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What does Impact Mean To U-

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I've always felt, if I could use an analogy, that nice guys do finish first. I think that if you apply that analogy to the world of investing and impact investing, good companies should finish first. Good companies should perform better. The more you look at the underlying data that supports those that do right by the climate, by the environment, by their investors, by their board, by their communities, they actually perform better. So if we can kind of use this movement as a means by which to help promote companies doing better through the investment space, I couldn't be more excited to help lead that movement. I think in my thirty years of being alive, I've realized that life is not easy. There are personal crisis that we all have. There is poverty, there is an education issue, there is racism right now that's rampant throughout our country and impact to me means wanting to make it easier for people. So I have personally dedicated my life to making it easier for individuals and for companies to make an impact. So what impact mean or impact investment or the whole concept of ESG to me, I'm excited about it because I fall in between both the Millennials and X or Y-ers, I'm only 21. It is exciting to see that we have found ways to make progress but also that's beneficial in the sense that in terms of how you can save, looking at options that are there to help prepare you for your future, especially us students. And not just student, maybe it's individuals who are transitioning back into the workforce. For me impact means that whatever we do no matter what our endeavor, whether we're walking down the street greeting a neighbor. Whether we're at our workplace, whether we are investing our capitol. Impact means to me that no matter what we do, we respect the dignity of our fellow human beings and we create an environment in which everyone has the opportunity to live the life the way they want, build the future that they want for themselves and their children. What does impact investing mean to you? That's the question! To me, impact investing really means, taking the resources that you have and applying them with a broader mindset. Right, so, it means I can invest and earn a return, and I can take my money and apply it to some mission that I care about. Taking those two things together and there is a wealth of possibilities in how you can do that and I think impact investing covers all of those.

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What does Impact Mean To U-

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