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Hello, now I explain about the film Annabelle This film is directed by John.R.Leonetti and is of horror genre On the one hand I talk about the plot that is the same that the other horror films for example the “The Conjuring” I could say that is resembles a copy Also, I consider that before you watch the movie, in general there are big expectation about the film And before you watch the film.. your impresion is bad Therefore, this movie is wrong Also, in my opinion there are many sequences that become long and heavy. I want emphasise (mm) that the paper of Annabelle like doll is very typical so I don’t like. Also, the special effects are bad like the moment of the film when the Anabelle "elevate" is like artificial and ficticious In this movie there are moments of tension but the scenes are very predictable and repetitive so they are "clichés" that are present in many horror films. On the other hand, There are the more elements in the film like the music and actors. Firstly the music, also is important for analyse this movie, because the music is normal there are the most important element for the scary film

This element is the hard sounds, that makes it shocking And secondly the acting of actors that is good specially, the actress do a good paper and interpretation Also there are a lot of diferents characters that the your paper is facticious like the devil, because he wear a mask and is exaggeratedly factitious To finish, this film is to a happy ending, because the family is saved But I hate it this ending because is tipycal for the horror films To sum up, in my opinion this film is very bad I don't recomend

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Posted by: marinaroigpijuan on Nov 27, 2014

Review of film Annabelle

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