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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~13:10:08 - 13:25:45

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and then my mom says "can you still get a job?" and so, but ... tattoo prejudice has decreased a lot lately nowaydays understanding is more important if you got a good mind, you get through things. And that's it man. So, How is Viviane? She got a dilation? Who? Wellington? Come on in. Hey rasta man How you doing? Good. Hi, All right? Hi. So, What's up? i'll wait for you. No, be cool brother. Hey! He's a friend of mine from Sorocaba. Nice. And how was the rave? Ah, cool, i didn''t go, I even left a vip there, but I was tired. And what about the Prodigy man? Sit down, sorry man, let me clear this up it's a kind of broken, but it can be confortable. So? Let's do it today? Sure. I have to go buy the stuff now. Gloves right? Yes, we ... Do you want me to come with you? I think ... Is Wilson out there? What? Wilson? No, i didn't see him. I'm gonna tell him to go on motocycle there. Here, your glasses. Good. And you had a good time with it? Yes, sure. I ran away from the sun. So, you're gonna play some music for your friends sure since yesterday. And we still have a gig tonight. Nice! Did you play yesterday? What? Did you play football yesterday? We did, but we lost easily man. Yesterdary the dudes went crazy, Wellington. Really? Yes, the first period was over and then Vagner ... Vagner had an issue with Tatá, Brunão's brother then Vagner left, Brunão left, Tatá left... and some guys who are not good came in, like me and other dudes... we lost 7x1 man A team from up there the district, Bola Mais Um No, Wilson is the coach, but he didn't want to speak because the guys were having a hard discussion And all friends, why play football to end like that? do you want some water? Anything man? No, I've just drunk. So let's go to Extra to buy the stuff? I'll ask Wilson to go there. Gloves right? No, not gloves. Just paper? Do you want some drink? Wine. So, close the door, light an incense and it's all legalized no police around feel free I have to know what time you'll have lunch to make it ready I have lunch now Right now? Yes. I'm gonna heat the food. Where's Wilson? Bonito, Where's Areia? I haven't seen him today. Why? Whose bike is this? It belongs to the dude that came with Wellington. I'll talk to him, I need to go there. Weliington Dude, Can I... Whose bike is that? Yours? Can I take it to the square down the street? I just need to ask Wilson to go to Extra? Sure! Feel free here! I'll ask Wilson to go to Extra, so I won't have to go there, because... Are you going to Extra? I don't want to delay the tattoo work Hey, cool man? All right, Rael? Hi Hi Can I speed up? Down there, is it far? No, it's just at the square down there. Let's go. Darn, I didn't see man. I didn't see Cool? All right cousin? cool Great! Dani, are the boys over there? And Wilson? Wilson? What? I wanted to ask him to go to Extra for me, man What do you want? Paper towels I can go there and soap Hi. Hi, how are you doing? I bought paper towel man.. that other day. But I've already used that man. Snob, right? Get it and get two bottles of wine, please. No, here is cheaper man. There wine costs five. Right, buy the wine here. It's gonna close soon. Let me buy the wine then. Get two bottles because I can buy papel-towel with the rest. Hey, hi! Are you fine? Fine, Roni? Great. Hi All right? Cool? Nice. Hi? All right? Sure, Piolho? Cool? Cool? Hey! Hey! How you doing? Are you all right? Hi Bola? Cool? Hi, two bottles of São Tomé. Hey Rael, I looked for you quite a while! Could you give two plastic bags? Ah no, not two bags, one bag for me. I'm on a bike. Now. Thanks! You in a rush? Yes I'm doing this thing, a project with some people, like ... It's like a documentary, you know? Ah... It began yesterday at midnight and it's gonna end tonight at midnight. Nice. Quite a journey. Cool, brother? Thanks! Cool. Sure! I'm gonna get a new tattoo now. Hi, Stop by my home, we''ll have some wine there. I'll be there in a while. Come. No problem. Ok It's hard to carry these wines man. Hi, All right brother? Dani, take it. I forgot man. Rael! Hi missis Francisca! I got some disposable cups. Can you get me one? Erimar? He's with Wilson. Hi son! cool? Sure, all right? And this baby? Right You're worried, right? He slept at my place. Yes... but he should have let me know that. He slept, Wilson there, they forgot to ... They believe because i'm a mother i don't need to know where he is. I think they're on the football field, watching the match. They're gonna come to my home in a while again. Ok. We're there. Right, missis Francisca? Right. Bye. Tell him I asked him to come here later. Laís is back home and she's crying because of him. Ok. I'll tell him. Right, missis Francisca. Gob bless you. Amem! God bless you, Rael. Bye. Rael, go there. What? So, it'll be there. You can drink at my place. Hi, fine? Hey Rael! And it doesn't stop, the beat can't stop. I didn't even see you today. Give me a kiss. All right? How ended up the museum thing? Great. I'll give you the DVD later. Nice. Hi Gracinha! Hi Rael! How are you doing, missis Regina? Hey, wine is here, my brother went to catch there. I didn't see Wilson man. Ah, I forgot about something. Sorry? Did you brother go there? He did. Vaseline, We're supposed to get it. How much does it cost? You're gonna have lunch now? First you'll have lunch, right Rael? You're gonna have lunch, right? I am, I'm gonna eat now. Ok. I'll wait. You should have lunch too, man. Ok. So You like it? Brother! I listened it yesterday. First time, man. It's good, isn't it? Sure. Nice. He's from Sorocaba, right? Do you live there? He's a good guy. Brother, I know one dude from Sorocaba... that one I got a record I'll show him. Please. That crazy dude. So, I was born there. It's been barely eight months ... There was a guy here from Sorocaba man ... He lived nearby. This one is kind of strange, isn't it brother? You're gonna serve the wine? I'll get it. Wait a minute. Great, isn't it? Where can I reload it? That plug is busy. There's a plug there, man. Can I use that? Yes you can.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 38 seconds
Country: Brazil
Director: Helio Ishii
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 13, 2008

Friends come over. Rides his bike around town.

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