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Money, the Profit Motive and Sustainability

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The established monetary system is one of the most contrived, manipulative and corrupted social systems ever come into existence Generation after generation society has become disillusiones by money and look upon it's structural application to life on the planet with a complete state of contempt and naivety Day by day, when people across the world enter their places of employment, money becomes an unquestionable thing and the need to stay alive and to financially make ends meet is a priority This is society's ultimate distraction from considering new, progressive ideas and concepts which compositively transform the planet for the benefit of everyone on Earth Hostility towards new ideas is commonplace, and psychologically people prefer their reinforced notions of life If you lived in the monetary system for the whole of your life, you're bound to fell emotionally hostile towards certain initiative which can cause disruption to your personal identity your occupation, and generally your whole way of thinking If we take a look at how society's psychology is made up in a monetary system we can see clearly that the main motivator for many people, who have been conditioned by money itself is the concept of the profit motive As been said for many years that man's motivator to want to do something comes with a price problems could only be solved if the money can be made from it Now the additional cost of achieving, maintaining universal aces to basic education worldwide basic healthcare for all, reproductive healthcare for all women, adequate food for all, and safer water and sanitation for all, is roughly 40 BILLION DOLLARS a year This is less than 4% of the combined wealth of the 225 richest people in the world and this data has been provided by the United Nations development for bots in 1998 Now, taking this into account, 40 billion dollars seems like a very small amount of money If every country in the world contributed to such a cause, and truth is that global poverty is a problem that cannot e profitable to solve you would end up loosing money for the benefits of a certain sleighty in extreme levels of depravation which is obviously something the money system cannot and will not promote We can have all the charities we want, but these institutions, although very altruistic do not get to the root cores of the problems at hand, and the root cores is money A profit motive also brings about competitive behaviors in the market place Some would say that this is a good thing, and a benefit to the progression of the society While is reasonable to say that competition in the market is good for indistries to progress and update industrial and technological ideas, it also comes to the negative cost to the enviroment As an example, you have many mobile phone companies at the moment all competing to create the best and most affordable device for the market Think about all the waisted resources and manpower that goes into this competitive ideology when is logically much more efficient to encourage cooperation, to share ideas and to work together to create the best mobile phone, that we as human beings can create using the best and most up to date tehnologies available The incentive in this example would be to produce a contribution to society as a whole of course, this rational kind of thinking is not permitted in the money system because profit is priority and human concern is secondary to this On the topic of motivation, some may think that it is in our nature to compete this level of thinking does not take into account the thousands of years of scarcity that has been in our environments whilst living on Earth The environment shapes our behavior and used towards others Think back to when you were a small child, think how curious you where, and how you constantly interacted with your environment building new neural connections without a monetary profit's incentive You carried out these interactions with your environment freely, with no money considered our natural curiosity to do things and to discover new ideas is immediately stripped away when you grown up into an adult, being further compounded by money when thinking about your actions and what to do in life A lot of people base their opinions of human nature on zero scientific evidence and the very fact that we, as human beings, have a large cerebral cortex in the brain capable of learning new behaviours, goes very far in understanding how the environments around us impact on our psychology The very nature of money itself is mathematically and logically unsustainable We have an economy that is based on a fantasy of infinite growth, on a finite planet Our current social system does not take into account the fact that we live on a planet with limited resources and what we actually need is a social system that can intelligently manage the Earths resources not just for one country, but for all the world's people Capitalism reinforces constant consumption again, and again, and again without ever pausing to consider the planet and our wellbeing It would take more than 5 Earths to be able to sustain the world population if everyone consume resources at the same rate as United States, according to the new economic foundation Constant consumption is all done in the name of profit, and as previously discussed profit is a complete contrivance and irrelevant to human progression There is another way! A different direction which takes into account the environment, sustainability, human wellbeing and eliminating poverty and depravation

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