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Better jobs for the disabled

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One of the country's challenges in achieving greater economic, social, and human development, is to change culture, which has historically devalued persons with disabilities. What is most complex are the preconceptions regarding the capability and human value of these people. People believe they are by nature a burden to society. As a response, USAID's Program to Improve Access to Employment designed an initiative for the inclusion of persons with disabilities to the workforce with the main objective of improving the access to employment of people with some disability. Through the development of their capabilities and skills, in agreement with the positions needed by employers and with the adequate systems of work competencies and certification. FUNTER is the main ally for its wide experience and commitment with persons with disabilities. Its main function is to ensure the adequate selection of candidates attending to the private sector's demands and train them according to the requirements of the companies for each position. Through the alliance between USAID's Program to Improve Access to Employment, FUNTER and Citibank, people were successfully trained in office automation competency including courses in typing, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet, and to prepare for work life, a module providing tools and knowledge necessary for an adequate participation at the workplace. Also within this project, the company and its employees receive the necessary information to better use of the potential of persons with disabilities, through informative talks. After the training, Citibank hired full-time the beneficiaries for the call center, telesales, and telemarketing. Before hiring, a selection process is carried out, similar to that of any company in the private sector. This project's aim is to support the right persons with disabilities have to have access to formal employment and a competitive income for their functions, to have work training in agreement with the market's demands today. As well as receiving the necessary orientation to find employment on equal terms as the rest of the population. José Ricardo Peña Albarenga, Raúl Alfredo Rivera Durán, Pedro Enrique Sánchez... are examples of the results of the strategic alliance between USAID's Program to Improve Access to Employment, FUNTER and Citibank. My name is José Ricardo Peña Albarenga. I thank God for bringing me to FUNTER. I have participated here to acquire new knowledge and to strengthen the knowledge I already had, through office automation, which is one of the greatest assets we have received here. We also had the motivation of team work. A call, again, to private companies so they will count with these organizations, which trained us to obtain decent employment. I thank FUNTER and USAID for this opportunity we have been given and you, the business owner, we thank in advance because we have put in all our efforts so we can count with all of you. My name is Raúl Alfredo Rivera Durán, grateful for the Creator, FUNTER and USAID's Program to Improve Access to Employment. I feel fortunate to be a part of this team. I have benefited from the preparation I received here from FUNTER with USAID's program. They have opened doors for me. I am already working in the customer service area at a financial center. What I have learned is what benefited me, what has opened doors, and is giving me the opportunity of having work stability today. Greetings to everyone. My name is Pedro Enrique Sánchez Penosa. I want to thank also USAID's Program to Improve Access to Employment and FUNTER, which trained me in computer skills and also in other knowledge. I am greatly capable of performing this type of work. I am currently working for a company in the telemarketing area and feel very grateful for these institutions for the support they have given me so far. USAID's Program to Improve Access to Employment strongly believes the inclusion of persons with disabilities to the workforce is a responsibility of the Salvadorean society as a whole, which must provide opportunities for their full participation and thus respond to the equal opportunities law. This law aims to establish equal opportunities for persons with physical, mental, psychological, and sensory disabilities, be they congenital or acquired. This year, USAID's Program to Improve Access to Employment together with FUNTER will continue its objective to train and include more persons with disabilities around the country, contributing to their professional training and rehabilitation. As well as the creation of alliances with the private sector to obtain employment on equal terms to the rest of the population. Follow us in this effort as a nation. We invite private enterprises to be a part of this vital program. Your company can be a part of this initiative.

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Posted by: carana on Feb 24, 2011

CARANA Corporation's Workforce Development Project partners with Citibank and FUNTER.

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