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Real Love in Real Life: How to stay married for a long time?

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So let's talk about...real love in real life How do you stay married for a really really really really really really long time? The purpose of me even doing this video is to trying to get the conversation going about real marriage life and things that happen. I'm just really disappointed that people are getting divorced. How do you stay married for a long, long time? When I first got married, I made it a point to ask every old person, "How do you stay married for a long time?" "Oh baby! Me and my husband, we're celebrating 42 years of marriage!" "Oh my goodness! That's like sooooo crazy! How do you stay married for 42 years?" 9 times out of 10 they say: You have to have God in your marriage because God is the only thing that's going to keep you all together. Anybody who knew Dustin and I (That's my husband. "Hey Baby!") They were like, "If anybody gone stay married forever and live a happy marriage... "It's Dustin and Stephanie. They gone be together FOREVA!" He was going his way. I was going my way. It was God, who was that 3rd strand that was greater than our own power, our own will, even greater than our own desire that taught us, individually, He sought God, I sought God over here on my side, He sought God over there on his side, And God brought us back to one another. Its not, "Is God able?" "Is God willing? Does He want to?" Because the bible tells us that He does. The real question was: Was I, as the wife, going to step aside and allow God to do what he was TOTALLY able to do, and then exceed that expectation? Okay, if the bible is true and I believe what the bible says and the bible says that God is love and love never fails, that means God doesn't fail, then what is it about my marriage, right now, that's going on that is failing? This aint real love. Real love is Giving another what they the most, when they at That's what I had to do in my marriage. That's the REAL LOVE. The love that we (my husband and I) had in the beginning of our relationship, pales in comparison to the love we have learned to give one another in this day- right now. And the only person that could teach us how to separate the real love from the pseudo love was God. The bottom line is this: Marriage is hard! And American society gives us the exit option. It (American Society) flashes it in front of our faces: and it says, "Ooo, you can get a divorce!" Its like all in your face! "DIVORCE, DIVORCE, DIVORCE!" And you start to think to yourself: Yeah! Ima just gone ... I can do BAD all by myself!! Get all of that out of your mind. Get all of that out of your head. because marriage is hard but it is worth it. Marriage is valued so much by God I think, I believe because it is the one type of relationship that can, on this earthly plane really, deeply convey what it is that Christ has done for us through the work of his Crucifixion. What other relationship requires such a (voluntary act of) forgiveness (and reconciliation) at such a deep level?

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Posted by: realloveinreallife on May 15, 2017

Encouragement for young married couples to stay together in holy matrimony and healthy relationship.Thanks Chip Ingram for the inspiration. I pray that all who take the time to view this will be encouraged but most of all I pray that God will be glorified as we draw closer to him who is the real fixer of our broken relationships.

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