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Pick Your Path

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>> Hi, everyone. It's Lindsey here and welcome to Launch Your Dream Book. Today we are going to talk about the foundation of picking your path. So you'll notice that there's a couple modules about picking your path in this particular module. So you'll see there's a self-help, there is a cookbook, and there's a children's book. So today I'm just gonna kind of lay the foundation for you and talk a little bit about these paths so that you can pick one that will be best for you. Okay, so first of all, writing a book is truly a unique process for everyone. So there's no, really, right or wrong way to write a book, especially because a book is really a creative expression of you and your work, and so there is no room for being right or wrong. So I like to mention this in the beginning because I think we get caught up in, "Oh, how many pages should my book be? Should I have my introduction here? Should I have a preface? Should I have an index? Should I, you know, have graphics?" And really it comes down to if your book – if that's what you want for your book, because it's such a unique process. And so, one of the big keys that we talk about in the book course is the bio-individuality of books. So I know we're all familiar with bio-individuality with food and with nutrition, but we've taken this concept and have also showcased how it's really the same thing when it comes to book. There's no book standard anymore, especially with the self-publishing industry completely changing the publishing industry and being so readily available for people that there's really no book standard. You know, back in the day, publishers could basically control the information that is being put out into the world. But with the magic of modern self publishing, there is no control, so you can really do what you want. And there's no standard anymore. Before it used to be, "Oh, it has to be 50,000-60,000 words and it has to look like this." But now you'll find that books are – some of the best books are very short and very simple, maybe a hundred pages or less. So there's really no standard anymore. You completely have the creative control and freedom to express yourself. So if that means it takes 50 pages, then great. If that means it takes 200 pages, then great. But you're in control. There are a wide range of books that you can create. There's children's books, there's self-help books, there's nutrition books. You can write a novel, you can write a coffee table book. You can really do whatever type of book that you want to create. So remember that when you're writing and creating because it can be simple and effective at the same time. Again, I think we get caught up in this old school way of thinking of what a book has to look and feel like. But really, with the industry changing, it is really up to you to create the book that you want. And so, I think, instead of getting caught up in what you think you should be doing, really start to get caught up in what you really want to do and the message that you want to share and how you want to share it. That's the most important thing. So in this module, please feel free to pick a path that feels right to you. You can listen to each of these modules again. I mentioned earlier, we have a self-help and other genres module, a children's book module, and a cookbook module. You can, if you know exactly what type of book you want to write, you can go ahead and get started with that module. If you're unsure, you can listen to all of them and see what may be the best bet for you. Or you can listen to all of them and you may get some different tips and insights in each of them. So I encourage you this week to not only check these modules out but really look at the different paths and commit to picking a path that feels best for you and your book.

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