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Robocraft Factory: Cool Looking and Adorable - E5

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What is up you guys. This is SpaceKryptonite here to bring you 6 robot designs that will help bring some awes into your life Today's Featured robot designs are cool looking and adorable I know, I said there would be pizza but... no one wanted to submit pizza robot to me… Anyways, all robots are currently available in the Factory in case you want to show and love support to the builders So without further or do, let’s get started This first robot is known as -=FireFly=- Mk.2 (C6) created by LeFoffer Being slick with his C6 Plasmas and C6 colors, this robot is one that popped out to me It hovers with quite the speed and contains plenty of energy to bombard the enemies It is quite the robot to use for battle while riding in style and you also got to love them struts He does have the Firefly version without C6 plasmas in the factory in case you want to spend less robits And of course, you cannot go wrong with the Danish flags or else your boy Gromek will haunt you! I mean, hug you! He'll hug you. He will show you a nice hug. This second robot is known as DB10 XAU-51-2 Fall Mk2 created by shikay This propeller dog fighter is packed with tons of love as he spreads the design of green and black to the max It contains lasers, plasmas, and a protoseeker on its tail It holds together quite nicely and is quite fun to fly around with The utilization of the cosmetics are also on point. Can't go wrong with that Sadly, this robot did not make it to the long list of the propellers art robot contest which explains why the first part is called DB10 but at least you are in my list of cool looking robots Don’t get emotional, eat a taco This third robot is known as Panzerth created by kev123thegamer12 This robot reminds me Hot Wheels You know, big wheels in the back and tank tracks on the front style It is a heavy drifter, but also a decent tank The aero rod placements are placed in sweet positions The color of the robot is nice and soothing and also uses lasers as its primary weapon but don't worry, you can also give your allies tons of love your nano constructors And also drift while you are healing them Or just spin around and do donuts. It all works out This fourth robot is known as Porsche 919 Cosmega created by Crdguy The purpose of this robot is solely on being the most coolest hot rod in the galaxy The size of this robot is massive, but also hollow on the inside The red spoiler is on point with its design as well as the mega wheel placements We miss you megabots, but at least we have this sick Porsche to look at Now, if only Freejam could add that custom game modes, that would be nice Now, let’s dive into some cute and adorable robots This fifth robot is known as [MB] Little T-Rex In case you are wondering, MB stands for mini robots created by Anu8ius Cute size is everything when it comes to being adorable 2 cute mech legs and a tank track on the inside to replicate his love for a scaly dinosaur Great job mate This sixth and final robot is known as Magikarp uses splash created by Sheep_wielder Yes, this cute Magikarp hovers Sheep, believes splash is using hovers and thrusters on the inside I for one kinda stripped the parts off the inside and made it have the ability to alignment rectify its way across the map! It’s ok sheep, I still love you but I mostly love alignment rectifying with a Magickarp As mentioned, all robots are currently available in the Factory and the price labeled are the full forge cost, but it may be cheaper for you If you have a robot design that you want to share or show off, be sure to visit and upload screenshots of your robot on the space crew group or fill out the factory robot submission application which can be found in the Space Crew discord under hashtag robot-builds Links for both the website and the discord can be found in the description down below For the next factory highlight, I will be looking for tesla robots It can be a tesla flyer, or ground unit, but it has to use Teslas as its primary weapon Be very creative and please no shurikens Future factory videos will be different I know some of you want more gameplay of the robots shown and more frequent factory videos I will be testing my new way of editing the factory videos in the next episode So be critical and give me your feedback when the next episode releases So that pretty much wraps it up for this video I want to thank you guys for watching Don’t forget to like and subscribe for all your roboneeds and until next time This is SpaceKryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later There was a ship flying through space. Just like the vanguard In its final moments It looked like an ostrich Then one day, while flying pass Mars like usual It ran out of fuel The captain had to tell the rest of the crew. It was a mistake They started hurdling towards Mars. On the flattest area on Mars As many escape pods as possible were used Only the captain was left. He and the ostrich ship crashed into Mars Leaving a giant crater This crater is where ostriches roam every day. Trying to salvage as many parts as possible to rebuild the majestic ostrich ship This is the story of how Hellion Impact Crater was born By Damo

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Jan 26, 2017

Check out some cool looking and adorable bots that will bring some awes to your mind. Enjoy!

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Music used: Broken Circuitry by Jens Kiilstofte
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Rushbubble by Aaron Spencer

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