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Good morning, James. Thanks so much for making the time to meet with me today. I'd like to give you some feedback on a couple of areas. Do you have a few minutes?

Yes, I guess so.

Well, before we go into the detail, I want you to know that I'm sharing this information with you with my coaching hat on. If you choose to act upon it, I think it will help your performance and make for a better team dynamic.


Well, the situation concerns our client call with Samena earlier this week. As you know, it's the salesperson's responsibility to keep the sales force CRM up to date and to compile the client follow-up. Now on this occasion, I saw you delegating the sales force data input and the client follow-up to Patricia. And when I saw this, I asked Patricia, and she confirmed with me that in the last week you've done the same with Meister and Sixta. I've also noticed in our team meetings the way that you talk to the more junior members of staff comes across as a bit dismissive and condescending.

Well, that's technically true. But come on, I'm pretty senior and it's good experience for Patricia. It's not like my numbers are not good enough. I'm pretty much carrying this department.

For sure, you're one of our top performers, James. But what I want to share with you today is the negative impact you have on the team. I got requests from two team members asking to work with different salespeople, because they say when they work with you, it's nothing but nights and weekends.

It's not that they aren't prepared to do this from time to time, But because you do this most of the time, it's almost every weekend, and that's just not fair on our junior staff. And when you say things like, get this done by Monday morning if you think you can manage it, it creates friction between them and you, and it comes across as condescending. Now, if I have team members who don't want to work with you, it creates capacity challenges on the department as a whole, and we all lose.

Well, this is really annoying. I can't believe those juniors are ganging up and whining like that.

James, let's just stick with the facts and try not to be too quick to pass judgment. I'm responsible for the role design of all the roles in our department. And currently, these tasks are assigned because of decisions I make. Now, the junior staff aren't whining, as you say, but rather raising legitimate concerns. My job here is to give you the information to help you fix things moving forward.

And does that mean I'm not going to get my bonus?

James, as you know, your bonus is made up of a number of factors, including your sales performance, your team performance, and how consistently you behave with the firm values. Now, I think it's really important we talk about the way forward. What might you do differently, based on the things that I've shared with you?

I suppose I need to pick up the sales force entry and the client follow-up, and don't delegate that.

That's a great start. I also think it's important that you have a conversation with the junior team and outline how you intend to work differently moving forward. How does that sound?

They won't respect me anymore if I do that.

On the contrary, I think it will send an excellent signal that you recognize that things haven't been working so well and you intend to improve it. I also think it will send a great leadership role model message to the other salespeople as well.

But you mentioned they think I am condescending.

That was my observation in our team meetings.

But I don't know I come across that way, and I don't want to make them feel bad.

It's my job to help you with that, if you want to use me as a sounding board. Look, why don't you ask me for feedback after our next couple of team meetings? And I'll share with you how you've come across. It'll give us a baseline to work from.

But a couple of immediate things I suggest— focus on listening more and try not to interrupt people. And ask more questions, and make less statements. It will help people to feel like they've been heard more.

Sounds like a plan.

Great, thank you for being open to listening, James. And the best of luck with adjusting moving forward. I know you'll master these things quickly.

Yes, hope so. And I appreciate you taking the time.

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