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Eliyahu McLean: Finding a Non-Violent Solution

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global oneness project Finding a Non-violent Solution Both in the Holy Land and around the world, we need to help people on different sides, on all different sides of an issue Rabbi Eliyahu McLean Jereusalem, Israel Co-Founder Jerusalem Peacemakers to find win-win solutions, because if one side tries to impose a solution, to impose and to control all of the resources of another side, then that's always going to be a recipe for more discontent and more violence. A non-violent solution is really a win-win for both sides, and to help people to awaken to the destiny that we are all here in this land together and we're all here in this world together, and specifically for Israelis and Palestinians, but I think this applies everywhere, to help Israelis to see that they will have true security if there is equality and inclusiveness for their neighbors, the Palestinians, and the Palestinians will have their true rights if there is safety and security for the Israelis, and for human beings to see that the best way forward is to make sure that there is enough resources to share for everybody. We are either going to sink together or swim together, and if we are all in the same boat, on this planet earth, what good does it have if we all can have our little piece of property and piece of land if all of the water is going to be polluted, if all of the air is going to be polluted, if all of the land, this Holy Land or elsewhere is paved over with cement. What's the point of fighting over a piece of land if we're all just going to mutually destroy it. It seems kind of pointless. Ultimately, the religious and spiritual traditions have a lot to say about sharing and finding resources to include another persons dreams or visions of how we can live in the land together.

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