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Kai Liu - Anren, China - Sichuan (Global Lives Project, 2008) ~19:17:26 - 19:32:27

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"We must show that ethnic minorities cannot be separated..." "We should fully respect and protect the legitimate rights and interests of ethnic minorities" "And follow our national policies to the letter" "We must strictly implement the Party's ethnic policies, and effectively realize" "and develop the political, economical and cultural benefits of the minorities: "Let the people of all ethnic groups enjoy the fruits of opening and reform." "And feel the warmth of the 'big family'" "We should promote ethnic unity and create a recognition event" "to let the concept of ethnic unity take root in all families" "and to promote the trend of harmony and unity." "We should try hard to resolve the problems that people are most concerned with" "to improve the life quality of the people and serve the people with all our hearts" "to make every effort to resolve problems for the people. " "continue to do good things for the people and meet their new demands and expectations" "Secretary of the party committee of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Chen Jianguo hosted the conference" "and the chairman of the autonomous region delivered a speech" "Examplary groups and individuals spoke, too" "Before the conference began, He Guoqiang met with the groups and individuals..." Tonight, I have to go back and check the merchandise. Why don't you go and take a look? Do the inventory, and check expiration dates. I haven't applied for a health card yet. How would I know? If you ask big sister Huang, then you will know. Maybe. She hasn't applied either, right? No. Let's wait and see. Where are you from? The earthquake region. To help Wenchuan (the earthquake region in northwest Sichuan) ...focus more on developing... How much yuan will 30,000 US dollar be worth? They'll have to keep filming after you close the store. [producer speaking to Kai] If you need to sleep, you should just sleep. Just don't worry about it. Do what you normally do. Just don't pay attention to them. If you need to close, just close. If you need to sleep. They'll just stay after you sleep, and when you wake you can have them leave. They're only filming until 12. But I'm not up at midnight yet. No don't worry - we're just going to keep filming... She stays up. [Kai's wife] -And you go to bed? -Yeah. -Different times. -Different times? -Yeah. She comes to bed after 10:30pm. Sometimes we don't close until after 11pm. We won't be fliming tomorrow!

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: China
Language: Yi, Sichuan
Producer: Ya-Hsuan Huang, Yi Han
Director: Ya-Hsuan Huang
Views: 85
Posted by: glm_yh on Jan 5, 2010


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