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Be a man

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I see some Asian people, that's good. You Chinese? Woo! I'm saying that could be your last name, Woo! (Wu) That two can't do business together. Chinese people and Indian people cannot do business together. Because Indians could not live without a bargain, and Chinese people cannot give you a bargain. Their objective is to get every penny from you. And ours is to keep every penny. There's some really bad power struggle there. I went to this Chinese mall... Some of you may know, Pacific Mall? That's the wrong place for Indian guys to go. I saw this bag, I wanted to buy this bag. I go to the Chinese guy "how much?" He goes... Thirty five dollars Umm... How about thirty? And Chinese people will never tell you no They will tell you no, the longest 'No' you've ever heard in your life Like you just said the most ridiculous thing they've ever heard in their life I give you thirty. 'No..............' No... I can't do thirty dollars I sell you thirty dollars today you come tomorrow I close down I'm like alright well then give me a deal on the purse man, I don't wanna pay thirty five bucks. Ok one sec I talk to my wife one second, thank you (mimicing Cantonese) Ok, you seem like nice guy. I give you best price, thirty four o fifty I'm like that's fifty cents man He goes fifty cents a lot of money. You save fifty cents here then maybe you go somewhere else you save another fifty cents. then you have one dollar. Then you take your dollar you go to the dollar store, you buy something else! This guy starts turning into my money manager or something? We make financial plans for you I'm like you know what? Dude? Forget it, I don't want it. It's not a deal. He starts telling me stuff that has nothing to do with anything. I go "I'm leaving" He goes "Hey, be a man!' Be a man, do the right thing! What are you talking about 'do the right thing'? Maybe you don't buy the purse right now, you walk around the mall you see something else, you don't buy, you come back you say 'Hey!' I want the purse for thirty four fifty. I say 'NO' You don't get for thirty four fifty, now price gone up maybe forty dollars Be a man We just can't do business man We can work together, we just can't work with each other. You know?

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Posted by: kcwang on Apr 18, 2013

Comedian Russell Peters talks about Chinese people and Indian people doing business. Hilarious.

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