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The Unified Field Theory - A Simple Explanation

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Today I did an interview that was mindblowing because it shows me that everything that I've been taught in school is wrong, absolutely wrong. And the person I've talked today is Jamie Janover, who told me about the Unified Field Theory. And The Unified Field Theory basically explains everything about the very nature of the universe and about human beings about human beings that we are how we are, what we are made of... And where we come from! And than everything is connected. And you'll be amazed to understand how everything is interconnected in this world. Check this out... What's the Unified Field Theory and what does it has to do with me as human being? We were told that we are a insignificant blob of cells on some rock, flowing in the space that's flowing around some other rock and we are not that important. But The Unified Field Theory actually points the fact that we are infinite beings living in a infinite universe. And that we have infinite relationship to all scales and all types. Because everything in the universe is connected by space and it goes into the nature of what that space is... How that space is structured... The dynamics in the space... The density of the space... The geometry of the space... And so when you understand this stuff then it changes the way you fell and act, and behave in the space... And it makes everything becomes more resident and ultimately, the reason I talk about that stuff is... for me having more fun and less death, pain, suffering and stuves like that. Because we see, right now in this planet a lot of behavior that isn't constructive. It's all the way up to: I'm gonna kill you because my religion says something different than your religion And if you could make every religion on the planet realize that every religion on the planet is answering the same questions in a different way. But it all has been seeded by the same set of information that's a very ancient information. And so we could make the planet into more like festival earth... Where we celebrate different religions the way we celebrate different styles of music in a festival. And if we could do that... It'll be a lot nicer around here. And we'll have a lot more residence and fun and... love and a lot less... suffering and animosity, anger and fear or... things that are not as good. What does this knowledge change about my life? It changes everything... Because people have been taught in the school and by society that things are in a certain way and it's just not correct. It's like telling kids that the earth goes around the sun in a big circle. It's like telling kids that the earth is flat... Because we said the earth is flat for a long time then we realize that it was a sphere. Now we are telling kids that the earth goes around the sun in a circle but we forget that the sun is moving through space so the earth is actually making a giant spiral as it moves. And so... That's just one tiny little segment of the information that's conteined in this body of information that changes your all perspective on... yourself in relation to the universe. Unified Field Theory is more pointing towards that there's infinite information and infinite understanding that is within us. It's actually a comparison of physics like blackholes and stuff that Buda talked about. Which is the stillness in the center of your heart chakra. And so for ... and the Unified Field Theory that then you point... and in the center of that toroide... of energy that surrounds you... is actually a blackhole. And then that point is actually a singularity in the center of the blackhole. So it's a physics way of describing things that ancient mystics and the "ancient" masters of this planet have been talking about for centuries. It's a cientific method based understanding for something that up untill recently has only been something that has been understood in a more spiritual... intuitive; philosophical way. For western people like ourselves who've been taught in school like this is science and this is science fiction or this is religion and this is science and you don't necessarily mix these two things. Now we're getting the understanding it's holistic. They combine these things into one Unified Field Theory, which actually makes every thing fit together and makes everything makes sense and it hopefully would help create a lot more residence on this planet and help prevents some of this crazy stuff that's going on right now. But wait... Wasn't Einstein trying to unify these type of things all his life? How does his theories and the Unified Field Theory fit together? Einstein made a huge jump in the understanding, right? He is probably credited for the bigest leap in understanding in terms of physics. Cause before Einstein space and time was separated things... And then he came and said: Space and Time is one thing such a dash in there called Space-Time and... Nassim adds to what Einstein did. Nassim is down with Einstein. He agrees with a lot of what he says and relativity and stuff like that but what Nassim did is he added in a spin component to Einstein's theory. Einstein said: space-time curves forming this thing called blackhole and might actually a infinite space-time curvature forming this singularity that formes this curvature in space-time where we get sucked into it. Nassim says that isn't just curve, it's actually curling... like water going down the drain. You pull your plug out your bath and the water just don't goes straight down It spins as it goes. So he is saying the space-time spins as well

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Posted by: renan.ferreira on May 10, 2012 - Here we discuss the Unified Field Theory and its importance for us as human beings. How does the knowledge about the UFT change our everyday lifes? Why most of the things we learned in school are wrong and why it is important to talk about the concept of the Unified Field Theory. Jamie briefly touches the concept of Black Holes and the expanding universe.

Please check out the Resonance Project of Nassim Haramein:

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