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Entrevista a Leonard Chien

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Hola, me encuentro en Santiago, luego de los dias del Global Voices Summit o la Conferencia de Global Voices y estoy acá con Leonard Chien, el director del proyecto Lingua -Hi Leonard! -Hello -I want you to introduce yourself to the people of Global Voices in Spanish. Hello everyone, I'm Leonard Chien, I'm from Taiwan, I'm properly the Project Lingua Director so I'm doing strength to help you in the project Lingua in Global Voices and trying to connect you with other people in the community -Well, the discussion in the private session about Lingua and its future has been great well, you know, we can talk about all of it yet because it's often that we still have to be discussing but, how do you see that? how do you think we must, where are the places we must go, how must we develop our future? Well, first of all, Lingua Spanish is one of the must dynamic teams that we have in Lingua project and It's all thanks to Juan and every one else in Lingua Spanish to make it very productive everyday, we can see translations everyday They translate articles in Global Voices from English into Spanish, and we have a lot of readership benefited from your offer so, I really want to thank you of that In the future, of couse, I really like the idea that we can produce original content in Spanish And we have discussed in the Summit, there are some steps we have to take before producing Lingua Spanish content for example, editorial job would be a huge challenge, because we need people to be a Spanish editor and edit all the post just like in Global Voices in English because In English, it takes a lot of time editing jobs so, So It is actually quite difficult, it is a very difficult job and we definitively need someone who is dedicated enough and passionate enough to get into this. Besides that, we also need a lot of people to do translation from Spanish into English because that is also important for other people in the English speaking world to understand what the Spanish speaking world is talking about and because you translate those contents from Spanish to English then, other Lingua teams can translate them into their own languages. So, in the future, we not only need more people to get involved in Lingua Spanish we also need a lot of people to help us to translate from Spanish into English so, other people in the world can read it, but I'm very optimistic about this situation and I believe that in the future we'll have good Spanish content, original contents. -Well, thank you Leonard for this little conversation, if you wanna say something for giving Spanish readers... -I would definitively say thank you for all your support and thank you for all your contributions and your time and efforts besides your daily jobs and translate for Global Voices from English into Spanish. And I would definitively want to welcome more people to read Global Voices in Spanish or English because reading those contents you will know what happen around the world. -Ok, chao!! -Chao!

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Posted by: cyberjuan on May 17, 2010

Una corta charla con Leonard Chien del proyecto Lingua de Global Voices.

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