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9/11: INTERCEPTED - Full Film

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This is automatic transcription by Youtube. You have to fix it manually before translating!! contact [email protected] what happened in the skies on the morning of September 11th 2001? xxx you've part of our or were repair for america or that and the code into the nun northern commission report four aircraft deported america's airports on approaches september morning in the northeast corridor or if the united to from boston logan one from newark new jersey and another from washington dulles in virginia the aircraft alleged to have attacked the world trade center are reported to have departed boston's logan international airport the first aircraft claim to the american eleven tail number and three three four a is reported to have departed logan at approximately zero eight hundred a m united one seventy five to number and six one two u_n_ a few minutes thereafter winning out to their cruising altitude it is a ledge the aircraft were jet like muslim extremists on box cutters located at hill air force base in usa cdf with radar evaluation squandering also known as ratings provided software in finals through the freedom of information act of the reported radar tracks on the morning of september eleven two thousand one we will be analyzing x_-files throughout this presentation and norad provided audio recordings from the morning of september eleven two thousand one of their northeast defense command also known as needs the center responsible for defending the northeastern united states the f_a_a_ also made available their audio recordings from boston and washington please keep in mind when viewing this presentation for nine eleven truth do not claim data provided by government is authentic yet it must be analyzed pilots for nine eleven truth of the growing mountain information and data provided by government agencies much of which conflicts with the government narrative of events help in government agencies try conclusion when even their own death does not support the hypothesis government sources and the nine eleven commission must be held accountable for such conflicts hit the refused comment even stand or altered by their very sources it is a crime to fabricate data provided through the freedom of information act then someone must be held accountable these are the radar entrance of the various aircraft in their relative positions on the morning of nine eleven during a little over the two-hour period from a_t_m_ to approximately ten fifteen according to the eighty fourth radar evaluation squadron included is a fighter response here every year traffic uncluttered and filter for clarity according to the tapes at approximately over eight fifteen american eleven was given a turned twenty degrees to the right to avoid traffic the crew read that the instructions and made the tenor para roughly fifteen seconds later american eleven was given an instruction by a_t_c_ to climb and maintain thirty five thousand feet no there was no reply boston center made continued attempts to contact american eleven without success telephonic avalible but there are america eleven part united one seventy five checks in on the frequency after departing boston logan path that what and the next time on the internal revenue service from was the widely-publicized infamous call from on that on a supposedly at the controls in which he is alleged to mistaking the of transmitted over the air a demand meant for the campaign nauk group without having to dot required that and i hope you are going to prevail but this roughly ten minutes after the last call from a group uh... careful it is important to keep in mind this transmission could have been broadcast from anywhere those who make excuses for the government story claim this transmission wise from american eleven that's what the government told them not to call flooded deathbed but roughly twenty five minutes after departure elite to five the alleged american eleven changes course according to the rabies radar the targets himself and heads for new york city united one seventy five thing gets handed off to the next century yet about but it but but but be about better markup on fri three-point or two you in this sector you weigh one seventy five gets a visual on an aircraft described as american eleven you know i don't want seventy-five part do project kept up with a corporate also want to talk about uh... ten-mile ballpark it right hod privately adequately prepare our or located at what para road greta daughter okay thank you you we want seventy-five is given a picture of the past behind them aircraft and and uh... direct to its next fix which is sparta video are catalogue by putting expired card you a one seventy five is then handed off to new york center at roughly five minutes before the alleged american airlines eleven impacts the north tower what no one seven a at approximately o eight-thirty the first call was made by the boston traffic management unit also known as boston t_m_ you to notify the command center of the hijacked of american eleven victoria wonder about senator situation do it what what what the letter dot departure to uh... uh... earlier bluemoon but uh... type it apart but uh... he departed walked in uh... we talk radio communications with them there without uh... first responder they've believed that they hurt but that will butler silicone right at work head right now the uh... aircraft were corroborated court southpark that a deadly dot com when they started to look at their current healthy right now bad bills but we're very pleased with the right we have no idea what this pick up at four thirty a typical theater the command center recommends to notify all surrounding centers especially in new york in cleveland hubble but let me know york uh... no that right back in the new york boston uh... ability to meet with the burglar or divert eleven here today uh... seventy four to five o'clock report earlier uh... we were report and uh... bully boy to really act that would or whatnot reluctant but very quickly they were not prepared partner though the equipment that with with the rockingham though here viacom yeah we're looking at the primary target friendlier event for paper published book character uh... however area blanchard there were a couple of competitor southwest boating victoria uh... haircut writer writer being kept up with the violin player worked quite well delegate policy it here uh... really in approximately zero eight thirty five i'll call the scramble sliders is made by boston center directly to keep approach trying to get in touch with otis air force base darker and darker corporate we want uh... yeah i uh... to uh... a reporter who knew about that i was at this point about packet of but between what i have a situation where the goodwill of it dollar ellicott or the heavy but that won't work either i follow up on capitol hill uh... opportunity hahahahahahaha and thank you bob and one o'clock o'clock their i have a conflict with lowered the price project apparently eleven yesterday by a potluck iliac regularly property that the travel providers that both you know carpet pol pot uh... but italy forty five minutes later boston calls the command center to speak with me your tree come direct letting them know the hijack is confirmed it i'm pointing out that the uh... profit your trigger but yet regularly were but and at night i felt no-cut that uh... herbert uh... high-tech dot paycheck i mean i brought the particu larly uh... to seven blocked or hijacked haircut eleven out but we can eat uh... right now we don't have it here but uh... he was ended up with the property evaluate uh... complex product free very rapidly leave alleviate the highway robbery and uh... we believe that that this winter northbound trying it around ordinary yahoogroups water that the primary target rego work at the airport an idea yeah long duplicative overall radar yet i just don't uh... also period or we hope that uh... uh... thereafter quite a bit apparently let me repeat that already all that long to get that pakistan couple about any i'd jackpot well here what day it happened the heir apparent that get pina weight gain wrote me a personal in the air for the cockpit uh... the greater the right away the work that they're here with that uh... capetown confirmed yet that is right there israeli-arab hip hop pop out new york no but uh... endured rose uh... clinton's uh... that you want to be back with a list of approved by the uh... uh... according awash alma advisable cooperative according to the command center washington was also being advised at this time to keep an eye out for suspicious aircraft this was an hour prior to the attack on the pentagon at only forty five one minute prior to the north tower impact cape calls boston advises them they would need to get authorization from the northeast defense sector also known as needs to launch fighters kate gives boston the fly the idea of the fighters expansive forty-five and forty six here it better the it yet but the the recorded bird word it work and that horrible applied yet secret it down wait a bit but did it his it is interesting to note that american eleven and united one seventy five both have the same departure and destination boston to l_a_ ethics squad were given different routing american eleven was cleared along the preferred great circle round to l_a_ acts which directs flights oversee recuse new york as the most direct route to los angeles international airport united one seventy five was given was something wrong used mainly by departures out of the world due to the clear southern route of the alleged you weigh one seventy five the aircraft was closer to the world trade center after the first our strike have this aircraft thing given the preferred route to l_a_ ax it would've taken more time to reach its target and perhaps given enough time for five years to intercept the aircraft before reaching started also duties one seventy five cost american eleven within miles of each other at this time you a ninety three departed eww are you a ninety three and you a one seventy five use the same exact also within miles of each other this brings to mind operation northwoods operation northwoods was a mission developed by joint chiefs of staff leon that sir the operation dictated swapping commercial aircraft once they're born for drones and shooting them out of the sky this action was to be blamed on cuba in order to justify an invasion a classic false flag nation stage in attack and blame it on your enemy to gain public and most importantly congressional support for war there are many tracks which seemingly go out of their way to convert with the alleged nine eleven targets and then split off was a swamp occurring at these coins was sort of revised and updated of operational excellence of course a simple explanation will be offered by government agencies and those who make excuses but that for instance is cannot be ignored missus grow food to new york city anthem and the f_a_a_ a_t_c_ clearer route alright provided unit hi acura bureaucratic i got hard worker corporate america her critique three forty six came in that direction happier then report comes in that the hijacked aircraft just wrote the world trade center therapy separate airport therapeutic properties out here that i was one of the project here plated open corporate american american wearing hair it or prepare hahaha p caricature nadia another reported circulated through the system at the last known position was fifteen wells east of j_f_k_ here now instead of the flight is being scrambled directly to new york city needs changes their route to a whole alden w one oh five or warning area off the southern coast of long island based on the last known position that was never verified here they are instructed to hold as a radar tracking seller it's to more than one hundred and fifty knots over the max operating speed of a seven sixty seven with its target inside the world trade center south tower we analyze the speech for the south tower aircraft thoroughly and our presentation nine eleven world trade center we've found a stunt precedent data and aerodynamics for the standard seven sixty seven would be impossible to control it such excessive speeds over its max operating was this aircraft modified so it could be for his findings to its target the south tower of the world trade if it was the modifications would have to be instructed by individuals who know our air defense response time just like there is never been a steel skyscraper to collapse and fire prior to nine eleven there's never been an aircraft positively identified to exceed its max operating speed bind more than one hundred fifty knots it's maneuvering speed like two hundred and twenty knots it's was controllable and survive before nine eleven or after after the second impact boat is fighters were instructed to set up combat air patrol over new york city tankers were called in for fueling operations and remained loitering almost thirty five minutes after american eleven went silent also known as normal and changed course americans seventy seven was lost in indianapolis and and won't work barbara are are appropriate are so what we've done deborah around here however want to look out for ltd robert carter our word indianapolis contacted american airlines three times to notify them of another missing aircraft at nine oh eight a m langley was also notified in order to battle stations an order in which pilots is sitting in their cockpits ready for flight yet langley fighters didn't get airborne till almost twenty minutes later huh crap therapist travel lonely align right and were given instruction to hand out over the atlantic instead of directly to protect washington here kara record from as soon as the pentagon was attacked langley fighters turn towards washington there are many other bases closer to washington and new york city that offered of fans odious in langley were selected to do the fact many fighters from other bases were out on the training exercises several training exercises were in effect on the morning of nine eleven apopka narrative decried airdrop nearly got out of the bell pepper and i love it it it andrews air force bases within ten miles of washington d_c_ the fighters were sent to north carolina atlantic city f_-sixteen's are much closer to new york city than boat is therefore space f_-fifteens atlantic city fighters we're training out over the atlantic in fact boat is also add fighters out on training missions he had two fighters on the list needs was also in training mode when the attacks occurred meathead simulated tracks on their radar screens and didn't removed until almost nine thirty a_m_ well after the second hour impact according to captain jeff flock spot former f_-fifteen fighter pilot with two tours of duty in iraq false inputs on radar screens is unprecedented except on nine eleven you can hear the confusion when needs is attempting to locate their tankers calls on eighteen twenty three thing hard cat it dot yet peck collector back at tariff they uh... well our defenses just seemed behind me bball every step of the way was this all by design how would the hijackers no-strike on such a chaotic day with the u_s_ under minimal defense it seems the hijackers were extremely lucky all morning nine eleven that is if what we've been told by the nine eleven commission is true even the nine eleven commission admits they haven't been told the truth the pentagon our nation's military headquarters how good an aircraft get so close to the pentagon after america's been attacked almost an hour prior the pentagon in washington d_c_ is well defended according to former defense secretary caspar weinberger the yes it is great with uh... reports sir bases at navy bases that have been uh... the uh... though the get the deficit played in the years is very very hard at the same time you would do with what is being done and that is cooling off period carriers pay so that limited a proportionate areas of no poison so that every plane sugar character that went over a period of that uh... republic shopping as the pentagon also have anti-aircraft insects certainly the general public would not know such installations as our enemies would obtain the same information if the pentagon did have such a defense it would certainly be classified april gallup has a survivor of the pentagon attack she crawled through the hole in the pentagon holding her son april says that she did not see any evidence of an aircraft crash and didn't even know an airplane was reported to have caused the damage till she got to the hospital hebrew is extremely puzzled by the fact that there were no no warnings or defense of the pentagon attack especially when everyone in the world new america was being attacked after the world trade center strikes when discussing airspace surrounding our nation's capital often the restricted airspace referred to is the pro hinted at areas around the capitol building in the white house we have to look further out this is known as class bravo where space it is a highly controlled airspace in which you need a clearance to enter including two-way radio communication and awaiting mode see transponder that reports your altitude new york in washington d_c_ both have class bravo airspace surrounding their hub airports new york coverage j_f_k_ newark and laborious while washington coverage baltimore in national in the middle and west to dulles americans seventy seven was lost from radar when it's transponder we shut off it eight fifty six a this is ten after the first our strike and sixteen minutes after washington was notified to keep an eye out for suspicious aircraft daniel o'brien at washington street opp observed a fast moving target penetrating washington class bronco she wasn't notified of the events in new york yet washington center was advised why was this information seemingly intercepted from getting to treat on controllers in washington had missile brian eno colleagues been advised of the events in new york which you've been more alert at the target penetrating washington class bravo intercepted with the word of gone out to the langley finders who are now heading out over the atlantic if the unidentified target reached washington d_c_ certainly pentagon aircraft defense could have played a role if a program that is correct and some of argued that the and would not have such a defense because reagan national is so close an aircraft departing and arriving could inadvertently be shot down does make such arguments aren't familiar with how the national airspace system works most aircraft arriving into reagan national are well-known of their intentions prior to even departing their origin airport those that aren't are well-known of their intentions prior to entering washington class bravo thirty miles from reagan national those who don't communicate and perhaps have their transponders off your target aside from the fact we always it's impossible for an aircraft to cause the physical damage at the pentagon based on witnesses filmed on location and data provided by government agencies an unidentified aircraft should not have been anywhere close to the pentagon it appears the interceptors were intercepted always one step behind the curve until the objectives or accomplished the confusion caused throughout the system on nine eleven seems to be the contentment factor of references for successful carrying out their nations are protest approaching elections in d_c_ from the last a message was sent out in the system that american eleven was still there thing product cora k for cara rhetoric i unit are acrobat it all mine's been focused on a target coming from the northeast and not the last also this message was sent out that the aircraft was headed towards washington before it would have even gotten to philly why was the rumor started to turn aircraft from the northeast his inbound to washington and not philly was it a lead interceptors toward a phantom target and away from the real threat inbound from the west the ultimate source for this confusion is still unknown thing rap and i've thought about that opening up our top priority for a couple of latin america opera at that it or opera forever broadpark dot had effort uh... wide potluck sharp corporate america however her apartment far better product i've already cracked under current around again someone intercepted the interceptors by providing false information washington trade town was isolated due to the fact that they weren't advised of the events in new york the rest of the system was virtually isolated from washington trigger because trick i'm didn't feel the unidentified target may be a threat until it was too late again due to the fact the information seem to have been intercepted from getting to washington to recount interpretation all right by instant many are aware of the infamous norman mineta testimony his internal information the aircraft was fifteen thousand flirting sent ten miles out to the audience to stand brown manalapan been rewarded building vice president the network quickly would it be okay according to the contrary time i didn't know what more than that what you're referring to like they came into the pentagon to this day there's been much controversy over what exactly those orders where with a div stand down in order to let the pentagon attack occur with the shootdown order menendez testimony has been among the most damaging because those who make excuses for the government story are having a very difficult time trying to explain such a conversation with the vice president some young man came in and sit vice president there's a plane and fifty miles up coming towards pc cited their money and soldier who's they number two that if they ask for money we have already going on this plane coming in so other transponders been turned off so we don't know who it is uh... and we'd only altitude and speed so uh... so where is it still somewhere beyond uh... great falls right now and so uh... the young man came incidents twenty miles and uh... so within i'd say well money worries his plane in relationship to the ground uh... regards harjit so she in the ground point would they be able to tell you promptly the distance from where you are uh... can we couldn't taste peter altitude then all of a sudden so i was talking and he said uh... i lost the ability lost target festival words swell somewhere between um... and uh... national airport and about that time so i'm broke into the country sadness secretary we just had a confirmation from uh... arlington county police officer saying that he saw me american airlines plane going to the pentagon swimmer weds x jiske best was united airlines ninety three coming down from pennsylvania and that mimic at his timeline inaccurate this can't be the case as united ninety three never got close to the pentagon some of argued it was american airlines eleven but same thing american airlines eleven never got close to the pentagon even one is called coast track mark when a radar track of an aircraft continues on its present course based on the last at a receipt the aircraft still would not have been close to the pentagon the aircraft target being discussed by vice president cheney and overheard by manana could only be the target inbound from the west which penetrated washington co s bravo where space combine that with the fact that the langley fighters were headed out over the atlantic during this time interned inbound only after the target drops off radar near the pentagon it seems pretty obvious what the orders were an airborne command center a military version of the seven forty-seven was airborne when the unidentified target approach from the west according to ratings down a this aircraft it it does it go with the identified target has the f_-sixteens were headed out over the atlantic again at the moment that target disappears at the pentagon the f_-sixteens then turned towards washington operation northwoods propose swapping aircraft for drones and using them in a false flag attack to blame on cuba their is evidence of the original aircraft still airborne after this supposedly crash unlike the false rumors floated through the system in an apparent attempt to intercepting interceptors there's data which does show you a ninety three still air born after its alleged crash as well as and six twelve you a the aircraft which supposedly hit the south tower a_t_c_ transcript showing you a ninety three still airborne panda location just south of the impact crater he cars data a device used for communicating with aircraft show you a one seventy five still airborne in western pennsylvania almost twenty minutes after it's reported crash this e-cards data reports the closest station transmitting to and from an aircraft the official flight path of the alleged you away one seventy five shows that if the aircraft were to receive than any cars message it should have come from these transmitting locations this is the map of the acreage facility surrounding the new york city area however econ stations were reported to have transmitted from harrisburg and pittsburgh the after the alleged impact at the south tower according to radar specialist and electrical engineer dennis amino this is impossible ifn six twelve you away crashed into the world trade center war game simulated radar tracked routing clearances other than proferred enabling the second aircraft threatened to be closer to the world trade center after the first impact aircraft exceeding their maximum parading limits time more than one hundred thirty to one hundred fifty knots inaccurate aircraft position reports falls aircraft target reports aircraft converging flying virtually in formation with and then the information from reported nine eleven aircraft fighters launched in the wrong directions the aircraft singed and one half of the alleged attacks for communications it's not working is that any surprise that our defenses were always one step beyond one of the perpetrators of nine eleven were able to successfully accomplish their mission with military precision are we supposed to believe al-qaeda was running all this interference so the supposedly hijackers to complete their mission the ludden isn't even listed as a suspect for nine eleven yet we went into afghanistan to smoke him out these are real questions the cold hard facts added to the growing mountain of information and data which does not add up to what we've been told by our government write your congressman presented its your senators commando full and thorough investigation before we write more long giving up our freedoms in the name of security they who give up a central liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety benjamin franklin february seventeenth seventeen seventy five thank you for taking the time to inform yourself he here and fees he's as

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