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Andreuccio pt.1_cruzk

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Oh beautiful, Naples! I came today, from Perugia, to buy horses. I have 500 fiorini to spend. What would be better than if that money were mine? Oh Andreuccio! Is that you? Yes it is I! Caspita, my father's friend! How long has it been? I don't know. I think I was 10 years old last time I saw you. We should meet again later. I'm sorry, but I must go to the market to buy some horses. I hope I get to see you again before you leave the city. Excuse me, but do you know that man? Yes, of course I do. Oh! Can you tell me about him? Let's go! Excuse me, is Andreuccio here? Yes, it is I! Sir, a gentle lady from this city would love to talk to you whenever it is convenient. The lady must have certainly fallen in love with me because I am a handsome young man, and there probably isn't another as good looking as I here in Napoli. I am ready. Where and where would this lady like to speak with me? Sir, she will be waiting at her home whenever you would like to go visit. Let's go! Here is Andreuccio! Oh my Andreuccio! Welcome to this house. My lady, it is so good to make your acquaintance. Andreuccio, I am sure that you don't understand the reason for which I wanted to see you. I am your sister. I will tell you my story. Pietro, my father and yours, lived in Palermo when he met my mother. Both of them lived together when my mom got pregnant with me. I married a kind man and that is why I find myself here, where, by the Grace of God, so is my brother! I saw you and I found you! My lady, I did not know you existed. How did you know who I was? This morning, I met a woman who lived in Parlemno and in Perugia with our father. Dinner is ready. Oh! Thank you. Let's go eat some pizza. I must go. I see how little you love me... You are here with your sister and you want to leave to go back to a hotel? No, you must stay here. You're so kind. Thank you. But I must go. They will be waiting for me all night. My god, I hope you don't think I don't have anyone at home whom I can send to say that you musn't be waited for tonight? Okay! I want to eat pizza. I ate too much. Excuse me, where is the bathroom? Go inside. Nasty! Nasty! Servant Ricco! Servant Ricco! Servant Ricco? Help me! Help me! Help me! Andreuccio is outside. How did I manage to lose 500 fiorini and a sister? Quiet! My goodness! Help me! Help me! Who goes there? You don't recognize me? It's Andreuccio! Madonna's brother. Goodman, if you have drunk too much, go to sleep and come back tomorrow morning. I don't know any Andreuccio and I do not know of what story you speak of. What? You don't know what I'm talking about? But you must know! Let me in at least, give me the clothes I left in the room, and I will go in peace. Goodman, it seems that you are dreaming. Who is down there? I know you don't want me to go down there and give you a beating that will leave you almost dead, mad drunkard. Did you make up your mind not to let us sleep tonight? By God, goodman, leave. Don't wait to be killed in such a way. Go now. It will be best.

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Posted by: karen.cruz on Jan 23, 2013


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