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Facebook's Mission is to give people the power to build a community and bring the world closer together. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family To discover what's going on in the world And to share and express what matters to them. We connect millions of people around the globe And that equals a massive amount of data. And data storage is critical to making our user experience safe, secure, and seamless. Everything has to be perfect. From pictures to user posts, every bit of data is precious to our users and they depend on us. DPR is here to make sure that Facebook's Data mission succeeds But advanced technology projects like the Facebook data center require our uncompromising quality. Together we can build a system that is robust, reliable and user friendly. All it takes is predictable results. That means, every team member focused in on building it right the first time, everyday. Second only to safety, Quality work and cleanliness are vital to achieving zero rework and outstanding results we can all be proud of. Quality is a culture. It's critical that every team and every individual team member commits to safe guarding the program's standards. We're helping to build the backbone of Facebook's continued success. And by celebrating our own successes and daily improvements in quality, we'll create a culture that knows that we can build it and build it well. In the four phases that follow, you'll find the tools to make quality work a reality. Phase One. Planning. Planning is our first and most important phase. Done properly, It's how we avoid rework and acheive the highest standard of quality. It starts by making sure everyone has the necessary information about each distinguishable feature of the work. Next comes communication. This ensures coordination between crafts. It's vital each group has up top date accurate information about schedules, plans and materials. With proper planning, you can build it right the first time. Phase Two. First of Kind Installation. Phase two involves building mock-ups. Or first of kind installations prior to starting full production for each defined feature of work. Constructed in a separate area or as a part of the final product, first of kind mock ups set the bar for quality. They also ensure client and crafts are on the same page. Eliminating rework and persistent issues. Phase 3. Inspection and Verification. The third phase of the quality program is inspection and verification. Our goal is to consistently meet or exceed first of kind quality. High quality isn't easy and it's everyone's responsibility to report any issues. No matter how small. Issues can be tracked on an open database so nothing slips through the cracks. This database also lets us predict future issues before they cause rework. We can even use the database to develop lessons learned, Optimizing future projects Phase 4. Respect and Protect. The fourth and final phase is respect and protect. Everyone on the project is an important part of the DPR team. That means every person is expected to respect the work of others and to protect the valuable work they do. This phase is critical to the success of the Facebook Data Center project and the continued success of DPR. If we all follow and adhere to these four phases, we can build something amazing. But know that a culture of quality doesn't just happen. It takes recognition, innovative thinking and proactive team members. That's why you'll find suggestion boxes located throughout the site. Anyone can use a recognition card to identify a person or crew going above a beyond. Those recognized are eligible to win awards and be named the craftsperson or crew of the month in the monthly quality newsletter. These boxes also provide a way for everyone to make suggestions or bring up innovative ideas that could help us all improve. At DPR, like Facebook, we're dedicated to building great things. We're proud to have you on site and hope you'll take pride in the work that you're doing. It's vital that everyone involved embrace our vision of predictable high-quality results. You are the key to success and upon completion, we have no doubt the Facebook Data Center will be a project that we can all be proud of. Everyone on Facebook is counting on your skill, craftsmanship and success. And Millions of people around the world connecting with family, friends, and loved ones are counting on you too. We know you can do it. We'll see you at the finish line!

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