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2010 in Review - Live Show 3.39

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♫ Theme Music ♫ In 1969, a group of astronauts changed the world... They walked on the moon. Neil Armstrong: "That's one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind." In 1972, our journey ended. We've never been back. 2010 begins a year of change. Private companies are working on next-generation spaceships, governments are looking to go back to the moon, and on to mars. It's time to look up, and dream again. It's time to push humans into the cosmos. It's time to educate and engage the planet. It's time for Spacevidcast. Welcome to Spacevidcast 3.39 for Friday, December 24th. It is the Christmas Eve edition for 2010. My name is Benjamin Higginbotham. With me as always, on the phone, is Cariann Higginbotham. We are your Spacevidcasters. We have got an action packed, epic, look at the past. Hey! We have got a bunch of new people in the chat room. It's probably in part because we had such a phenomenal turn out for the lunar eclipse that just happened and you'll have another chance to see a lunar eclipse on winter solstice in 2093. So a lot of great new people. I don't know if you guys are aware anyone who is new in the room. If you would like a free copy of mission clock just say so right now. Let me know that you would like a copy of mission clock. It works on iPhone, iOS devices and stuff like that. See! The spirit of giving something something. Cariann: Aawwwe Ben: What else do we have? It was? Hmmm. Cariann: We don't really give away anything else. Ben: Ooh! We have one of these. Cariann: We have a really bad churple box? Ben: It IS a really bad purple box. Cariann: Yay! We have a purple box! Ben: So we'll be giving away this Roku HD unit, or one like it, later on in the show. You'd think that if this was a dummy box we'd come up with a better, on-air, demo unit. Right? It looks can still see the shipping sticker sitting on top of it. Cariann: It's a purple box. So no one in the chat room wants a free copy of Mission Clock. Cariann: No. Nobody cares. Well they probably already have one because they're space geeks like us. Ben: That's true. If I may...By the way for those of you watching on YouTube expecting this to be a space news show, those are the SpacePods. This is a conversation show with the community. Join us live every Friday at 0200 hours. Oh! B Z. Wow!. So a couple things. For those who want Mission Clock but have an Android phone there is a piece of software somehwhat like it called L Minus Clock. ELLL MINUS. Sorry! Cariann: It's a long running joke. It's not Mission Clock. I'll just straight up, it's not Mission Clock. Different author. Nowhere near Mission Clock. Mission Clock is... Cariann: Way cooler. Ben: Way Cooler But it is still there. It will give you he mission rundowns and the time that missions occurred. It doesn't give you the countdown clock or anything like that. But it's something. Also for Android users you've got the SDO app which is really cool and the Space Weather app which is also really cool. And what we really should do if you guys want to help us out? Send an email to [email protected] Let's get a space app list going on the Spacevidcasst website. So if you've got an iPhone, an Android phone or a Windows Mobile smart, ANY smart phone, which means no Black Berry's. I'm just kidding. Black Berry too. Right? Cariann: (whining) Mean! Ben: You know. get a list of all the really spacey-type stuff you can get on there. Alright. On that note let's go ahead and get started. As we have been talking about in the SpacePods, Space Shuttle Discovery. They did the tanking tests where they filled it with half a million pounds of liquid, cooled, fuel. Made sure that it was actually going to work because we're all sick of going out there going "Let's launch!," and then going "Yeah, it's got a leak." "It's got a leak." "It's got a crack." "Now it's leaking and cracked." Cariann: Oops! Ben:"It's got more cracks and more leaks." So now they've actually tested the tank. They're happy with the results. But just to be sure, they have actually rolled back Space Shuttle Discovery to the Vehicle Assembly Building We have got seventeen minutes of roll-back footage. Check this out. There you go.. seventeen minutes of this Should we show the whole thing? Cariann: I think we should. Ben: So what's happening is they are taking the vehicle back to the Vehicle Assembly Building. They're going to x-ray the back side of the external tank to make sure there's nothing else going on that could impact a future launch date. If all goes well, then we're going to roll back to pad 39-A on January 13, 2011 with a hopeful launch date of February 3, 2011. No Earlier Then February 3rd. That is the next launch window. Seriously, there is like 17 minutes of this. Cariann: Which I think is brilliant actually. I think it's fascinating and ah... Ben: Alright! On that note... [Both begin laughing] Ben: Virgin Galactic. A little shakeup over there. Cariann: What do you mean? Are you serious? Ben: It's just a little... Cariann: Little shake up is pretty much... Ben: You want to take this one? Cariann: The current CEO, correct? Is stepping down. I think it was back in 2007 that he went off to pursue other business interests of sorts Ben: We actually saw - I think he spoke at ISDC, 2009, 2008? Cariann: It's Will Whitehorn. Which I keep calling Whil Wheaton. Which is why Ben Gave this one to me. In hopes that I would would screw that up. (jokingly) Wil Weaton apparently is stepping down as CEO of Virgin Galatic. You heard it here first. Ben: Wil Wheaton actually makes a really good bad guy. Like the bad tech. He's on Leverage as the bad, super bad hacker. And he's also on The Guild as the opposing... Anarchy! He leads Anarchy on the Opponent Guild. Cariann: Anyhow, evil Wil Will Whitehorn is stepping down as CEO for Virgin Galactic and in his place is George Whitesides. Ben: So for those who don't know, you're going to want to be sending George Whitesides Lots of Christmas presents in hopes that you can get a discounted flight on Virgin Galactic. Cariann: That and you also want to run a Yuri's night party. Ben: Yep [laughing] Cariann: Because he and his wife Loretta Hildalgo Whitesides founded Yuri's Night. Started the Yuri's Night space parties 10 years ago. Ten years ago? Eleven? Ben: One of our Yuri's guys in the chat room? Cariann: Yep. Because it was 1961, 1981, 2001 and now coming up this year, or in the coming year would be 2011. Not to get off of Virgin Galactic but Yuri's Night is really awesome anyway and you should be throwing a party anyway. Regardless. And maybe get the attention of Mr. George Whitesides. Ben: I wonder if it was just a personal thing. I don't remember if the article said if it was just personal reasons or or if there were, if he just stepped down? I wonder why he stepped down? It was probably just a business thing though. They haven't even flown yet and they seem to be having really good success with their test stuff thus far. Although QuantumG will probably argue with me but I think they're on track. Cariann: He's been working with Virgin for quite a while now and I think he just.... I'm not going to go there until after the show. Ben: Oh but we will be going there after the show. Is that what you're saying? Cariann: Uh yeah. Post show is a little different than the regular show. So he's stepping down and George Whitesides who is the current president will be president/CEO of Virgin Galactic. So congratulations. Ben: Before we get into the year in review, the FAA is helping Santa. Cariann: Well. Santa has got the entire world to navigate. In one night. Even with all the different time zone conversions that would be difficult to do. So the FAA with some of their new technologies are helping Ben: Because, as we all know the FAA builds technology. So with the leading edge FAA technology here's the way this works... We had the Space Age Then we had the Information Age, And now we have the FAA age. Cariann: The FAA is helping with NorAD to help navigate Santa o the houses 53% faster than last year. It's a proven fact! If you hit the FAA website it is right there on the front. I think it's and as well. Ben: I just glad that NASA did not improve So it was the FAA they did this, not NASA. Had NASA improved the sleigh they would have built it up to a five segment solid rocket sleigh. The problem is then of course that the sleigh would shimmee of the roofs. It would shake all the presents out of the sleigh and then they would just cancel the whole program. Cariann: You'd get any present that fell on your house so you'd be happy with it. Ben: That's a space Santa joke just so you guys know. That's how that works here. C'mon that's funny. It was funny. Cariann: Wow. Some presents are still...they've just added to the space junk. Ben: Santa 1-X. It was mostly successful. It wasn't the real sleigh. It wasn't the real Santa Cariann: It wasn't the real reindeer. In fact there was only six this time. Ben: But it was the real brakes...and those failed...I'm sorry [laughing]. Nerd...hard core space nerd jokes. Cariann: At the expense of Santa. POOR Santa! Ben: Let's talk about the year in review. We're coming up at year's end and I think we sometimes forget how much stuff happened in Twenty-Ten. We mentioned at the very beginning of the year that 2010 would be a tipping point for space travel. Cariann: We also have it in every single one of our opens for this year. Ben: Yes! Cariann: So you heard it just moments ago. In case you forgot! Ben: A tipping point. You might not see it right away. When you look back you say, "What happened this year that made it such a tipping point?" There was actually quite a bit of stuff that will have huge ramifications for Human Space Flight from this year on. So I think when we go forward 50 years and look back, we're going to look at 2010 as the year that everything changed.

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We take a look at all that happened in the space industry in 2010. It was a lot more than we remembered and it was awesome!

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