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I'll try to speak loudly over the bursts and caress of the wind that has us here today. um... wow Raphie You are the Goddess that claimed my heart so many years ago. A bond unbroken or bent through time unbound by our space today. Long has my heart been awaiting its counterpart sparked once - a decade ago in this lifetime, perhaps lifetimes ago in this Universe - to such an extent that I believe that it carved a puzzle piece place in my heart that you could only ever fit. My love for you is my love for God that she would create such a creation as you, that would fill me with such an overflowing feeling of peace within, of fulfillment, not only being loved, but being understood as well as accepted. Raphaela, I promise to cherish your every fermion, your every quark, your every burst of spontaneous energy as well as your every moment of quiet reflection. From every moment that you wake in the morning you'll know the full extent of my capacity to love you. To perceive the subtle rhythm of your breath, to intuit your deepest unspoken needs and desires. I will hold myself in remembering when is the moment to lay down my work and rest, or to play, or struggle or caress, or sit quietly with you in the canopy of our bond. When I am exhausted, I will be renewed by my own self love, so that I can renew and tenderly love you. When I look at you Raphie, I know it is God I am looking at. And so when I care for you, it will be as I would care for God herself, And there is no amount of low, no amount of downtrodden, nor depth of hurt that could even dim God's luminance that I could cease caring for Her to my fullest, most dedicated, most attentive, and most unrelenting extent. And so Raphie, you have my word, my promise, my vow and my honor upon Ek Ong Kar Sat Nãm my Truth of Being, that I will honor, love and respect you, with all of my everything, until the end of my days as your husband in this life and beyond. . . . . Sat Nãm. Both of us wrote something of a poem that we'd follow our vows with.. I've crossed the plains to come find you, Within those eyes, The heart I recognize, To be my only True, So take my hand and lead the way, To a place our souls once knew. That place of deep, ever nourishing quietude. I know I could be spending a little too much time with you, But time and too much, don't belong Together like we do. And if I had all my yesterdays, I'd give those to you, too. I belong to you now. Nothing in this world could separate me from you. I take your hand and feel my heart swell up like the moon. Tears come down like falling rain, when I realize I have you. Every day of these lives, I am always going to love you. Raphaela McIntyre-Morton I do take you - To be my Wife for the rest of my life, and maybe a few more too. Beneath these stars, despite my Mars, Yolk my life to you, And to the place of God, I am always going to point you. That's a tough one to follow.. oh man, I will try my best to project.. Nicholas-- Not very many 15 year old's fantasies come true. But.. Standing here with you today certainly fulfills that for me. Ever since that moment when our cells... souls! connected 10 years ago.. loving you has been involuntary, and compulsive. After getting back in touch with you a few months ago, you have once again become the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing that I think about as I drift to sleep, and you obtrusively come into my mind throughout all my days.. but always with a comforting feeling of a simple truth and knowing deep within. This knowing is beyond words that I know. And so, with some inspiration from another writer, I will take some of their words and mold them for my purpose: Nicholas: I did that, too! Raphaela: Yeah, I noticed.. I recognized, It was beautiful. I want you to know that even as I see and learn of your flaws, all of these aspects to me are so tender, and particular to you and I promise that I will use them to raise myself up and create a space for you to join me. I promise you that. And that in the deepest and most unshakable part of myself I find no reason, or logic or words that can truly touch what we have. You are my missing Kingdom, the unbruised part of myself that gives me the strength to acknowledge my fears, and to challenge them. It will be my blessing to live up to the honor and the challenge of being your Wife. And, now I'd like to share a poem that I wrote with what I feel and see when I look at you and when I think about you. It's titled "The Ocean" ...So appropriate for our location My love for God is infinite the depths go beyond all realms In loving God, I love myself, In loving you I find God. In your eyes, I see the Universe. I get lost, not in loneliness, but in comfort. To your lips I lose my breath, I give you my air ...sometimes aggressively, sometimes over-enthusiastically, But in sustaining you I find life Beyond that of Nitrogen and Oxygen Beyond Argon, Carbon Dioxide, and the often unacknowledged water vapors... ...and in that order. In your arms, I find warmth A blanket of love I greedily cling to throughout all my days and all my nights And in your heart I see beauty That which even poetry falls short in description. Some actions can speak louder than words But your soul - that you have so graciously shown me and shared with me - In all of human existence, Not even a compilation of all its greatness and wonders could touch the depths of the ocean that is your soul In loving you, I find God In loving God, I love myself The depths are beyond all realms My love for God is Infinite My love you for is Infinite. Wahe Guru Wahe Jeeo

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McIntyreWare VowsHD

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