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TEDGlobal introduction

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(BRUNO GIUSSANI) TEDGlobal is an annual gathering of some of the most creative scientists, designers and architects, business people, politicians, media people in the world. TARYN SIMON: Things don't exist in isolated envelopes any more. It's all interdisciplinary and… This is kind of an exaggerated version of that. CAMERON DIAZ: It's goes across the board. It's not just one specific thing. It's just everything. It's really, to me, it shows how human we are. JANNIE BENYUS What can we learn from this organism? These elders, that have been here far, far longer than we have. MICHAEL PRITCHARD: And the two million kids will die every year. will live! GORDON BROWN: The power of our moral sense allied to the power of modern communications. That gives us the first opportunity to fundamentally change the world. CARY FOWLER: All the countries of the world have gotten together to do something that's both long term, sustainable, and positive. We have now about four hundred and twenty five thousand samples of unique crop varieties. ERIC GILER: You'll see, as I get sort of close. You are looking at a cell phone powered completely wirelessly. REUBEN ABRAHAM: I think people coming together, especially people coming from all of the world coming together is a good idea period! JUAN ENRIQUEZ: This is more intimate than California. It's easier to see the people, the venue’s smaller and you’re all in one small space it’s got a more international feel. CHIMAMANDA ADICHIE: When we realize that there's never a single story about any place we will regain a kind of paradise. GEOFF MULGAN: and we have to choose, whether we are just peddling furiously just to get back to where we were or whether this is a moment to jump ahead, to reboot,and to do some of the things we probably should've been doing anyway. FREDERICK BALAGADDE So many people have ideas, but they don't know exactly how to bring them to life. TED provides the network of ideas a network of strategies, a network of people that have actually done great things in the past. EMIMANUEL JAL: She rescued over a hundred and fifty child so just one of them happened to be me. REUBUN ABRAHAM: It's eye opening. That's what TED always does. It expands your mind. ALAIN De BOTTON: We should focus in on our ideas and make sure that we own them and that we truly the authors of our own ambition. PAUL ROMER: It's not like scarce objects. We're sharing means we each gets less. When we share ideas, we all get more. ELAINE MORGAN: And you must never be afraid to rock the boat I’ve gone on too long. Thank you very much.

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Introduction of TEDGlobal2011

Transcript and Translation by TEDxItaewon(Sohyun Ha)
subtitled by Inhyuk Song

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