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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~09:57:30 - 10:08:11

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OK. Bye-bye. Yee-ha. Good morning. Do you want to sit down? Ayaka, where is your scarf ring? Have you lost it? Everyone drops and loses their scarf ring. — It got crushed the other day. — Did you crush it? — Really? — So, I put this on today. OK. That ones is not crushed. It's already been crushed, right? Nice! It's cute. It's OK. I didn't bring my scarf ring today. It's cute. Cameras keep following me today. Everyone'll be on camera. How embarrassing! Have you made yourselves pretty? You should've. Yes, with cute pins. Your father did your hair? He's good. Pretty. There are many boy scouts. Oh, that's OK. Good morning. They had a sleepover, right? Well, we'll have a sleepover next week. — When? — 28th and 29th. Nene, you're going to dance, right? Hey, Nene. Are you dancing on Friday? — I will on Saturday too. — Really?♫ Won't you? You won't dance? I will dance only once. What is it? This? For Hana's mom. The data? I think Ms.Yamada has more. I don't think I have enough. I have a lot of information for our regular meetings. But Ms.Yamada has more about camping. Yes. I think hers are better. They were already there when I woke up. When I heard the alarm, it was annoying so I stopped it. I was so surprised. With terrible bedhead, I said "Good morning." It's frightening. I know. Yes. My pajamas were messed up too. How embarrassing! Oh, no. It's embarassing. What do we do today? Make pamphlets? How many did you make? From the part "what we should bring"... Did you? And, we also decided the name of the patrol group. Really? Excellent! What was it? I know, everybody is together. We only have a few members. Yes. Well... It's heavy! What did you put into? You put the lunch box. — Lunch box is here. — Is it in there? The water bottle is so heavy. Do you wanna try holding it? You're right. You put so much in it. — I put a lot of ice in it too. — Really? You put a lot? — Can I drink? — Yes, but just a little. — Oh, you cooked? — Yes, by ourselves. — We asked to make rolled eggs. — Good! — We used frozen food too. — That's OK. Frozen food is fine. It sounds delicious. We ate leftovers, and also lunch. After all your hard work? It might be completely gone. Good morning. There were also left over rolled eggs, so I ate two. Really? Were they delicious? — Yes. — So, you must be excited. I brought my lunch. My mom made my lunch. Who? My mom did. That's not fair... Yes, together with my mom... Were they taking a video when you came here? Yes. I wonder why. They are taking a lot. I wonder why they do it. My day is not that fun. I'd like this, please. One of these was cut off. This one is cut off. There are six 10,000 yen bills, so this is 60,000 yen. But, when I brought some money... ...was it better? That's OK. Good morning. Kiki came! Any time is fine. — Now we can go in. — Yes, we can. I don't care either way. Is your sister holding all the lunch boxes? Hold them together. Makes it heavier now. Well, good idea. Kiki brought a lot of lunch too. OK. Good, good. Then, put your baggages in the room, and take off your shoes. Kiki, your bag is open. It's open. How embarrassing. Oh, thank you. Uh...

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Duration: 9 minutes and 58 seconds
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Producer: GL
Director: Irene Herrera
Views: 140
Posted by: globallivesjapan on Oct 29, 2008


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