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Creature Comforts_The Sea Part 2_cross out

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I've got severe (1) SEA / MOTION sickness. Oh! I mean, it... used to be (2) PRETTY / REALLY bad I used to (3) PUKE / VOMIT all the time But now it's a ... bit better. And... erm... and... this is... it's not a(n) (4) AGREEABLE / PLEASANT experience for me, personally. No. I don't like (5) ANY FISH / JELLYFISH At all! They (6) FRIGHTEN / SCARE me. I don't like being (7) TOUCHED / STUNG by anything Bees, wasps, jellyfish, ... any of that stuff. Don't like it. No. There's nothing that scares me in the sea Only the (8) GARBAGE / OBVIOUS Floaty things that shouldn't really be there, to be honest. I love the sea and I love (9) SWIMMING / LIVING in the sea I think the sea is reaAAAally scary, man It's a whole another (10) UNIVERSE / WORLD in the sea, man The sea is like a big tank Um... all kinds of things. And the thing is... actually, when you are in the sea it's really interesting that thing when you... kind of (11) JUMP / DIVE into the sea and you get in there and you go out and you realize as a being the being that you are, the (12) CREATURE / SPECIES that you are is you... you know... you've suddenly fallen very (13) RAPIDLY / QUICKLY down the food chain You're... you're no longer the dominant species You're suddenly (14) FRAIL / FOOD I'm not afraid of any... of anything 'coz um...I (15) GAVE UP / ABANDONED fear... but nothing scared me... erm... at all until someone else told me I should (16) BEWARE OF / WATCH OUT FOR sharks I'm OK with sharks They've such a bad bad... erm... reputation Everybody (17) HATES / AVOIDS them I don't know why They're quite nice. Er... I just don't really like the idea of feeling like eating fish which is a bit (18) SILLY / DUMB 'cause obviously they're there Erm... The bit that I really hate is erm...when you get ... erm all of that p...all that like seaweed Yeah, I suppose that's what it is, seaweed that they kind of, like, catches round, you know, that (19) GREEN / BROWN like stuff... like... stuff erm... erm... /20) SPAGUETTI / TAGLIATELLE... erm But it's... erm... that kind of, like, ... wraps itself round That's when I get a bit freak... freaked out and I kind of think I'd rather be in a swimming pool.

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Posted by: ecuenca on Mar 26, 2011

This is the third version of the same video -Creature Comforts_The Sea Part 2- but this time what the students have to do is choose the correct option of the two I give them.
I hope this version also works as a listening comprehension activity

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