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Bush Vs. Zombies

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Mr. President, in your recent budget, just to make sure I understand you're asking for a fifty billion dollar emergengy defense supplental to protect America from zombies. I believe this is great challenge of twenty - the beginning of 21st century. Zombies?, who eat brains? just so I know we're on same page here. That's, that's what they do. That's what they've said wanna do. they have objetives. With all due respect, Mr President, are you sure this wasn't a movie you saw? I mean, why... 'Cause they're real... Yeah, but why... ...and it's a danger to American people. It's danger to your children, Jim. Sorry, my name is Barry. Ah...Chen? No. Barry Ed? It's Barry. Just think of blueberry or strawberry, that way you'll always remember it. Oh, thanks, Ed. They are a direct threat to United States. And I'm gonna keep talking abaut it. The zombies?, you say: ''They're eating our brains''. They need to be eating US. beef, It's good for them. Okay They like it for the sake of argument, even in the movies, zombies seem to move really, really slowly. Why couldn't we just outrun them. If we lead they'll follow us Right, but really slowly. I mean, shouldn't we be focusing more on Bin Laden? they're dangerous!. And I can't put it any more plainly, they're dangerous. Right, does this explain reports that you attacked people who were on the White House tour? I knew this was going to be an explosive issue Yeah. removed their heads I wannted to remove even more So, over the months you've decapitated eleven tourists you know say, were all zombies. I thought it was interesting how you started you question, ''over the months'', I think you said:''over the past months'' forget the time period. It's not the time span that concerns us Let me finish, please, sir? We're on roll here. And, uh, they have made it abundantly clear what they want Human brains? because you see, what they're gonna try to do kill many innocent peaple as they can You're claiming ''the heat of the moon causes the dead to rise from their graves and walk among us'' and... and so, yeah, it could be a could be, it could be a difficult August, and fully understand. Is there proof, any scientific evidence, of an actual bioligical difference between these zombies and, say, just slowly moving tourist? Sir? Mr. President? They're a threat to your children, David. How exactly can we recognize one these zombies? Is their pallid complextion? The lizard-like stare How about their general overall creepiness?.

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Posted by: h.r.m on Aug 1, 2008

Bush Vs. Zombies

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