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Sun, Wong, Zhou

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Messenio: Hitherto, the marks agree perfectly well. Mess: Still, lend me your attention. Mess: Tell me, what do you remember at the greatest distance of time in your native country? Menaechmus of Epidamnus: When I went with my father to Tarentum to traffic, M. of Epidamnus: and afterwards how I strayed away from my father among the people, and was carried away thence. Menaechmus of Sosicles: Supreme Jupiter, preserve me! Mess: Why do you exclaim? Why don't you hold your peace? Mess: How many years old were you when your father took you from your native country? M. of Epidamnus: Seven years old M. of Epidamnus: for just then my teeth were changing for the first time. M. of Epidamnus: And never since then have I seen my father. Mess: Well, how many sons of you had your father then? M. of Epidamnus: As far as I now remember, two. Mess: Which of the two was the older--you or the other? M. of Epidamnus: Both were just alike in age. Mess: How can that be? M. of Epidamnus: We two were twins. M. of Sosicles: The Gods wish to bless me. Mess: If you interrupt, I shall hold my tongue. M. of Sosicles: Rather than that, I'll hold my tongue. Mess: Tell me, were you both of the same name? M. of Epidamnus: By no means; for my name was what it is now: Menaechmus. M. of Epidamnus: The other they then used to call Sosicles. M. of Sosicles: I recognize the proofs, I cannot refrain from embracing him. M. of Sosicles: My own twin-brother, blessings on you. M. of Sosicles: I am Sosicles. M. of Epidamnus: How then was the name of Menaechmus afterwards given to you? M. of Sosicles: After word was brought to us that you ... M. of Sosicles: and that my father was dead, M. of Sosicles: my grandfather changed it; the name that was yours he gave to me. M. of Epidamnus: I believe that it did so happen as you say. M. of Epidamnus: But answer me this. M. of Sosicles: Ask it of me. M. of Epidamnus: What was the name of our mother? M. of Sosicles: Teuximarcha. M. of Epidamnus: That quite agrees! M. of Epidamnus: O welcome, unhoped-for brother, whom after many years I now behold. M. of Sosicles: And you, whom with many and anxious labors M. of Sosicles: I have ever been seeking up to this time, M. of Sosicles: and whom I rejoice at being found.

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