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The Science of Temples. Sadhguru

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now, when you say temple it depends what kind of temple you are talking about the ancient temples in India were built not for prayer you know this? you know that the ancient temples in India or even today in the temples nobody leads the prayer you go you walk around, you sit, you eat prasadam and come, so there is no need to pray to god actually in a temple but they told you if you go there you must sit there for a while did they tell you? but now you go there just touch your bottom to the floor and you go away fulfilling a ritual that's not the idea there is a whole science in using certain shapes and forms and sounds in such a way that it can become a huge field of energy if the shape and size of the idol the mudra that it holds the inner garbagraham and the outside parikrama there are many parameters, if they are all properly matched and if you consecrate it in a particular way it can become a very powerful source of energy so everyday in the morning in the tradition they told you before you go to work you have a shower go sit in the temple for sometime and then get into the world the idea is this is like a public battery charging place you go sit for sometime and go at the same time they also told you people who are walking the spiritual path need not go the temple everyday, do you know this? people who are on the spiritual path need not go to the temple everyday that means you have your own self charging methods if you have your own self charging methods the need to go to the public charging place is not necessary anymore but these days you're building temples just like you build your shopping complexes probably for the same purpose that's a different issue if it is properly done it can be a huge field of energy that one can imbibe and experience you don't have to believe in any of those gods and nonsense you simply sit there quietly not blabbering with anybody if the place is alive it could touch you that's the whole idea most of the temples we have killed in the last few hundred years because of not knowing how to manage them, especially in tamil nadu, they are dying very fast because certain fundamentals of how to maintain it have been changed in the last few years so lot of temples are just dissipating because they need to be kept up there was a whole system of how to keep up the energy in that place but not knowing what to do, simply doing their own things it is, lot of them have died but still there are many many of them which are very alive if it's an alive place, just sitting there quietly would make a difference if it is not anyway sitting quietly would make a difference to be spiritual should I go to temple? not essential if you have a need to sit in a particular place which is of a certain atmosphere a certain conduciveness...yes it's a personal choice spirituality and temple has nothing to do with each other, but if you need some supportive atmosphere yes

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 16, 2010 Sadhguru reveals that the ancient temples of India were not built for prayer but were built in such a way that by using particular shapes, forms and sounds it created a huge field of energy that one could charge themselves in. (SaO45)

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