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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~15:01:29 - 15:16:30

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-Should I sit on that tree? -Yes! -This tree or that one? -That one. -Ok. -Hey Simeon, come here. -There he is! -Simeon, come and get... -Hey you! -Afeke! -How dare you! -I wonder which one we're supposed to start with. -Come over here! Quick, go and pick up the ball, Memory! They'll be falling soon! What do you mean, they'll be falling soon? Yes, that means they've won! Go on, Iva! -Iva, have you excused yourself ? -I ran. I just saw her walking over there. Not fair, Memory likes doing the chasing on her own. That's the way to go! Memory, stop chasing after just one person, try to wait a bit. -I thought that's what's supposed to be done? -Charles, I'm so sorry! I'm sorry. Come for a breast feed. Sid, come for a feed. Give Silaju a nudge to distract him. So he can feel it. I've stacked them so that they'll fall over. -If someone hits them... -I'll stand over here. If someone hits them, I'm sure they'll fall. Tough for them. Alright, bring it here. Edith, drop it here. Those are going to fall! That's enough guys. That's enough, Noel. At least there are the two of us on our side! That was such a big miss! I would've just hit them! Memory, throw it over here. Simeon, do your best. I will continue. -We should get rid of these. -No. -Are you removing them! -No! You're my friend! If he dropped it, you would've been the first to deny it. Of course, it's not as if we saw him! -Sunga! -They'll drop it. -Don't mock your friend. -Did I mock them? -I thought you said they'd drop it. -Do you have to say that? -I'll be the one to go first, I'll go first. -I'll get out if things get tough. -Excuse me. Look guys, you're dropping it. You're supposed to come next. I'll stand there, give me! -Bring it here. -Here it is. Come! Come on! I've knocked her out! -You almost missed her. -Yes, I stopped it. I got her out. I did, I did! -I got her out! -You've just gone past her. -I did it like this. It's only Edith that's left! -I was trying to excuse myself! -Excuse me? Is there time to excuse yourself? Don't throw the ball, don't. Just run after her. Throw it over to me! Only two left! Get me that knife! I was trying to stop though. Look at the ball, guys. If I'd told you, I couldn't have got her out of the game. Edith! -Edith, come on out from your hiding place. -They've searched for you. -Bring the ball. -Come on, Edith! That's good value! -Mary's fallen. -Yes! She's fallen like a big bag. There goes Simeon. Francis has taken it. I'm feel bad for you guys. I should give you back your shirt, shouldn't I? -Sunga, go ahead and throw it! -Sunga! -Hey you, go and do the same. My friend, you'll feel it. -I was also thinking I'd get it, but I missed. -Over there? -Go on and give it a try, you don't have to delay going to school because of... -Memory should... -Maybe she's... -I'm already getting bored. -Sunganani, have you had a go? -Yes she has. -I've already done it. -Where are you seeing this from? -I thought she did it after throwing it there? -Get off. -Has Mitayo finished? -No she's still doing it. -Edith, you haven't washed the dishes. -Edith, go over there. -Go on. -Leave the food. -Get started. She's dropped it. Joe, I got him out, I did. -She's got you out, step aside! -You got me out, have I done anything? Let's go get her. She's cutting corners! There she goes! Give me that and let's chase Sunga! You haven't even finished, Sunga. I'll just have to think hard. There, hold that. Not so sure about the ones holding it. Charles! Hey Charles! Charles go for Sunganani! Sunga is just by the corner, just... -There she is! -Come over here Memory! Come over here, Sunga! When returning, Sunganani doesn't run after the belt. Let me help you chase them quickly, while walking alongside them. -There they go, let me chase them. -No. -Memory's the one who's in the front. -I just chased them for a short time. -Let go of one brick. -Memory, let go. -We've found him, Charles! -It's not mine, Charles! Excuse me, I've been pricked by a thorn. -The score's 1 to 2. -One? -You've done brilliantly? -What? -We've scored 2. -1 to 2? -We're going to have to settle this with a fight. -Today? -Yes. Who's supposed to do the throwing? I'm impressed with the way I ran! -Forget it, just forget it. -I didn't hold it, I just touched it... -I'm getting out of here. It's because I'm tired! -So you're just taking a rest? Don't penalize them. Just let it go! It has to be you again, always arguing. She'll sulk if you ignore her. You go and play over there, is that clear? -She can't drop it. -Drop it! Yes. Sunga. Throw it, Sunga. Hey Charles, my friend Charles! Simeon, you go get the ball and throw it. There you go, Biz. Bizwek, it's your turn. -Who spat here? -It was Noel. -Is that true, Biz? I thought he wasn't taking off so I will beat you up. -Sit, my friend, you should've at least dropped it. -What's wrong with you, have you dropped any at all? Of course I have! I've dropped it twice. -Memorizes! -Edith's also dropped it. -Who? -Edith dropped it once and that didn't count as a score. -Have we scored 3? -We've scored 2 and the other one didn't count, they cheated. The ball was just a little bouncy, making some noises. I feel for you guys. -Memory and your team haven't scored anything yet. -Yes we haven't, but let's play on. -Sunga... -Sunga? -Should we leave this like that? -No. That's the way it's done... Naomi. [Song by Lucius Banda] "John, my son listen to me". I guess you've felt that... How come you can't hear anything? Why can't you hear? Just go away! -If you just drop it, I'll go there. -Look how filthy your legs are. -I'll go around the house. -Memory, we're the ones to go and get the ball. -Let's just say this is where the accident happened? -Where? -Go on. [Sounds of firearms] It's a gun, a gun! -Is Edith also there? -Here she is! -Bring it here, bring it here. Charles is very far away, by the time he comes... No way! You always like going that way, we're not going to chase after you if you go there. You want us to follow you there? -Chase that one from that side. -What's the problem now? Just stay quiet. There's one over there. There's Charles. Come on Simeon, keep coming. Edith's coming... Just come over here, you! Don't throw the ball to him while chasing him. -Come on! -Memory! Run! Memory, run! They've hit me. Hallelujah! -Memory! -They've fallen. -Not true, they didn't hit me! Sungani, hurry up! I've put it in, I have! I've stopped it! Charles should go first! -Is it 3-1-0. -I dropped it and managed to stop it. Edith, don't throw it to her. She just wants to run anyway. -You there! -He's lost... Charles didn't know which way to go. We left them at school. I told them while we were at school. -This is mine. -I thought this is the one you made at school? Hey, come here! Come right here! Come on! Memory, please come! -That's it then... -This is the end of it! Excuse me! -Excuse me, she just excused herself. What's wrong with you? -They're going to get the ball. -That's cheating, I thought they just said they couldn't find the ball? What does she want to do? I know Memory so well. Memory, have you seen the ball? -I haven't! -Isn't that what I said? -We have some work to do! -Now look, you've broken it! -That's true, my in-law! -Memory, have you found the ball? -All you're doing is calling out. -But are you really looking for it. -I'm in. -No, what do you mean I shouldn't put it? -Just run! -Don't throw it at her -We're not to pick it up! -They didn't signal? -I hit her. -Yes we did. -Come on! -I'm back in the game! -I knocked you out, it's only Noel that's left! What Memory is doing isn't fair. She should've come back into the game when we were all aware. -Ask Noel if I was looking? -No, it was only when she found it that she said it. -It's only Noel that's left. -No need to worry about him, there's no way he can score. He can't even stop it. -It doesn't matter... -Move over then. -Since you've messed things up. -That's your own problem. -What? -Just start filling up. -No. -You've started cheating... -Go on and put it in the dirt. -We should be standing there with the ball.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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