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I come from the village of Abussir. It's here, less than 1 km from the pyramids. I'm a tourist guide. I find my customers in the city centre, students, etc. Often foreigners, Europeans, French.. Our history goes back more than 5000 years! And with this revolution we began on 25 January, we're writing a new chapter of this history, we're building a new country. Look what our ancestors did 5000 or 7000 years ago! We have to live up to our past. Today, we can walk as free men. Today, we're finally free. We're not oppressed like before. We've found freedom. Everything has changed. We can sit where we like, walk around freely... Nobody's stopping us! They used to ask: "Where are you going?" "Show me your papers! Turn around!" We lived in a prison. Once I was going to Charm el-Cheikh. In my own country! The police said: "You're not from around here! Go home!" See what he's doing? Look at that. He's fishing by electrocuting the fish. She holds the cable from the electricity pole. Give him some slack! These people are very poor, you know. The economic situation here is very complicated. But that's no reason to risk death from an electric fishing rod. People shouldn't have to do that nowadays. In this country, an officer's son becomes an officer. The same goes for lawyers. But a poor porter could never give his children a chance. We're being tricked! The people need social justice. Yes, a chance of self-fulfilment. But they must be educated first. Yes, education. But educating your children costs money. Schooling my two girls costs me 80 euros a month. That's just for school, never mind the rest! You're right.There's clothing, the family... If you add up all your household expenses, we need 350 or 400 euros a month. That's enormous! I think it'll take our country 2 or 3 years before things really change. We put up with 30 years of oppression.

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Posted by: wassup on Sep 12, 2011

Ali Fathi grew up at the foot of the Abussir pyramids, about 25 kilometres south of Cairo. He is married with five daughters; he shows tourists the wonders of this ancient site. He was an enthusiastic participant in the revolution; and for the first time in his life, Ali felt free and the sense of self-worth.

His extreme anger towards former president Mubarak is like that of the thousands of young Egyptians treated harshly by a repressive regime for the past thirty years.

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