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Sraddhalu Ranade - A Seed of Intention

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global oneness project A Seed of Intention Modern education is largely a product of the industrial age. Sraddhalu Ranade - Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India - Scientist, Educationalist, Scholar And a part of the industrial age is the mindset that all of society is an industry and the human being itself is raw material for this industry-- society is a gigantic machine. Schools, therefore, are seen as factories where these raw materials--the children-- are processed into predesigned patterns needed for society. We need doctors, we need lawyers, we need engineers, we need artists, we need entertainers, whatever form it is, and we try to mold children to fit that piece. If it were true that we are just a product of chance, then this would work fine. But we are not a product of chance. We are an intentional expression of a deeper oneness, of a divine essence that is the origin of the whole universe and of all of us. And because it's an intentional expression, each child carries deep within him a seed of intention. There is a sense of purpose for why I exist and what I am meant to do. And if you try to force a child into a groove contrary to that inner purpose, there's a reaction. If not an outright rebellion, at the very least the inner enthusiasm shrinks and withdraws and the child becomes listless, purposeless, ineffective. A large part of modern education has suppressed the innate identity, creativity, and originality of the child and tried to force fit him into artificial molds. And the result is that we have a society that is sick, psychologically, emotionally, in identity. It is sick. We have become or we have trained ourselves to become hypocrites. We pretend to live a life, we pretend to express certain values which are completely a contradiction of what deep inside us we know ourselves to be. But in order to be able to live a hypocrisy with effectivity, one has to believe in the hypocrisy and lose ourselves and identify fully with the false appearances that we are being taught to live by. And we are so lost in it that we have forgotten who we are and why we're here. And sometimes it's a knock of life, a shock of an experience, which throws us back inwards, and we begin to introspect and ask ourselves, "Who am I?" "What do I want?" "What do I really want?" "What do I want to do?" And then we find different answers, different from what we were doing. And when we begin to follow that, we find that we are much more happy, more fulfilled, more enthusiastic and therefore more effective, more perfectly expressive of our potential in all that we do. The September 11th attack in the USA was a shock to the entire national consciousness and to the rest of the world also, and one of the things we saw in the weeks immediately following that was people who were in well-respected and highly paid jobs suddenly gave up those jobs, retired into the countryside, to pursue their lifelong hobbies or their own deeper aspirations. And it was a very large number that suddenly did that, and it was a result of this shock which forced them to introspect, and they discovered that they were not what they appeared to be. So in the field of education the entire educational system can be revamped, rebuilt, so to say, around this perception that deep inside us is a purpose fullness which already carries within it not only the knowledge of what it must be but the capacity to fulfill what it has come to realize. And if the whole of education can be soul centric, touching that and emerging from that, then all of society will change. And, of course, we can develop this further, observing the psychology of the human personality and the layers through which it develops and unfolds and build around it or unfold around it a new approach, a new paradigm of education.

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