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♪ music playing ♪ No matter how prepared you are, you cannot prepare for every possible road condition or traffic situation. That said, there are some very basic driving habits that can make our lives and the lives of other people on the road that much safer. One of the best habits to adopt is to drive just a little slower. When you give yourself more time to make a decision, that can be the difference between a big accident and no accident at all. While someday we might all have self driving cars and never be worried about making a decision on the road again. Right now we still need to give ourselves time for those decisions by slowing down. We have a video clip from our friends over at the New Zealand Transportation Agency to illustrate this point. While we do not share every driving law, the need to allow ourselves just a little more time to make a decision while on the road, is universal. [HEAVY BREATHING] [HEAVY BREATHING] >> Mate, I'm so sorry, I thought there was time. >> You just pulled out, I don't have time to stop. >> Oh come on mate. It was a simple mistake. >> I know if I was going a bit slower, but-- >> Please? I've got my boy in the back. >> I'm going too fast. I'm sorry. [110 KM/HR] Other people make mistakes. Slow down. In North America, the person at fault is the man driving out from behind the stop sign right? The road was not clear, he should have waited. This whole accident could have been prevented if the gentlemen with the tie had been driving just a touch slower. Even in situations which we think the road is totally clear, We need to remember that there may be other people we can't see further down the road. We can not anticipate what another person may be doing. We can help prevent accidents by allowing more time to make decision. Uber also wants us to drive more carefully and be mindful of the speed limit. There is now an option in the driver app to show when you are driving over the speed limit. [SPEED LIMIT} If you use this option, it can help you stay within those safe limits and keep everyone on the road safer. [REVIEW] [GIVE YOURSELF TIME TO MAKE A DECISION BY DRIVING SLOWER.] [TRY USING UBER'S BUILT-IN SPEED LIMIT TOOL.]

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