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Welcome to Ashoka! (New Fellows)

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When my friends and family would ask me : what do you do? and I would have to explain, and they would say “ what title do you have?", And then it would become really complicated. The first thing that Ashola gave me, was title. was title so when I had to explain myself, I could say : I am a Social Entrepreneur. Welcome. It’s an extraordinary pleasure to have you join the Ashoka fellowship. Welcome to all of you. You have all a key role to play in this network. In this global network of Ashoka fellows and changemakers. One most powerful force in the world, Is always a big partern of change idea, The only ethics in the hand of a very great entrepreneur. It’s that combination lose the world always has. Now, at this moment, is to receive the more important. You are a role model. As you succeed other people , many other people are going to say well you know if you did this why you can do something. Your idea is going to disrupt all the arrangements. It’s going to give people the idea of “ they can versus they can’t”. Empowering people in the community to be able to create the change within their community. To succeed in spreading your idea, you are a mass recruiters. and facilitators of local changemakers. You have to make your idea easy , understandable, safe supported. so other people would take it up. Then they become local role model, so in the few they become the next generation of great entrepreneur. So this is right at the heart of the transition to everyone changemaker world . It has also built my confidence. Ashoka has enabled me to link up to many other people. The opportunity that the network afford, for each of us is to see our individual innovation fit into a broader whole. It is to introduce me to a very different model together. This is a prediction for you. 97% of the fellows are continuing in fulltime,pursuing their vision. If you are really changing the world, why are you not doing anything else? Secondly, 90% have an independent institution copying their idea. That is a very good measure of impact, and this measure varies from year to year, but for the lower 40% to the higher 60% have already changed their national policies, so you are going to be really powerful in many different ways and for several people around you. It was really empowering, to feel that your work is recognized. We are all doing the same thing, and we are changing the pattern in society in an important way. have the same professional challenge, all driven by the values. We have much more in common despite the differences in language, nationality, gender, age, and subject matter. I keep on saying to different people wherever I go that, this is the only network that is been very very useful to me. This is not to capture market for itself. So it’s very harder for businesses to collaborate, That is not our game. We want to change the world So it’s an open architecture And as our field is mature, Ashoka has figured out how we can work together. How we can entrepreneur together. That’s never been done before. They give a treasure of databases and information and networks and contacts, And hopefully a linking up as well with potential funders and partners. We are just now entering the critical period in transition,for the world of a few changemakers,a few players, Everyone gonna be a changemaker. This is a radical transformation. The name of our institution which is “Injue”motor Institut. Injue which is wisdom, in chona. Motor is fire, you have to spread it oil. Ashoka has helped me to link up with these people To borrow their wisdom and also light my fire so that we can spread it and borrow it to others as well. The way we manage every institution has to change. The way young people grow up has to change. We need full economic citizenship, we need law for all. Every pieces of the Ashoka puzzle are fixed together when we decide where we are going. Once at a specific point. because the whole system doesn’t work. It is deeply frustrating for the individuals and it’s hopeless for the institutions. what is the key factor for success for any human group, going forward, Whether it’s a city, a citizen group a business, a religion, a country, It's the proportion of the people on that community that are changemakers. and how well did they work together. And that’s how it works. and it’s helping the world get through this huge structured transition. Every element of your work is key to this transition The change that you introduce , whether it’s in human right, or in environment or young people, The role modeling that you provide, The mass recruitment of local changemakers, many many of them are all very importantly becoming an active members of this community of changemakers in social entrepreneurship. New hear, new learn about a lot of wonderful people. We guess that if Ashoka wasn’t there, we will not hear about them. So excited that you are being to take this next step with us. I didn’t know that I was such better. Community of Changemakers. It will be great fun working with you. Welcome to Ashika! Congratulation! It is our honor to be able to help you, to serve you and to skill your work. You have a lot to offer our changemaker community. Turn one+one+one into hundred and not 3. Do I give my name? nothing. Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life. Welcome to a remarkable community! Cut! Cut! Welcome! Hello new Fellows! You are going to make the difference! 63, and more countries! We need to be different. A land of solutions rather than problems. And this, bring us to one thing that is powerful: "a big idea in the hand of a social entrepreneur". I consider myself, a Changemaker. I am a changemaker! I am a changemaker! This is a community. Welcome Welcome to Ashoka. Would you like to join a crazy people?

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Bill, Diana and Staff Welcome New Fellows to Ashoka

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