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We Have a Plan: Science and Technology

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It's Time to Change And We Have a Plan Science and Technology - They take a group of scientists and engineers and they work on flying machines... You give them flying machines, they use it to bomb cities. You give them dynamite, which can be used for many different purposes, and they use it to blast people to pieces... So how can a person be scientific, if they have allegiance to their country rather than to the Earth and everyone on it, and the intelligent use of resources. This would be a scientist, to me. - And just think of a world where all the science and technology instead of going to destructive purposes and how to blow somebody up better, quicker, more efficiently and more destructively goes to towards how to create a much better life for everyone on Earth. It doesn't eliminate anyone. And how to create a pristine environment at the same time. So it would be quite a different world when you put science in that direction. Then why don't we use scales of scientific performance, when it comes to planning our societies. Transportation systems, agriculture, health care and so on, as a total integrated systems approach. - The nearest thing to what you would call honesty is science, because the system itself checks things out constantly. You come up with an idea, they put it to test. And more so than any other system. Yes, technology makes mistakes, buildings collapse, bridges fall... but compared to any other system, it's by far the most outstanding system and the only system that we know of that transports people around, electrical power, give us refrigerators to keep food in storage... In other words, science and technology has given us and freed more people from hard labor than any philosopher and "do-gooder". Jacque Fresco ( Roxanne Meadows (

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Posted by: electric_blue on Aug 5, 2011

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