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Scientologie et Anonymous

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They advance in masks. The members of the movement Anonymous communicate via the internet and together take action against the church of scientology the world over. They contest the existence, the methods, and the financial means means of the sect founded Ron Hubbard. They gave themselves a name: the Anonymous. A mysterious network Its goal: to destroy the church of scientology. They protest in Paris in front of the centre of the organization. (Nono) The theme of this gathering today is the families that have been destroyed because of cults. That day, there are barely ten of them. They are even outnumbered by the police. Forbidden to get within 50m (150 ft) of the building of the scientologists, which is guarded by vigils. (anon) We're trying to denounce scientology, as simple as that, that, to make the general public know this, the greatest number as possible. To make sure people don't fall into this trap so easily. Who are they? What are their motivations? All the Anonymous we met say so: they are not ex-scientologists. - What do you really have against Scientology? - It destroys personalities, characters, and careers. Anonymous is an international movement. For, at the same moment, in London, there are several hundred of them in front of the English center of Scientology. On the same day, we find these scenes in the United States, in Canada and in Australia. Every month, on a fixed date, they protest together worldwide. These masked protests are the visible part of Anonymous. Their real action is clandestine, on the internet. They are less than a hundred in France, 20-30 thousand worldwide. As their name indicates, they want to remain in the shadows. "John" is one of them. John: Scientology uses very expeditive methods that they call Fair Game against people who speak out against the abuses of Scientology. Through systematic filing of people who oppose scientology, with phases of intimidation. Last January, Anonymous attacked the websites of scientology and paralyzed their computer systems. Anonymous communicate amongst themselves on forums. They always use pseudonyms. "John" tries to contact "David", whom he has never met. No member of the network knows any of the others. They are often computer engineers, They spend all their time on the internet. ("David") Scientology is pretty much the antithesis of Anonymous. In a way, it's our perfect enemy. Scientology is very centralized, very hierarchic, with people who have to obey the orders and undergo brainwashing. Anonymous, on the other hand, is a collective of individuals who are all equals. We contacted the church of scientology in Paris, which has refused to comment on the action of Anonymous. The network of Anonymous emerges just as, in Spain some weeks ago, scientology has been officially recognised by justice as a religion. And tonight George Fenech answers our questions on "Sans D├ętour". Good evening. Thanks for being with us. You are a magistrate, you are an ex-president of the comission of inquiry into cults and minors. First of all, a comment on what we just saw. Do these groups, Anonymous, have any power? GF: I'm still a little surprised when people act anonymously. You know, I've been working on these subjects for years in all openness, I think we are in a democracy. We should not be afraid to express ourselves, even when we're up against an organization as powerful as scientology. But I can also understand that some, especially among the young adults, would want to protect themselves. Because it's true that there are networks of influence, there is what Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, called "black propaganda", where one tries to destroy the reputation of someone. So, you can see very well that there is a real problem with this organization and the fact that these people are assembling in this fashion shows that there is a problem, that can't leave authorities indifferent. (MD) How do you explain that in Europe - we're speaking only of Europe - scientology is considered a church in Spain, a cult in France, and is completely banned in Germany? GF: The case of spain is a little more complicated. There is no agreement between the State and Scientology as a church. There is a decision of the justice -- Here too (in France), there have been decisions of the justice system for the Jehova's Witnesses (?to complete) That doesn't mean that the Jehova's Witnesses are recognized as a religion in France. But it's true that there is a different approach in each country of Europe. the countries of the north, for example - such as Coppenhagen, which is the site of the European headquarters, are a lot more tolerant. And uh, I think we should harmonize - France takes over the presidency of Europe this year, and this will probably be one of the suggestions I will make to the Prime Minister, which is to increase our presence to harmonize the action against sectarian drifts (?) Not against sects themselves, keep the distinction in mind. (MD) You have just been put in charge by the prime minister of a mission of evaluation of the judiciary dispositions designed to fight more efficiently against sectarian drifts. You're sending in your report on the 1st of July. Can you give more details ? (GF) first of all this is a phenomenon that affects approximately 500 000 of our fellow countrymen. About 80 000 children. I was the president of the commission on sects and minors. We found very painful and dramatic situations. Remember "Tabitha's place" for example. So... what we want to know is why there aren't more complaints, more court judgements in our country despite the fact that we have the most performant legislative arsenal. (MD) Yes, but what all the witnesses say,when they leave the sects or try to leave (?) say that it's impossible, that they aren't heard, that it takes years... GF: True, it's true that there is this difficulty, there's the journey in this sectarian organization, then you have to leave. You try not to not hear about it any more. There's the problem of prescription.Because it'll take a certain number of years before being able to react and luckily, there is the action that is taken by the interministerial commission in France, and the very important action taken by associations out in the field too. (MD)You are very careful to differentiate between 'sect' and 'sectarian drift'. "Sect"/"cult" is understood immediately by everyone: scientology, big organizations... Are there movements which are considered to have a sectarian tendency? Smaller, more confidential, for example the goths of whom we speak a lot recently? GF: Yes. At least 300 movements have been identified in France, some of which represent a threat/are dangerous. You are obviously referring to satanic movements which worry us a lot, which affect about 25 000 young individuals in France. Recently to me, there has been this high schooler who stabbed 3 of his schoolmates. We know that he had a satanic blog, that he dressed as a goth. We know that there were desecration of cemeteries, rites of scarification and automutilation, All this through the internet. There are really problems that are very real, and on which we must act. (MD) Thank you, Georges Fenech, for having answered our questions on this topic.

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Reportage sur Anonymous contre la Scientologie, et interview de Georges Fenech, au Soir3 du 30 avril 2008.

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