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Your enterprise may have branch offices and independent business units running local enterprise applications on inadequate infrastructure with limited staff support. These applications require the same high level performance, availability and data protection delivered by your on-premises data center. As a result, you need an enterprise-grade solution that can be deployed and managed without on-site expertise, and integrate with your large enterprise data management framework to ensure compliance with corporate data requirements. The NetApp Integrated EVO:RAIL Solution was designed to meet all of your branch office and departmental IT needs by combining the world's #1 storage operating system and the #1 hypervisor into a single platform. NetApp’s EVO:RAIL solution supports all of your virtualized desktops and business critical applications. It integrates with the NetApp environment in the central data center to protect data and provide common management tools. And, if you need more resources to accommodate temporary peak workloads, you can scale to the public cloud, fast and easy. Boasting 1.8 times the usable storage capacity of comparable systems and application integrated data protection, the solution eliminates the need for a separate backup and disaster recovery infrastructure. You also benefit from nondisruptive operations and all of the storage efficiencies offered by clustered Data ONTAP. And, deep integration with VMware, along with NetApp’s vision of the Data Fabric, ensures reliable connectivity and effortless data management across your enterprise IT environment. If you require enterprise-grade data management capabilities, from remote offices to your on-premises data center to the cloud, the NetApp Integrated EVO:RAIL Solution is the right fit for your business.

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