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OTF 092019 SAYAN 02 EXT Edit Prep

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Please interview Please tell us about these trees. Please tell us about these trees, as you have just told us. These two trees are teak. His Majesty King Rama IX granted these trees to the community. They are 12 in total. They have been here for 4 years and they are so big now. These teakwood trees have been granted from the late King Bhumibol, King Rama IX the total 12 trees have been sent to this community and have been planted here for 4 years now. And that is because of the work that he has started. Does he feel honor by that? Please tell the reason why you have been granted these trees. Please explain to us a little bit. The reason of why our community has been granted these trees from his Majesty is because our community has an environmental management that are wastewater, garbage, and sufficient economic management. We received these trees because we are the community that can help manage waste and environmental management following the king self-sufficient philosophy. And how it makes him feel? Proud? How do you feel about receiving these trees? The feeling, not only me, but the whole community. We were very happy. We were excited to receive the trees, not the trees that we just go out and buy them, but the trees that were granted by His Majesty. Not only me but also everyone in this community felt glad, extremely happy and excited that they will receive these trees It is not easy to receive these kinds of tree It is not easy to receive the tree from the King So we are very proud of. What does he can in one sense? What does tree represent? We want you to tell us a little bit about what these trees represent? When you received them. What did you feeling about them? What is the importance of them? So, these trees represent the community that has enviromental management. We are so proud that these teak trees are in our community. Then, the members of the community can feel that His Majesty is with them. They are a kind of representation of His Majesty. Umm.. These trees are the symbol demonstrating that this community has successfully doing the waste and the environmental management and it is a symbol that King is always with us and everyone will follow the King what he has taught us. Great, OK Real quick, one last question um.... When the children they get old and they come and see these trees when he has gone. What would it mean to this place, you know? As It will be here for a long time, right? Khun Poom, please tell us a little bit about the future when you have gone and the next generations who will see these trees they can also realize that these are the trees granted by His Majesty with the propose of encouraging this community to protect the environment please tell us something like this OK, actually when we planted these trees we brought almost 200 young people to help us plant these 12 teak trees. And we told them that these teak trees were granted to our community and we asked the youth group to help take care of the trees so they know that His Majesty granted us the trees and they will have to take care of these trees. On holidays, the children collect teak leaves to make composed fertilizer. The children realize that and they can continue taking care of these trees. They realize the trees are still here even though the first group who took care of them has gone. So, they can continue it. So, when the children grow up, how will they feel. What we want you to talk is that when the children grow up these trees will remind them to be united to protect the environment. We want to hear this. OK Actually, by the presence of these trees, the kids are reminded of those values because some of the kids can remember the time that His Majesty was alive. So, we teach the kids that these trees belong to His Majesty, then we have to take care of them. Taking care of these trees and taking care of the environment should go hand in hand. Because one tree, for example, this one lives 300 years that one lives 500 years the names of them are also different. He said, actually, at the first day the kids have, um 200 kids in this community have helped them plant these 12 trees and children know that the King has presented these trees to the community and it’s their responsibilities for the youth that they need to take care and other kids have been assigned to take care all of these 12 and every weekend they will take care and take all the leaves of the teakwood trees and get into the fertilizer unit. And then, this will carry on from generation to generation. To the next youth generation. And the tree will be the heart of these children and heart of this community Once they care of these trees it means they also take care of the environment. These trees can get to 200 or 300 years old. So that, it means they will have to commit to take care of environment here for so long. That's fine, see The King's tree, isn't it? Yes, this is teakwood Siammindra Siammindra is a kind of the royal name they were given to .... Where are the other threes? Are the rest 11 trees around here? Yes, they are behind us. And two of them are in front of the center. It is so good. This is awesome. Yes Thank you. Is there one tree that we can choose The one tree that we can choose .. Yeah Oh King Portrait? Not the portrait of the King This one where we can get The nice wide shot with The tree standing alone The big tree that we can take a photo It is in front of the center. It is in front of the center. OK The big ones are around there due to the good fertilizer, so they are very big. We also want to show the fertilizer here for 1 or 2 minutes The weight is not good

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