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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~14:45:50 - 15:02:30

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I'm going to do some push ups over there, bro. Oh no!, but go over there... It's going to take a bit longer still, isn't it Wellington? To where? You going to start now? No. Do you want to do your push ups? Do your push ups first. No. But there, I'll do them till it's time to get started. Ah! In that case I'll have some wine. Yeah, it's ready now. I'm gonna stick the tracing on there, now. I'm gonna do about 10 press ups over there, just to warm up. Go ahead! Oops, don't want to get in your way, I'm going to do 10 here, just to warm up. So the needle doesn´t hurt, right? No, you can stay there bro, I´m just going to do a few. There you go, the body all warm and you can take the pain. Let's go! Can I have that swig of the bottle? Please! Oh Rael! Oh Rael! Oy! Can you sort us out a plastic bag, please? There's one over there, behind the kitchen door. Over there in another bag. What have you got on your back there? That white sebum... It's that hair there, I don't know what it is, but it falls out and these spots appear. It's from not eating properly. As's a variety of things. Not only my eating, but the skin in itself.... Half-closed pores Ey? I have to go to the dermatologist, I already went but... I got better. And so, what are you going to do? Which side first? Firstly, I am going to go put on the tracing, put the lion on, see if it fits. Then after, make the two of them the same, no? Finish the job, no? No, I am talking because of this here, that has to ... The point has to go here, the point is gong to sit here. Okay. You leave it here, there you can trace it later, no beautiful? I'm going to take that one first, then here. No, it has got better. It will be alright for a retouch there, afterwards. I'm all done, I'm just going to turn off this music here, just that. Eh, you just going to do one of them? Both. Ey, Wellington... I already got an appointment with you lot, you're very smart. You want five tattoos on the thingamagig there, with nothing done. It's just this one you brought. It's true you spoke about a... It's the standard. Okay? You only brought one? One pair? You asked for the standard. Only one pair? Oh, Rael said... No, okay. No, I forgot to speak about the quantity. I even called again to see if it was the right amount of vaseline. No, but it does the job! If Erimar comes there with the card, I will speak with him. Where is the maté box? It is 1 Real a glove, mate. No, it's because he's going to Extra, is it calling? He's going to Extra to buy some cheap ones and go downstairs. Wine? It's a small one this one. Ey? At 7 in Extra, is that right? So, finish this session there, I'll sneak in down there... Run around there in the square, there at the social project see the faces there... Here. And from there, I will go directly. Right there? Yeah, I think it's best you shave that, eh, bro. He's not in love with her anymore, no? No, Shave? Have a quick shave here in the middle, I'm just finishing here, alright bro? How long do we have to do everything? Do we know yet? Homeboy, I have to be at Extra at 7 At Extra? What time is it now? Three eighteen. We can go on till about 6 o'clock then, no? Two and a half hours. 2 and a half hours, I think that's enough to finish the other and start on this one. Alright, then we finish in the next session then. So it's more... Yeah, it doesn't need to get finished in this one, no. To make it more, to give it more realism. Let me see, so we've got 2 and a half hours? So we'll finish at 5:40, something like that. 6 o'clock It was mad, and with how cheap it was! You remember that he was going to do this so cheap, eh? Only! That not even you did that here? It's all done now, isn't it? It was mad! But it has to end, doesn't it? The remote, I'm looking for the remote, the big one, bro. It should be in the middle of Wellington´s things... Wellington, see if the remote is around there... I haven't seen the remote. Let me put it on Juice... Darn! You never leave the music alone! No, I'm gonna put it on the part when he invokes the spirit, there. That's better! Ey? You see? Yes. You all are just waiting for me, right? I think it's time for that chair there. let's go then, let's go. I'm going to look, going to see if I find Vagner, I've not got a penny on me bro. Exchange ideas with my uncle... You have to shave before we start. Ah, I'm getting distracted, so. And there Rael? What? Here I'm busy here! Calm down, leave it I only see the cheap one, here. Ixi, the hairs going to grow back even thicker now... Where's the cachaça? Ah they took it, ...! I sent them to call you, I thought that you were there. Right, I'm going to start tracing the tattoo now. There's glue over in the bedroom... Eh? Stick it on with that, there. Make yourself at home there. Make yourself at home over there man! The music's on here, I can't hear anything. Eh? Hot, no, do you want me to throw you any clothes? Ah, I'm outside eating a pastry!! In a bit I'll go get more glue, if you want... Whoops! What did you say? These spots are doing my head in bro. Change your skin, That's right, I'm gonna see if I did this it works man! What did you want? What happened? You okay Wellington? I even bled here. Spots are messed up man, the process. And you are too mad. You don't have the CD there do you Wellington? You have the Bob CD there, just there. This CD is the best Bob CD you have bro. It was, now I don't get involved with anything. I've done the press ups already bro. You have to stay standing up, eh! Ey? You have to stand up so I can do it. Okay? That there is doing you head in, isn't it? No, relax! If you had to camouflage that... It took time.... You're going to do my dermatologist trick. If there it misses a bit, take it off and place it again. There are still some there, oh! Don't put your hand there! Hair... I mean. There are still some hairs there. I was saying so you didn't pull off... the cheap glue? If it doesn't look good like this, we'll pull it off and put it back on again. If it's not right like this, put it on again. Is is right like this? It's exactly this. It is indeed, because it has a claw here on the top. Can I have a look in the mirror there? I think it's right like this.

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Preparing to get a tattoo.

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