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Silverback Strategies Case Study: JK Moving

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[Rebecca Chanin, VP, Marketing, JK Moving Services] JK Moving Services is a global relocation and logistics firm. [Neil Welsh, President, Silverback Strategies] Anybody's who's spent any time in DC has probably seen one of their trucks. They do $100 million a year in revenue. They've been around for over 30 years. A moving company really lives or dies off the leads they get from their website. When people are searching for any type of moving-related service, we want to be on those first page of search results. We worked with JK to understand which markets in the DC area were most important to them, how do we develop pages around those areas, and then optimize the pages to rank higher. They actually increased the number of qualified leads that came off of our website from organic search by over 100%. And it has done a tremendous amount to increase top line revenue for us. —the job market, and it's had a lot of success. We've even actually targeted specific sites. So we have a great partnership with JK. And like any great partner, when our clients have a business problem we want to do everything we can to help them solve it. We have a tremendous need for qualified crew and drivers and moving helpers, and those people are very difficult to recruit. So we turned to Silverback and asked if they could assist us with recruiting. But Facebook we found the most success because drivers were really willing to engage with social interactions. These were mobile users that were away from home and wanted to stay connected. So on Facebook we put together a campaign targeting users by their interests, if they had a commercial driver's license. It was a huge success and something we're still doing to this day. Start small and then we kind of can expand it further once we start seeing some success. Silverback brings me new ideas. They're always sort of on the edge of what we should be looking at next. And I think that's a huge value. We have a relationship with Google that gives us access to new beta products where we can test new features before they come to the market. Working with Silverback Strategies is a very rewarding experience. They are young. They are energetic. They are true experts in the field of search and analytics. They are a great partner. We work very closely together, and there's no question that I made the right decision. I don't think there's another search firm who has better expertise than Silverback. [Silverback STRATEGIES]

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JK Moving is a leader in relocation services in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Rebecca Chainin, vice president, marketing, discusses how Silverback Strategies has helped the moving giant stay on top.

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