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NaVi in Stockholm [PART 5] ENG SUBS!

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Edward:Did you drink? ?:Yes fucking fuck Edward:You're saying bad words ?:I also know Russian language Zeus:Where are you going? ?:I don't know Zeus:Did you learn Russian in Poland? ?:Yes Zeus:And can you speak it? ?:No, I don't know Zeus:How did you get here ?:What Zeus:How did you get here? ?:I have a sister, I live here for 12 years ?:12 years Zeus:In Stockholm? ?:What Stockholm, yes Zeus:Are you heading to the train station? ?:No, I've worked here for 7 years Zeus:So where are you going? ?:No ?:To work "Translating a drunk polish dude is not easy" Zeus:Well, you guys got it I think ?:Five ?:Five years Edward:You want to become an official citizen? ?:No Zeus:I think you need 5 more drops for full happines ?:What is this? ?:Camera? Zeus:My stick Zeus:So what did you drink, beer, whiskey, vodka? ?:I drink everything Zeus:Say hi to TaZ from me ?:Vodka, beer, fuck you Zeus:This is fucked up Zeus:This is getting boring Zeus:I don't know where we're going anymore, he won't help us Edward:Who's a fucking kurwa? ?:Me Zeus:You want to give shoutouts to anyone? Edward:Stop coughing mate Zeus:That's fun and all Zeus:Stop trying, he can't create a sentence :D Zeus:Are you not going with us? ?:Let;s go Edward:We're all brothers Zeus:You don't like Russians? "He's going to show his wife Tatyana that betrayed him" Zeus:Tanya is from U.S Zeus:That's where teams play football ?:I met here in school ?:4 years Zeus:Together? "Basically some big dude stole his wife" Zeus:He was big, but weak inside ?:He's swedish Zeus:Oh and you're trying to find him Zeus:Did you find him? Zeus:It's 2 AM here ?:Vitushka was there "Vitushka is his son" ?:They loved me Zeus:And then you got drunk ?:Vitushka still loves me Zeus:Where is he now? Edward:There is no Vitya anymore Zeus:Tanya was such a bitch:D Zeus:Alright man good luckl are you going somewhere?

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Jun 11, 2015

NaVi in Stockholm [PART 5] ENG SUBS!

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