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RAV BERG - Shabbat Zachor 1987 In the reading of the portion, which is called parashat Zachor, we are told to remember "Amalek", Amalek which was supposedly according to the literal interpretation of the Bible, Amalek was an enemy of the children of Israel. When they left Egypt, they were confronted with this enemy and then we are told that Moshe, together with Aaron and Hur supported him in overcoming the enemy known as Amalek. And in brief, from a kabbalistic point of view, Amalek means that we are to remember our own internal negativity. Never forget that there is no such thing as evil people around us, that we can't even blame evil aspects, evil concepts, evil entities because all of that which is evil around us originates from within us. And so, if anything does happen in our lives, there is no one to blame but ourselves, because according to the Ari with every negative activity we create, within the cosmos, negative energy intelligences and they come back to haunt us constantly. And so, the reading of "Amalek" is that aspect of negativity that hopefully, we shall destroy and bury forever! Amalek is also the aspect of uncertainty, because if we are to delve into the root, the root of evil, you will find one word that can cover every aspect of evil, and that is Safek, uncertainty. And this is not by coincidence that Amalek numerically adds up to Safek, which means uncertainty. Now what is uncertainty? Uncertainty means that I don't know about tomorrow; I don't know whether things will continue as good as they are today. This aspect of uncertainty drives people into an aspect, and an act of desire to receive for oneself alone. Because in the final analysis, at the end, if we believe that there is a force that there is a force whose only intention is to share his beneficence with us, then what is our fears of tomorrow? Why are we so concerned? If we have enough for today we're still concerned but maybe it won't last for tomorrow! The fear of tomorrow is what Amalek is all about! The Uncertainty.

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