 1800-US, 2100 for Canada. And, it will keep moving forward. - You have the chart that will all be updated for you. - The incremental, right… And, the amount of monies they earn, y’all, it all stays the same. - Yes. - So, it's just the levels align with the new standard of 600 and 700. Yes, exactly. And, as we look at now our manager levels, we look – no, currently, today, unit sales, we're looking at 2500 in the US, Canada is at 3000. And, what you might have picked up on with the Manager Growth Program after you learned about this at Leadership Conference is we're moving that, right. So, the US, now manager requirement for unit sales is at 3000. Canada will be at the 3500 level. And, that aligns, of course, with our formula. Right, but just to be clear, in March, y'all, - they get paid at 2500 - - Correct. - but when they hit that 3, that's that - that's when Julie and I were on stage at Leadership and we were launching this to everyone, and I positioned it and I said to Julie, because we're calling it a growth program - - Right, Julie? - Yes. - so they still get paid in March and April, guys, at the 25, right, but the Manager Growth Program, that first level, is at 3000, and that's so that it all marries up starting in May and it's seamless moving forward. Okay? - So, I don't want anybody to think - Exactly. that, oh, they don't get paid if they don't hit the 3. They do in March and April, but they won't get their points, right, and that's what it's all about, right, - is earning all of their points - Correct. with recruiting and also with their unit sales - and with their unit size. - Yes. And, one of the things that I just put a little note is we're using the same formula. So, for all of you that have been training and you're talking about, ‘Hey, you know what, when you have 5 parties’ - right now 5 times 500 in the US is 2500; 10 for our star managers is 5000; 15 parties times 500 is 7500. - That formula stays the same; - Stays the same we’re just multiplying it times 600. - So, keeping things easy… - Easy, yes. - as we move it forward. All right. So, now, as we look at our Vanguard chart, of course, this is going to align with the new party standard as well. And, you'll start earning those bonuses in the US at 3000 and Canada will be at the 3500 level. So, again, building that forward, making sure all programs align. And, now, we're going to do the same thing - we’re going to take you now to star manager - I think you know where we're going now. So, US is going from the 5000 and moving to 6000. Canada, going from 6000 taking that to 7000 as the new star manager level. Again, it still works off that formula of 10 parties. For our executive managers in the US, we’re moving from 7500 to 9000. And, in Canada, we're moving from 9000 to the 10500. 15 parties times the standard party. Okay. Now, as we look at directors - here we go - Our directors today at 10000 in the US will be moving to 12000, and in Canada, taking it from 12500 to the new 14000. - So, same formula… - Works… Just add in the 600, and we're good to go. Right? Multiply it by the 600 party. And then, as we look at this, how does that correlate into their Profit Plus for directors? Again, those levels just correlate with the new 600 standard party and the 6%, 7%, 8%, of course, is going to be staying the same. We're not changing any of the percent. So, it's just the levels to achieve those - of course, entering that at 12000 for the US, and 14000. - So - phew! - Phew! - Okay. So… - So, lots of great things that are happening, but this also has an impact on programs. Yes. So, starting with our Host program, y’all - starting with May, the minimum party sales for your host to earn their host credit in the US will be at 300, and in Canada - it's 300 in the US; 350 - up to 599; 699 in Canada. That's where it starts for their 10%. It also guides where it starts for their half price item. So, they'll earn their one half price item when they hit that. And then, once again 15%, guys, goes to 600 in the US, 700 in Canada, up to 999 in the US; 1099. And, that's where they would get their second half price item. And then, guys, at the 1000 that is remaining the same right now. - So… - Yay! So, it will remain the same - 1002 in the US; 1102 in Canada, and then that's where they would then earn their third half price item. So, changes starting at the 300 and the 600, guys, but the 1000 and 1102 stays the same. All right. Love it. Love it. And so, that also ties into our e-commerce pool as well. So, looking at e-commerce pool, this will again become effective with the May sales month and the qualification is going to align with our party standard - so 600 in the US; 700 in Canada. - Canada And, we'll be able to use that as we move forward. Now, as far as the Consultant Finder, this is going to have a little bit of a change over - because of how we qualify for that. Right? - Right. So, looking at this becoming effective in May with the new standard party levels of 600 and 700 in Canada, to qualify for the Consultant Finder in May, you're still working off the current levels. So, that would mean, in April, you would have 500 US, 600 Canada. Now, if I want that Consultant Finder in June… - I think it’s 500 in Canada too, Julie… Oh, 500 in Canada - I'm sorry. That was my bad. So, both are - isn't that interesting - both are at 500 - I even underlined it and I missed that. Sorry, guys. So, 500/500. Now - so let me repeat that. Okay. So, if I want my Consultant Finder in May, in April, when I'm qualifying, right, I would have 500 US, 500 Canada – Boom! - I have the Consultant Finder, right. - Right. And then, you’re showing up in the Consultant Finder, - right, become a consultant. Yes. - Yes. Now, when I want to have this in June because our new party standards are going to be in effect, in May, in the US, - I would want to have my new 600. - And, in Canada, 700… - 700, yes. …to be able to have that Consultant Finder feature in June. - Right. - So, that's a little side note to make sure that you're aware of. I know many of you use that to help, you know, kind of pump up that recognition of who's having that Consultant Finder as a feature. And so, being aware of that. All right. - So, now, what about our executive manager bonus? - Executive manager bonus. We want to walk y’all through this program because it's a two-month program, Julie, back to back with the third month when they do it again, - that's when they receive their bonus. Right? - Yes. So, let's kind of walk - I'll let you walk them through and then I'll give an example. Okay. Sounds great. All right. So, this again becomes effective in May. And, of course, the new unit levels in May would be 9000. But how do I transition into that. So, right now your current executive managers that are already receiving the bonus, they don't have to re-qualify - or no additional… - No, they're already in. - Yeah. They’re in. Exactly. - They’re in. So, what we need to happen starting in May is they would need to be paid as an executive manager with the new levels. So, with their personal sales and, of course, unit sales, minimum. So, what… Yeah, go ahead. What I was going to say - so here's the deal, guys - So, if Julie, let's say, April's Julie's first month, right. So, she steps up to executive, right. So, April’s her first month at 7500, right - - Correct. - So, Julie does 7500 in April. - Julie does 9000 in May. - Woo-hoo! She's executive qualified. She does it again in June, and she'll receive her bonus, guys. And, that bonus is paid in July with the June commissions. Okay? So, Julie has month one done in April. - Right. She doesn't have to go back and do two months back to back of 9 and 9. So, if they did 7500 in March, 7500 in April, they've qualified. Then in May, they do their 9000, - and then they would get their bonus - Yes. paid in June with their May commissions. So, right now, it's the back to back, guys. And, we just wanted to make sure that y’all understood that you have somebody who does it in March and April, they're qualified. They just need to hit the 9 in May. - Right. If they do April at 7500. - Yes then in May, they would do 9, right. Do it again in June, and then they would get that bonus paid out in July with their June commissions. - So, we're just letting y’all know - Yes that April and May doesn't have to be the same; They're going to play in April at the current level, and then it starts in effect in May. So, they would have to do May of 9, so it would be 75 in the US; 9 in May, right. - And, Canada, I think it's 9 in April and 10. 5 in May. - Correct. Yes. Okay. So, just wanted y’all to know that nobody has to start all over, and if they’re already in, they don't have to go back and do back to backs. Right? - Exactly. We want to keep - our executive managers moving forward. - Absolutely. Absolutely. Good. All right. So, here we go. We have consultant start. Yes. Confident Start. Absolutely. Program. - Didn’t I say Confident Start? - You said Consultant Start. - Well, that’s good too… - So we have... it is... that's right. - we have the consultants to start… - We have… So, our Confident Start Program that will also align with the new 600 party standard. So, you can see on the chart, that will go up. The gifts and things that we have, the wonderful awards that we have - that will all… - Yeah, those levels all stay the same. - Yeah, all stay the same. Right, guys. I mean, the level - awards stay at those levels is what I'm trying to say. Meaning the cookware is not going away. Yay! - Okay. - So, when does this happen? What happens when? So, effective - here's a little caveat in April, so effective with April 13, all of your new consultants - so this is Spring Fest, okay, all of your consultants who join on April 13 or after, they will be qualifying based on these new levels. Now, if I was welcomed prior to April 13 - so that would be anytime April 12 and before - then you get to play on the current level. So, we're not going to even have them switch out midway. They've already made their plans. They're looking at how they achieve that cookware level, and we want to, again, encourage them to keep taking those steps forward. So, there is, depending on the recruit day, guys, depends on what program they play in. - So, just think April 12, - Exactly. 11:59, anybody put into the system - old program. April 13, 12: 01 - anybody put into the system - new program because that Saturday date, guys, that's when all of the materials - flip in the kit too, which is standard. - Exactly. So, it makes sense to align the kit. Right. And all of the new materials in the kit align the Confident Start program with that. So, that's what Jen and her team have done. Okay. - All right. So… - Moving on… Looking at our first time step-up bonuses, this becomes effective with May as well. The manager step-up bonus - again, the bonus itself, the $100, that stays the same. Just the qualification aligns with the new party standard - so 600 personal sales - they need the 3000 in the US of unit sales; it would be 3500 in Canada. And, of course, they would still need - their three personal qualified active recruits. - Active recruits. That hasn't changed. Okay. So the only thing that changes here guys at all of the levels, (at all of the levels) at all of the levels is the personal sales and then the unit sales. Personal recruiting stays the same. - Exactly. Ok so. So our star would be in the US six personnel six thousand unit in Canada would be the seven hundred and seven thousand and exacts in the US would be six hundred with nine thousand units sales. And in Canada it would be 700 with ten five in unit sales. So again all the personal profiles or personal active recruits stay the same. - OK. So lots of good things going on. - Yeah. They can still get that fourteen hundred dollars. They're entering new programs this is awesome. And looking at the DIQ program you know again this is all going to align nothing we haven't shared already on all the other levels. Yeah. So moving from 500 personal sales to six hundred 2500 in the unit to 3000 dream team sales currently at 7500 will now be 9000 - and six personal active recruits. - recruits. And yeah. What's it again in Canada you move - to your new levels to and from - Exactly and the to the seven to thirty five. The ten five. And like I said before your six personal recruits in active status that doesn't change. OK. So this all aligns guys and this all starts right in May. - Yes. - OK - Absolutely yeah. - But go ahead. OK. But we kind of already covered some of this. So we're we're looking at what's going to happen next. So we're looking at what happens when. So this is actually going to start. I'm not sure when that happens. There we go. This is going to start effective in May. And what's going to happen is let's say it's April and I completed month 1 and April I click the box I met the qualifications in April. Now what happens. OK. So what you're going to see is you're going ha… the those DIQs that have completed month one in April are going to have until the end of June. Under the current sales program so they don't have to learn a new system or anything. They're just going to keep moving forward with what they achieved in April. Coz do we show them this slide - from in to with the total sales. Ok fine, I do. I don’t know - [Inaudible] if we click through right there. - So. So Julie went live right. - [Inaudible] - That’s right, is it so? - That's it. Ok. So right now it's 30 thousand - Right. Oh thank you. within three consecutive months. Right. So and then I have my team sales and my dream team sales right. So it's moving to the 36 guys in the three consecutive months and and then in Canada its $37,500 moving to $42,000 - Exactly. - So I. So I'm just - going to role play. OK. - OK. So I'm a DIQ and I'm part of Julie's company and I've clicked and I've completed month one of April - So - hey, way to go Cheryl. OK. Which means I did my five hundred guys I had my 2500 in my team sales my unit sales and I had my seventy five and my dream team sales. - Correct - Right. So and I also have my six personal recruits in an active status, right. Yeah So. So I have clicked the box and I have gone into the DIQ program and I completed month 1. - Yes. - In April. Right. - Yes. So now month 2 and 3. Julie which means May and June. As long as I complete my program at the end of June - I play under the current program - Yes. of thirty thousand in the US. - Right. Right. And my two managers - Yes. right Julie and thirty six thousand in Canada - and my two managers right on my third month. - Correct. - And then I become a director right. - Correct. - So so guys. - Yes. So here's the deal. How many people are you going to have in the DIQ program that are clicking the box and achieving month 1 of DIQ in April. Because those people will complete the program at the current program guys if they click the box and May right. Then they go to the new program May June and July if they're in the DIQ program now. March April they can complete it in May. - Under the current program, ok guys. - Correct yeah So if anybody is in the program right now and they complete the program then they get to finish it - under the current program. Okay guys. - Correct. - So I think that's awesome. - Horrible. Yes. Oh my goodness. And how many more can we have - welcoming into DIQ program Oh my goodness. - Yes absolutely guys. So we just wanted to make sure y'all understood. That's why we wanted to give you some examples. And I wanted to use an example - so that everybody understands right. - I like - So clicking that box guys is woohoo so OK. - Thank you yeah. So. And then July sales month begins - with playing in the new program for all levels. - Yes. OK. So. OK. Next. - That's exciting. - It is it's good. And I think of how many new kids we can have on that graduation at Jubilee. - oh my goodness someone talks about - oh wow - how I know they love graduation - Yes - so - amazing. All right. So now let's look at the what's your drive car program and some of the updates we have to this. So we're looking at our monthly team and company minimums. And of course this is we're talking the copays. We're talking cash bonuses. When does this all start to take effect. So looking at me that's our effective month. And here's what you're going to see as the update. So the new monthly team sales minimums are going to be with over 12000 in the US 14000 in Canada. - There will be no copay. Just like today. - Right. And truly none of the copay levels the dollar amounts - for that like as far as what you need to pay. - Right. - That's not changing. OK. - Right - Just the sales levels to [Inaudible] - right the sales levels change your - but the amount they pay - the copay amount. - does not change. OK - Correct So again over 12000 in the U.S. you are good as gold. - You are 14 in Canada - 14 in Canada. And looking at between 9000 in the U.S. to $11,999 and Canada $10,500 to 13,999. That will be that reduced copay or the difference in the cash bonus. And then of course anything below those levels that would be the full copay and of course no cash bonus - Right - which we want everyone to be making her full cash bonus - no copay OK. - and no copay yes Exactly. So looking at this we have an update to our tracks level as well. And I know you're excited about this - because there is no change - no update Yay! so it's still the twelve 512 512 fiber in Canada the 15 over the three months in a row - and there are going to be tracks qualified - Absolutely because they can get their additional cash bonus at that level. And then when we look at you know what happens with the reduced copay anything from nine thousand to eleven nine nine nine candidate ten five to 13 nine nine nine. That's that reduced copay cash bonus level. Anything under those levels - would be of course the full copay - copay - and it has no cash yet. - no cash We'd like the cash. - Yes we do. - All right. So we're looking ahead and looking at the car program. So what does this look like for our new levels to achieve to be in the different vehicles that we have in this amazing program. So effective in May this will be aligning with our brand new party standard. So looking at our cash bonus that'll start at twelve thousand U.S. 14 in Canada tracks we already went through twelve five and fifteen thousand. And then looking at as we continue on up and you can see I here I'm not gonna go through - average single level - right but you can see the traverse level would be at the three hundred and sixty thousand to five nine nine nine et cetera. And we will have an updated car program chart - coming to you today - today. - Yay - wooh That's a high five for Jack. - All right. - Yes so yay All right. Awesome. So stay tuned for exciting updates. Okay. So what's your car program directors who are currently in the program who are within their 12 month qualification period if they're requalify vacation period ends this year in 2019 then they are looking - at They are level states are same - states are same right - nothing's going to change right. - Right - Now the same when they're - states are same requalification period ends in 2020. This is when they're going to be qualifying and need to requalify at the new level. So Cheryl give us an example of this. So let's just say that you have somebody who's re qualifying maybe they're rolling January through December 2019. - OK. - It would be the three hundred even if you had somebody that was rolling from September of last year through the end of August this year saying OK let's say you have somebody that's rolling Julie and so their 12 month is February of 2019. - OK. - Right. So they just started their week they just got into it or they're requalify and that's they're 12 months - that they're locked in to. - ok So it's February 2019 and it would go through their 12 months would go through - January of 2020 - January of 2020 there the trigger right there - 2020. - Right. So that because they roll in to 2020 the new program is in effect. OK so so they would be working on the new program. OK. So and that would be effective if you have somebody that's rolling March of this year through February of next year then they're looking at the three and I'm just going to say the 360 guys because it's the first level that people can roll with and and lock in So if they are caught either qualifying for the first time or re qualifying and those dates in in 2019 they're under the program - as AM today - correct if they're rolling and it ends sometime next year. And it will just keep moving forward. Right. So June would roll through May but that whole thing is if I have one month or more that rolls into 2020 than there on the new program. - Exactly. Right - OK. - So. All right. So - OK. - Let's continue. - So Yes So let's give you an example. I think you already did a great one here for us as we look at what's our drive program. - So people that - what about the people who are. - Yeah I'm going to move up a level - Yeah that you gave us a great example of how this works with the cut off this year what do we do when we finish it next year. What about the people who are working towards - that next lab - right. I'm in a track now I want to traverse. I want to traverse to go to the Sonic. Oh I haven't even gotten into a car - but I want to get into a car and not the truck. - [Inaudible] - Yeah. - [Inaudible] I know that's a better bigger car. - Yesterday it was a track. - [inaudible] [inaudible] old programs all right. So looking at this the directors who are currently working to begin that program what would this look like for them. So what's we're going to do is the qualification Ma is slowly going to increase over the next 12 months. Okay. They're gonna get a little bite size we're gonna explain how we do this over each month. So they're going to take the difference between the new level and the old levels that they were working on and divide that goal amongst the 12 months. And so the amount needed to qualify will be determined by the month. So let's let's show you an example of that kind of say let's just walk them through an example. - Yeah. OK go ahead Cheryl. - OK. SO So let's just say guys that I'm requalify not recall a fine thing I'm qualifying. I said to Julie I came in there and I don't I have four kids I'm not going to go into the tracks I'm going to take the cash I need the traverse. - Yes. - And so I'm working towards it right. So. So what's gonna happen guys is at the end of April of this year. Right. So let's say let's just say - when we just start over so let's just say that. - OK. April is my last month to qualifying. - So we're looking at May of last year - Ok through April of this year. - All right. So I'm on the new program. - OK I mean the old program. Right. So I'm at two eighty at the beginning of April as long as I hit twenty thousand in April boom baby. As you say I've hit that three hundred thousand - I'm in my traverse. Right. - Yeah. Something happens at the end of April - I don't quite hit it right - Correct. So then taking that sixty thousand dividing it out over the 12 months and increasing it every month. So in May. Right guys in order to get I don't I didn't do the 20 in April so now they've added 5000. So now my goal is twenty five thousand in May. So I've done three hundred and five thousand. I have qualified for my traverse. - Exactly You're wondering - right. where did that 5000 come from come from. - It's sixty thousand divided by 12 - thousand divided by 12 the 3000 to the 360000 divided by twelve months is the five thousand. So just just to make sure yeah I did think and divide by twelve. That difference guys. And then if you don't if they don't make it in May then they would add another 5000. So then June it would be three hundred and ten and it just keeps accumulating until they've reached that three. If they don't ever do it until they do do the 360 in that 12 months where they add they drop a month at a month drop a month at a month So not having to go to 360 overnight. Right. So it's it's an incremental increase guys for anybody that you have right now that's not locked in to what they are. Twelve months is. And they're either requalify and wanting to go to a higher level. Or maybe they're not in a car at all and they just want to go to the tracks and some of you I have people who went straight into an Acadia right - because they were hot shots. - which is amazing isn't it So. And once again you're going to be receiving all of this so that you can have it in print too. Yes. And you'll have a great example and here the one Cheryl just shared and it's it's spelled out so you really understand it. The other part too that I'm excited to share is we're gonna have the screens updated and that'll happen. You know - early that beginning of May. - Right. Not right up the change you all know that but that'll be updated so that'll help too. You'll have that visual to really be able to coach in and work with your directors and above. - Absolutely. - All right. - So new director wow. - Lets go to the wow - So - Alright so we do have a wow of a program with this hour while new director effective in May. Again the new cumulative sales needed will be seventy two thousand in the US eighty four thousand in Canada. And that aligns if you take the hundred and twenty standard parties times the new party levels for each country. - That's what gives us the totals. - Yes. So of course in the program in the US you need to maintain 9000 in Canada maintain ten thousand five hundred to stay in the program. Again aligning with today. Nothing changes as far as the program itself. So new directors who are in their first month in April we already share it. They're going to continue in the current program and the new directors who have their first month in May. - They will start in the brand new program - which means any director ya'll that's promoted in April titled in May would start with the new program. So if you have a director in March titled in April then they would go. They would stay under the current new director well program kind of a double Wow show. But promoted in April titled In May they would then be moved into the new director while program both in the U.S. and Canada. - OK - What's so amazing with that. So if you have you know your leaders who are in the D IQ program working to step up now now is key because think of that when you become title at the start of April and you get to play with the current levels even though the party's standard is moving the six hundred. That's a huge advantage walking into that program. So just put that little bee in your bonnet to keep that moving forward. - All righty. - All right. So then looking at while running starts we have some updates of course effective in May. We have new team levels to enter the program - starting at the 12th in Canada. - [Inaudible] Fourteen thousand you have the gist of this directors who entered who are already active in the program as of April. They're going to continue the program just - everything sale everything aligns right - [Inaudible] so nothing's going to change. They're going to have their goals. They're going to move forward. Those who enter the program as of May would be playing in the new program with the new levels. - Absolutely. - OK All right then looking at wild growth very similar this takes effect in May new teams cells to enter the program. The US is at 18000 Canada is at 21000 and same as the other program. So if they enter the program in April no changes. They already have their goals set. If they're entering the program in May - it would be based off the new law. - Right. And anybody who's in the current program will they stay in the program till they finish. - So if they - are you in a while program - right now - so How many of you are drawn to learn what programs. Let's get everyone involved. Program. - Yes. I love it. - [Inaudible] All right. So now looking at are - something guys not they are not change. - program not change So the new manager growth program obviously it's not changing because it's already aligned to the new party standard starting in May executive business leader. That doesn't change all the elite program stays the same and 20 as we have. So your people are qualifying to be elite in 2020 based on the elite qualifications and 2019 year Royal Rosen Crown trips. You have those goals guys. They do not change the constellation of stars right. So that's not changing. So we will continue to do that at Jubilee and recognize - our top achievers right - Yes - and be Right. - [Inaudible] Oh my gosh it's so amazing. So Brownie will not change and obviously Jubilee qualifications they will not change either. So so those programs all stay the same for four this year ya'll. - OK. So - love it. And then finally the what happens when. Because that's one of the key things you're all wondering about I'm sure. So looking at this of course today we're sharing with you you're going to be receiving that career plan overview the compensation chart and car charts that will all be posted online to your Web sites for business leaders eyes - only because then on March 13th - only from home office we are going to do a Tupperware live with the directors and above and announce the changes so everyone will hear directly from us at Tupper live. To be able to share with them and then as of March 21st there'll be an all sales force announcement. So that gives you time to get your head around the changes start looking at the different programs so that you know you've got that right on your fingertips. And of course it gives your directors and org leaders time before every one of their selfs forest members find out. So and learn about the change. And just a little side note guys on the director and above temper lives we have do not have those times in place yet. We will let you know we are looking at doing possibly to touch our lives so that we can capture those who we know many of our directors have either a part time job and some have you know things that they do during the day. So we're looking at having one during the day and then one in the evening so that we can capture everybody and of course they will be recorded and the directors and above would be able to go back - and look at that and then the last thing - which is the great part. - Yeah. Because there's one back. - [Inaudible] - So the last thing. - [Inaudible] Yes. Oh yeah. So. So just to make sure you caught that. So if you can hold this information again for your eyes only right now and wait for us to communicate with the directors and or leaders as well as to all sales. OK. All right. And then guys here's how you can help us. So if you have any questions right with you could please call platinum and they might not necessarily be able to answer that question for you right away. But we want to compile all of the questions that come in so that we can address them to everyone at one time and see Is there a common denominator that's coming in. So if you could please direct all of your questions to platinum and then we will then get them all answered and make sure that everybody is up to date and everybody has all of their questions answered - yes. And I really believe - OK. once you see what has been put together and the entire plan that the team has laid out to have all those levels it's all in one place. I always called the handy dandy reference book you know make sure you're checking that out because a lot of your questions to be answered right away for a.

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