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Darling Companion (2012)

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[cell phone rings] (daughter) Hi, Dad. (father) Ask Mom if she remembered to pick up my stuff at the cleaners? (mother) Turn around! We gotta go back! I saw something! (daughter) Wa-wa-wa-wa-ait. Mom, are you sure about this? [deep growl] Here boy. [bark] Here you go. (father) We're not getting a dog, right? (boy) What are you naming him? (Mom/daughter) Freeway. [barking] Freeway! Freeway! (mother) You lost the dog while you were talking on the phone! Oh! [whistle] Is something wrong? (father) The dog's run off. Oh, shoot. What's the emergency Joe? We lost our dog. Freeway! (mother) Don't you know how much that dog means to me? (father) I like him too, I'm just not obsessed with him. (mother) You know more about your patients, than you do about your own family. [thunder] (father) We've done everything we can. (mother) Would you be leaving if I were missing? That's ridiculous. Freeway's alive. What do you talking about? The women of my family - they have a gift. We see things. Do you see him? Is he alright? I see trees. (father) Wow, that really pinpoints it. (Russel) So what's the plan? Russell is very cheerful. Can he keep up with you? Why do you think he's so cheerful? Look at that! Does it bite? (Russell) No, they ram. Oh. Little dogs control them, just by yapping. [imitating a dog] Honey, did that work? No! ♪ Darling companion ♪ (father) We haven't lost a person, we've lost a dog. Love is love. It doesn't matter if it's a dog. Oh! My shoulder is dislocated.You might have to put it back. No, no, no. I really, I cannot. Just ignore me, no matter how much I scream. Ah! You're killing me! Okay, okay. I told you to ignore me! Carmen says Freeway really wants to come in, but he's gotta hear a friendly voice. Okay. What? Don't laugh! ♪ Darling companion ♪ ♪ Now you know you'll never be abandoned ♪ ♪ Love will always light our lantern ♪ ♪ I can depend on you ♪ (father) The things that bug me about you will never mean anything compared to how much I love you. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Mar 9, 2012


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