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The Venus Project - Tours with Jacque Fresco (Repository)

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(Roxanne Meadows) Here in the Venus Project we present tours on scheduled Saturdays in Venus, Florida; which is in central Florida. People come from all over the world to hear Jacque speak about a very different value system as to how we relate to ourselves and one another. Everything you do seems to be related to some experience. If you have free will it means you're acting without anything impressing you. That doesn't seem possible. (R.M.) Jacque gives us a better understanding on how we are a part of nature not separate from it. He also explains what it means to apply the scientific method to our everyday life enabling us to dispense with folkways opinions and speculative notions. A person says, "Well, if I know a machine can't feel, I won't take part in it." But when Disney makes drawings, people weep at the characters in the drawings if they get hurt. People respond to drawings and they are not real. People do not respond to the world they live in. They respond as your nation programs you to. (R.M.) Tours can go on for many hours and sometimes even into the evening as Jacque replies to the many questions that people have. There is a long discussion about the aims and direction of the Venus Project [and] a walk through the ground into the model buildings with the descriptions of hundreds of models and renderings. There will be a short film shown which will give you a better understanding of this possible future vision. That's what the Venus project is: What to do about it! It is not enough to criticize your country if you don't offer an alternative. (R.M.) I think that the tours of the Venus Project will awaken people to many facets that they are not aware of. It's a way of thinking that differs considerably from what you get at universities today. It's a different form of psychology. It's applied behavioral science to the social system. I think you'll learn a great deal through the tour. Not only through the tour of the property but with the explanation of this way of thinking. It's something that many people have been in search of for years. The tour is incredible and it's something that people all over that I personally know, are completely looking for. I got so many wonderful things out of the tour. I couldn't have expected how good it was going to be. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet Jacque and Roxanne. To meet all the people around here is nice and to be able to ask some questions. You can find a lot of the stuff online and hear a lot of the lectures but nothing compares to actually coming here and seeing it for yourself in person. I definitely got more out of it than I knew before. And to see the structures in the complex which are also very interesting and very admirable. Looking at all the models was great. It was fantastic. I got a really strong sense that all these ideas, all these transitions to the Resource-Based Economy are actually totally within reach. The six hours that we have been here... there was a lot more emphasis on the little things that I have heard. He's got so much knowledge and not enough time to give it all out. Jacque is a brilliant mind! We're going to remember him for centuries. This is a very precious time for us to have Jacque around and actually to be able to listen to how much he understands the depth and breadth of how powerful this message really is. Take advantage of the opportunity. I think I need at least a week to be here because there is so much with everything they have here; it has exceeded my expectations. A great tour! It was an incredible experience. I know I will definitely never forget this. -Definitely. Probably even come back. Definitely! Definitely! I definitely want to come back. As we become able to understand it better then we can be the message as well and I think this is what we really need to do. I feel like I've got a lot of hope for the future actually manifesting in a way that is better than ever.

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Posted by: ltiofficial on Dec 4, 2011

Roxanne presents the Venus Project Tours.

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