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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~12:14:06 - 12:24:31

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You can't throw a peace sign at them. You shouldn't throw a peace sign at them. Good morning! We have too many of them. — Look, we have too many of them. — We can fold them and use them. My mom cut too many of them. She was like "Half, half, half", so we have too many of them now. Oh no, did my mom forget to put it in my bag? — It's in your bag. — Is it? — Yeah. Did you guys put down a cushion for Nagi? Uh oh! Uh oh! I am sorry, Nagi. We are sorry, Nagi. How about a cusion for coach Watanabe? Uh oh! I am sorry. How about a cusion for coach Umezu? — For coach Umezu coach? — Oops! Your leader wants 2 cusions. Pile them up high for her. Your leader has changed her mind. I want to sit here instead of there. Keep it up, guys! OK, thank you. You did a good job. — Isn't it too high? — No, it's fine. The leader is like a king. What is this... It surprised me. English leaders are all young, like 18 years old. They are naughty sometimes. Like that one time they visited Japan. — I remember everything. — Really? Your leader doesn't remember it anymore. I forgot everything. And the one we did last year is this one. This was the time the Japanese visited England. Many of my friends are in this picture. — This person looks cute. — Yeah. Would you like to go there when you're 18? This one too. I know many people in this picture. Lisa Nagashima needs to learn some of our songs to sing to show our appreciation to the food before we eat. — Your support will be greatly appreciated. — Hold on. Does anyone want to be a leader to help her? "Poppo" cannot do that. You can't do "Poppo". "Poppo" cannot do that. — Yes, you can. — We are going to sing... ♫On the new days of gold, silver and green. ♫We appreciate the foods. ♫And strive together. Are you going to sing another one? — Please sing for me some more. — Well, what else do we have? — Then please sing one more song for me. — What should we sing? — Wait a minute. Don't you guys have lyrics with you? — What else is there we can sing? I am not sure. — Here, sing this song. — What is this? — Is this Eiffel tower? — How do I read this? How can I read this? — How do I read this? — The song called "Bless our food". "Bless our food" song. We are going to sing the "Bless our food" song. Do you know about Jubilate Deo? — Jubilate... — It's called Jubilate. Wait, can we repeat it again? How do you say it? — Before eating... — Just say Jubilate. We are going to sing Jubilate Deo. — Do you know about this song? — How does it start? — ♫Jubilate... — Oh, I remember now. Jubilate... ♫Jubilate Deo. ♫Jubilate. ♫Jubilate. Let's sing again. ♫Jubilate Deo. ♫Jubilate Deo. ♫Jubilate. ♫Jubilate. This is the song we sing before eating. Let's eat. Kana, can you open your bento box? Oh no, I think I forgot my chopsticks. Did you forget to bring chopsticks? — Oh, they were inside of the wrapping. — I know. Rumi, Kana has only one chopstick. Oh no. Let's see. Maybe she dropped the other one? You are right. I see it over there. — Really? Is it on the floor? — Under Ayaka's cusion. It's good we found it. You can't eat foods with one chopstick. — What? — We made this by ourselves. — Did you cook this morning? — Yes, we cooked a lot. We helped, didn't we? — Good for you. It looks delicious. — Where is this? Show it to me too. — Wow, she is cute. — Where is it? — Who is this? — It's me. — Really! — It's me. I think it was around the 3rd or 4th grade of elementary school. — I want to see it too. Did you get plastic surgery, Rumi? — No way. — Where is it? I don't remember where it was. I forgot. — I think we went camping. — Look at it later. Eat your lunch. Your french fries look cute. — They are stars. — That's cute. They are french fries. Kind of. How about you, Nene? What do you have in your bento box? — Wow, it looks beautiful. — That umeboshi (dried plum) she has, it's a heart-shaped umeboshi. Did you shape your umeboshi into a heart? — That's cute. — My mom said if you look at it and you think it's a heart-shaped umeboshi then it looks like a heart. Really? That's cute. These are homegrown tomatoes. Really, did you grow them at home?

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Duration: 10 minutes and 25 seconds
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Producer: Irene Herrera
Director: Irene Herrera
Views: 71
Posted by: globallivesjapan on Jan 27, 2010


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