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TwoReads is the map of connections between books for every book it shows influences and references helping readers find their future reading path. But let's see how that works: Every book has two kinds of connections Books in its bibliography and books that have it in their bibliography Other information such as date of publication and genre complete the displacement on the map. Then you have the possible interconnections between them for example, A is also in Z bibliography.  But how can this system help readers find their next book and make new discoveries? Let's say I just finished reading "Gutenberg Galaxy" by Marshall McLuhan: Looking at its galaxy I see a path linking "Ulysses" to "City as a Classroom" which in turn has the other two books in its bibliography. Connections between Irish novels of the twenties and Canadian mass media analysis of the sixties is only one of the infinite paths that can exist between books. Interesting uh!? From here I can see all sorts of information about all the books in the galaxy and I can either look for another book or navigate through them. In TwoReads each book is a link to new galaxies of connections, easily navigable and understandable. It offers plenty of possibility to make new discoveries. Filling out your own virtual library, you will be able to see its inner connections and compare it with other people's library, find which publishers and bookshops are most suited to your interests, upload and link your self published material, promote books, events, lectures, projects, among others. These are only a few of the possibilities discovering TwoReads. Join us at

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Posted by: agsigna on Apr 21, 2014


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