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Roberto Benigni! I'm telling you: I'd really like to take a photo with you! How beautiful is he! So, here we are... I'd like to stay here a bit more to talk about serious things... About Rubi, for example... So... I asked Fazio to have the chance to stay a little bit next to him... to see his face. I totaly adore it... I had the chance to get to know him...he's happy...that's the impressive thing about him. I always say: don't trust sad people! Happy people are virtuous, generous and modest. And Saviano is happy. And that's the thing I mostly like about him... He's the one who puts justice and truth above all, before his own life... That's something amazing! Nowadays, one can only go to the cinema to see such a brave man... So, for me, being his contemporary is a real honour... And what's more, he is from Naples, isn't he? Where are you exactly from? "I was born in Naples" So then we could sing a song from Naples together... I'd like to sing with him because they have created some extraordinary songs in that part of Italy... But before that, I'd like to draw your attention on a fact that impressed me very much... When I first met him I asked him: let's have dinner together! One sees such a handsome guy (even thought he eats a lot of icecream that makes him a bit chubby)... such a special beauty, with those eyes and that look that makes you understand there's so much fervor behind them... So, I said: lets have dinner together! But he told me: "Sorry, but I can't. I have my escort with me, it's not easy..." Now you tell me: how is it possible that someone who writes a book can be condemned to death? Anyway, there's no need to be afraid. We believe in life after death. The way life has been a surprise to us, the same way death will be. But the truth is it's impossible not to take action against the Evil. It just comes natural... spontaneous...also because if we don't speak out against it we envite others to approve it. So, this guy here, and I adore him so much that I'd finally wish to sing him a song! What's the name of that Naple's song? Wait, wait, what's the name of the most beautiful song from Naples? "It was May time... it was May time and all cherry trees were begining to blossom... it was May time and roses pervaded all the gardens around with their perfume... it was My time, and my love was far away..." This song makes me cry just like this man here does. He wrote an equally extraordinary and beautiful piece of work. Now I want to ask you all: how can someone want to kill someone else for a book? Schiavone, I mean, kill or intend to kill is the most inhumane act of cruelty! Even worse is when you want to kill someone because he has written a book!... I mean, an eye for an eye: write a book yourself, Schiavone! Kill Saviano with a book! Kill him! Kill him! You have to kill him! You must say:" Your book is crap, it's a shit! Look at mine how nice it is!" This is unacceptable! Even when we want to kill for an ideal, we never reach that ideal... we just kill a person and that's all. We don't achieve anything! And when we kill a person, we don't kill only one person, but two! That person and ourselves! Because who kills is always a dead person afterwards. Dead! Schiavone, there's no need to have guns, because he has the pen! When a man with a gun meets a man with a pen the man with the gun is a dead man! Because the pen gives the eternity! Schiavone, I'm honestly telling you: there's a sense of humanity to be recognised in all human beings! And in you too! But to kill someone, how can you? Now I'd like to tell you something: our PM, Berlusconi, who says a lot of good things sometimes says some wrong things too. One of the worst things he has ever said, but he corrected it afterwards, is that he would strangle with his own hands all those who write about the Mafia, about the Camorra, and other thinks that don't work properly in this country. But he couldn't have said something more terrible than this! It's just impossible to hear those words! Dante Alighieri, for example, during his exile, while being condemned to death, he made us famous! Nobody would've spoken about Italy if he hadn't written during his exile! And he wrote about terrible things, because we must face up to the evil! Deal with him, and not pretend he doesn't exist! In conclusion, we should be grateful to these people. They do some extraordinary things! Their books are like the song "Spring time"...are poems... Are a common good! And I'd like to say one more thing just to make our PM understand that when someone writes about the evil, and digs into it is like writing fairy tales... which are useful to keep ourselves dreaming. So, these writers, and in general all people who create, they can only do good. Because, like fairy tales, which don't tell kids that dragons exist, (this is something kids already know) but fairy tales teach them that dragons can be de-fea-ted instead! This is the most amaizing thing! And this is what Saviano is doing! We know, we know that Camorra and the evil exist! But when people write about it, they are actually telling us that the Mafia can be defeated, just like dragons in fairy tales! And this is such an extraordinary thing!

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Posted by: cerasela on Nov 28, 2010

Roberto Benigni su Roberto Saviano e la Mafia.

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