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Ozone and Oxygen Therapy | Thérapie à l'Oxygène et Ozone

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Any new treatment involving ozone? Ozone? Yeah! No! But I don’t read this kind of study. Maybe there has been. I don’t know. Most doctors believe that if you put a gas especially ozone into your veins that you will drop dead within minutes. I guess I am a case in point where over two years I have had an awful lot of ozone going into my being. And I have certainly not drop dead. I think I was in the world, the first physician to have treated AIDS patients with ozone. It’s now since seven years. And my first patients they are living and in consideration they are doing very very well. They are working! Now, this is lunatic medicine. And I really won’t pay any attention to it. Because it is absolutely lunatic. Clinical studies in relation to ozone absolutely uncontrolled. Some of the procedures they describe are grossly unethical. And you would never get permission to replicate them in the Canadian Medical school. Extremly dangerous things to do. And without any evidence of benefit. Ozone Therapy is a controversial medical treatment. That uses pure oxygen and a tiny amount of ozone to treat a variety of medical conditions, including cancer and AIDS. In Europe, several millions people have already been treated. While in Canada and the United States, the treatment remains illegal and largely unknown. Well, I have an ozone generator. And we use it on all our AIDS patients, and just about our cancer patients. And we used it on all our yeast patients which was the largest group. Generally we gave it intravenously. By what’s call autohemotherapy, where we pull the blood out, mix the blood with the ozone, and in a few minutes, give the ozonated blood back to the patient. We found that our cancer protocol, which include ozone, was effective, always keeping people with so called terminal cancer ALIVE and without ever requiring pain medicine, without losing weight, without any sign of deterioration. And then, when we lost our ozone machine, our patients began to go downhill. The FDA sought two of the manufacturers. Had to take away the business and the machine. So that we no longer have an effective ozone generating machine. And, that’s where we are right now, currently. I’m right now trying to figure out how to get around that. Because I believe that my patients very much need ozone. Ozone, is simply an energized form of oxygen. It is created when electric or ultraviolet energy causes oxygen atoms to temporarily recombine into groups of three. The newly formed molecule is unstable and quick to react with other substances. A powerful oxidant which can inactivate bacteria and viruses. Its first commercial use was to sterilize polluted drinking water in Europe almost one hundred (100) years ago. Today, more than two thousands (2,000) cities around the world including Paris, Montreal, Moscow and Los Angeles use ozone to sterilize their water supplies. Oxygen and ozone are bubbled through the water, killing bacteria and viruses, reducing odor and taste, and leaving the water disinfected and safe to drink. But ozone is also controversial. While ozone occurs naturally, as the protective layer surrounding the earth surface, it is also the gas that is formed when sunlight reacts with air pollution in our cities. Scientific studies in North America have focused on the negative effects of ozone on breathing. As a result many doctors have assumed that ozone has no medical application. I was shocked to discover that people travel to various clinics in germany from virtually all over the world. And paying between two and three thousand dollars cash on the table American for 6 treatments. It’s just incredible! Here I am faced with a range of potential clinical applications. A huge number of people are using it. A patient base that is worldwide and paying big money for something. There’s got to be something in this, you know. What is it? In Germany, for the past thirty (30) years, Ozone Therapy has been in use to treat forty (40) different medical conditions. From eczema to gangrene, to cancer, strokes, and viruses that causes such diseases, hepatitis, herpes and AIDS. I paid my own way just to go to Germany. Cause I could not believe that these things could only be true, you know. Even though I have been reading all this literature and stuff. Could not believe in it. But once you go there, and you see all these patients that have been coming for five years, or ten years, or twenty years. Tell they would have their leg amputated ten years ago. And here they are perfectly healed and healthy. People who have had herpes, ???, hepatitis, or something they have been treating, said they have had this disease for years. And now, say they are so much better. It is difficult to deal with, answering these patients, particularly when they say “oh you are from America, you are so advanced over there, how do you use ozone?” And you have to say we don’t use ozone for treatment at all. Many use it in animal experiments, whatever you know. In addition to bubbling oxygen mixed with ozone through the blood, the treatment can also be applied externally for burns, wounds, and other skin conditions. The most controversial method is direct injection of the gas combination into the body, to treat a variety of internal disorders. The medical potential for ozone therapy is based on the relationship of oxygen to human cells. Essential for every human cells, oxygen produces energy for healthy cell activity. And acts directly against foreign toxins in the body. Ozone Therapy accelerates the oxygen metabolism and stimulates the release of oxygen atoms from the blood stream. When the level of oxygen in the body decrease, the potential for disease increases. In 1966, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg confirmed that the key precondition for the development of cancer is a lack of oxygen at the cellular level. In 1980, the peer reviewed American journal Science, published laboratory evidence proving that ozone selectively inhibits the growth of cancer cells. The implications of Ozone Therapy for modern medicine are enormous. Whenever you have a disease, ??? areas for example in your brain, ??? oxygen, and oxygen is very ???, you can heal for instance a brain stroke if you get the patient in the first 48 hours. That was one stroke. Second stroke. And the patient had a third stroke. That mold spot here is third stroke. The first and second one was treated in hospital without ozone. And that one was treated at home with ozone. And since the scars are that small after brain stroke, the patient are not paralyzed. I have a table of forty (40) patients and nobody is paralyzed. I can give you all the table of brain strokes in the United States, from 71 to 90. In 97, 150,000 brain strokes, 250,000 persons died and 16% so disabled they need total care around the clock. And ozone would help them? I can call you up to forty patients. But in forty patients, nobody died, nobody is disabled. And side effects? Nothing! No one! In 1980, a German study surveyed more than one thousand therapists who had given more than five million ozone treatments. 90% of the therapists reported the treatments effective. Only one therapist reported the treatment ineffectual. The study also revealed one of the lowest levels of the side effects for any medical treatment. Sometimes you have a kind of allergic reaction on ozone. But I have seen this only three (3) times on ten thousand (10,000) cases. Doctors also report that ozone sensitize the body to other medications, We can take 50% of all the drugs we normally use plus ozone and then it works in the same way but we don’t have the side effects of drugs. For instance, lose of hair, vomiting, dizziness and so on. Increased oxygen metabolism makes the circulatory system more efficient. And stimulate the immune system to better combat disease. In one study of six hundred (600) patients facing amputation, ozone therapy reduced the need for amputation by 50%. Other studies reveal greatly improved blood circulation, reduced levels of pain, faster recovery time, and increased feeling of well being by the patient. In the last few decades, hundreds of papers have been presented supporting the medical use of ozone. Still in North America, the treatment remains largely ignored. Eric Murphy diagnosed 1984 as HIV positive. You have had some unusual treatments? Yes outside of Munich, Germany, Dr. Horsekeef? It is called Ozone Therapy, where they take the blood out, ozone it, and infuse it back in. Thereby sterilizing the blood, bring me a better health than I did if I would have that particular therapy. Yes! Eric! You are on your feet. You are walking around. And you look like all my relatives Murphy. And we are happy for you. You should also know that this therapy is not getting a standing ovation in most of the research community. That’s correct! That’s correct! It’s unorthodox. But the therapy in my book works. And I’m going back in about three (3) more months to have it done for three (3) more weeks, and come back and live an healthy life, and go back again if it’s necessary. What’s remarquable about ozone, is its simplicity. It’s a tritonic molecule. It is really an oxygen molecule and an half, in it’s most simplistic form. And probably there is a lot of research that was done on ozone in the 20s and 30s in this country. And one of the major reasons that it was put to bed, so to speak, or laid back, was the fact that no one had a handle on it, to make it financially, a follow able project. How can you market a gas as simplistic as ozone? One way that companies have tried to exploit ozone, is to patent ozone technology. Several companies now hold such patents in North America. Medizone International is one of them. We filed with the Food & Drug Administration for the sale of the drug produced by the equipment, and it’s use in the treatment of AIDS. The FDA required that we carried out research to demonstrate non toxicity and likely advocacy, and that we have done. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for regulating all drugs and medical devices marketed in the United States. To date, the FDA has failed to approve any ozone equipment for general medical use. The FDA doesn’t have a bad reputation certainly in all areas. The public in general is behind the FDA reviewing new drugs and making sure they are safe in their applications just before they are available for sale. Inevitably we do not do it fast enough. Despites spending more than two million dollars on research at major medical centers to prove ozone safety and effectiveness, Medizone has still not satisfied FDA requirements. Conservative medicine demands expansive double blind studies where half the patients receive a placebo in order to determine the effect of the actual treatment. In Germany, where doctors are allowed to use Ozone Therapy, no doctors wants to give placebos to seriously ill patients. Perhaps in Germany we have treated I think in the last forty (40) years, no less than ten (10) million people, I think more. Now you have the biggest test, with ten million people. What do you want more? It’s not double blinded, sure! Michael Carpendale has conducted scientific research with ozone for twenty two (22) years. In 1988, he co-authored startling new evidence presented at the AIDS conference in Stockholm. We worked on the AIDS virus, to try to see how quickly we could inactivate this. And at the same time compared to what effect that had on an healthy white blood cell. And we found that we could produce an enormous inactivation of the virus, reducing it from a million to no viruses at all, at say 4 micrograms of ozone. And twice that dose had no adverse effect on the healthy white blood cell. Similar findings were also reported by Medizone researchers on the east coast. And by the Canadian Department of National Defense in Ottawa. The military was interested in ozone’s potential to sterilize blood infected with the AIDS related virus. Captain Mike Chan had coordinated the study. We certainly demonstrated that ozone was capable of deactivating the virus, but to our surprise white out at the absolute limits of concentration. So ten to the power of six viruses particles per cc, we still deactivated everything. So very very marked demonstration, or profound demonstration of the potential as an anti-viral agent here. And of course, we are dealing with concentrations that are toxic to the human but in fact concentrations of ozone that have been used in Germany in clinics for the last 30 years with thousands of patients. Without any evidence anyhow. Approval was obtained from Health and Wealth Canada, to conduct a human AIDS trial, using ozone technology, from ??? medical, a Canadian company. Inadvertedly, we discovered that this particular type of therapy has an incredible effect, very very profound effect in terms of man gene pain. A very potent energizing effect. And secondly, we were able to discover that blood that is ozonised, actually triggers off the production of interleukin 2, one of the immune regulators. So, here we were sitting on a very simplistic technology that had promise of literally blowing the lid off certainly North American medicine, or North American Pharmaceutics anyway. Although the secondary findings were remarquable, the trial results were inconclusive and received very little media attention. Research continued, and in June 1993, it was announced that Canadian government scientists, successfully sterilized blood plasma contaminated with SIV. The monkey equivalent of the AIDS related virus. Using an ozone generator supplied by Medizone International Monkeys receiving contaminated blood plasma died within twelve (12) to fourteen (14) days. While all the monkeys injected with contaminated blood plasma treated with ozone, remained uninfected and healthy. The Canadian project has now spent five (5) years involving noted scientists from half a dozen fields of medicine. When these people stand up and say that this is what they found in all likelihood, the pillars of the establishment will start to shake a little bit anyway. They may still be perceived as slightly off the wall. And maybe they should go back and check their data again. But chances are they are going to catch the interest and imagination of a few anyways who will replicate and it will start to unfold. Proving ozone can sterilize blood outside of the body is one thing. Proving it’s potential as a medical treatment is another matter. It takes an average of eleven (11) years for any new drug or treatment to be approved for marketing. Since 1990, Medizone has not been able to finance a study using large animals as required by the FDA, before approval can be granted to test ozone therapy on humans. Medizone has run out of money. We were probably over optimistic about the time stand involved in clinical trial. It’s a little ??? dream, for us to understand the reluctance of many of the regulators scientists to approve a clinical trial for a drug that has been on the European markets for the best part of the last twenty five (25) years. The FDA was asked to comment on Medizone’s application. For marketing we are not allowed to comment on that. Even on the existence of such an application. The process of putting things through the FDA is so expansive that no small company has a chance. Any small company who wants to put something through the FDA, would have to be bought up, by a large conglamor in the pharmaceutical industry. And this I think it’s true with ozone as well. There was just not enough money to fight the FDA. In the FDA, drug companies have representatives on nearly all the comities. If there is something which may be very effective, and may undersell the average drug company, of course they will not be very pleased if that gets developed. It might be very difficult for them to compete with that. And ozone is obviously inexpensive to produce. It is very potent. If it works half as well as the Germans, everyone should be using it. Nobody in the pharmaceutical industry can sell ozone. That’s the main reason. When we can find a way to sell ozone, I’m sure that ozone is the most important ??? in the world. Despite extensive documentations submitted to the FDA, the agency has publicly condemned ozone therapy. In may 1993, the director of the FDA office for AIDS coordination, Dr. Randel Whitecof??, addressed a congressional sub-comity on medical fraud. He asserted that no scientific evidence exist to support the use of ozone for AIDS. This man believes ozone therapy has saved his life. They just make it very difficult, for a person like myself, to do it. But I am so determined that I am going to treat myself regardless of what the FDA wants or I don’t care if they try to put me in jail. There is nothing they can do. They have to throw me in jail first before I would stop. And also stop talking about it. At an alternative cancer convention in Passadina, ozone generators are being sold legally as water purifiers. Many will be used secretly for medical purposes. Alternative health care, is a rapidly growing field. Ozone therapy is just one of many treatments that are used underground by doctors and therapists. They risks their licensing using procedures not approved by orthodox medicine. In the United States, doctors and therapists have been harassed, offices have been raided, and ozone generators have been confiscated. I will constantly run into doctors saying you know I have got an ozone machine but don’t tell anybody. I’m doing peroxide infusions and ozone infusions but don’t tell anybody or if you are really sure about the person, tell them they can come see me, that sort of thing. Don’t put me in the book! Don’t put me in the book! McKaid’s??? book has now sold more than seventy thousands (70,000) copies. And thousands of people have now used ozone therapy underground in North America. Suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, this woman obtained a generator sold illegally by an American company. She prefers to stay anonymous. It is one of the greatest thing I have learned, is that we are all responsible for ourselves and for our own health, and for our own healing. And sometimes that means getting disapproval from so called authority figures. Because we don’t have the total okay to do this in our country. And we feel we have to do this in a way that is personal and private and underground. And that’s very unfortunate. Every year, hundreds of sick people travel south to cross the Mexican border to obtain ozone therapy from clinics that offer hope to dying patients. Maybe I am biased or something. But I feel that humanity is ready for a change. By people that have financial ambitions. I can’t say I’m frustrated ??? don’t know what else you can do. Even the doctors could not answer my many questions that I had. So I started investigating myself. All of the people who have attempted to introduce ozone equipment into the United States, have met with a great deal of reticence. And road blocks have been thrown up in their way constantly. If somebody wants to get well, I think their attitude will be why should I be confined to only one approach. And if that approach does not work, I am not allowed to do anything else. And people want to have the freedom of choice. And raise legitimate questions with the system about whether they should be told by the state in a sense, that there is only one or two ways they should be treated. We have in a sense a state authorized religion of healing which is some kind of medicine. And anything outside that is characterized as quakery Where can research be conducted for treatments that lacks the support of major drug companies. In the United States most public sector medical research is funded through the national institutes of health. A federal government agency which has an annual budget of more than ten billion dollars supporting research in more than two thousands American labs. The NIH has a mandate to investigate all promising therapies in the public interest. Hundred of papers have now been written reporting medical use of ozone. Still at the NIH ozone therapy is not being researched. In 1991, thousands of people demonstrated at the NIH headquarters in ???. To protest the mismanagement of AIDS research. The AIDS epidemic has revealed a health care system in a state of crisis. Thousands are dying. While alternative therapy are being officially withheld or ignored by the medical establishment. While some have called ozone a medical breakthrough of the century, its future is far from certain. Flood your body with Oxygen by bestselling author Ed McCabe, is an exhaustive encyclopedia on the subject of oxygen therapies for our polluted world. Ed has over 17 years of investigative journalism, is a bestselling autor, and leading the floor on oxygen modality. His first book Oxygen Therapies, went on to become a bestseller selling over 250,000 copies. Ed has also appeared in over 1,500 radio, TV, and lecture platforms worldwide. Ed McCabe is the author of this book. Ed McCabe is a journalist who has tried oxygen for his own ???. Officially known as Mister Oxygen by thousands worldwide. Ed has helped to pave the way of the now growing oxygen therapies field. From books, articles, interviews, and lectures. Ed has been the voice and has brought global awareness for nearly two decades. Pollution is in the ground water, it is in the air, all the stuff, it is in you. Pollution is making its way in the food chain, as it is in the ground water, and in our own bodies. So the first thing that is true, is that ultimately, all diseases are caused by toxins in the body. So the two truths are the cause of all diseases is toxicity. And all the bacteria, viruses, fungus, pathogens that cause diseases are anaerobic. Anaerobes can’t live in an active form of oxygen. The interesting thing about the vast majority of these microbes is that they are strictly or partially anaerobic. They can’t stand a high level of oxygen This is the book. And see out through the book this tells the story folks. This tells the truth that the government and the drug ... This is the complete story about the suppression. All these therapies in the United States due to economic and political factors. The billions of cells in your body they must have oxygen all the time for them to function correctly. There is such a political problems. More and more people are getting more and more diseases and are more and more tired all the time. The increase in pollution is depositing more and more toxins in our bodies. It is the safest medical health natural treatment in the world. What if we were going to do something to you that every bodies like. That has no side effects, and is highly effective according to all the interviews that I have done all over the world. You see it is our God given birthright to be healthy and happy, and spiritually aware. I am the only person in the world that’s been around the world interviewing doctors using the oxygen therapies. Using the ozone therapies. Using oxygen supplementation. ??? sometime. And in their practices for years and years and years. I’m the only person that’s done that. I came back and I have put it all in this book.

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Ozone and Oxygen Therapy | Thérapie à l'Oxygène et Ozone

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